• Released on friday 18/05/12
  • Illustrator: phalloide
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  • Danger zone icon Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
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Power of Sah Brinak:

+1 Pillz Per Damage

For each Damage inflicted by Sah Brinak to the opponent at the end of a round, the player controlling the character will receive 1 Pillz at the beginning of the next round.


Bonus :

Revenge: Power And Damage +2

If a character belonging to the same team as Frozn loses a round, in the next round, the Power and Damage of Frozn will be increased by 2.

First evolution of the 3 different evolutions of this character :

  • FroznSah Brinakpicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1BonusRevenge: Power And Damage +2
    Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
  • FroznSah Brinakpicture
    Power5AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1BonusRevenge: Power And Damage +2
    Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
  • FroznSah Brinakpicture
    Power7Ability+1 Pillz Per Damage
    Damage2BonusRevenge: Power And Damage +2
    Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
42 characters
missions icon 23 missions
Bonus Revenge: Power And Damage +2
Just as they were leading a peaceful life at the top of Mount Glatz, the Frozn were struck down by a strange malevolence. Pollution coming from Clint City caused a heat wave that destroyed their ecosystem and upset their lifestyle: a delicate symbiosis of men of the mountains and techno-loving yetis. So, led by the glacial Kalindra, the Frozn are marching towards the city to cast a chilling effect on the inhabitants of Clint City...
  • At level 1: min 7 429 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 8 214 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 6 348 Clintz
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38 comments on Sah Brinak

Saturday 02/06/2012, 23:49

Sah Brinak - 7/2 with +Pillz per Damage (ability) and Revenge: +2 power and damage (bonus)

- 7 solid power isn't terrible. But if you factor in her bonus, a 9 powered 3* is nothing to ignore.
- Sah Brinak has an amazing ability. Pill manipulation is one of the strongest in the game, and with her bonus, +4 pills is simply amazing for a 3*. With fury and you get 6 pills, along with 6 damage. That is quite a lot.
- Sah Brinak has the potential to be an amazing bluff as well. Usually around pill manipulators like Sah Brinak, people generally either let the card go through, hoping you pilled more than you got back, or overpill to try and beat it. Thus, Sah Brinak can really bluff your opponent into either wasting a lot of pills, or getting you easy pills and damage.
- While less appealing, Sah Brinak is very playable without the Frozn bonus. It may also catch people by surprise.

- Sah Brinak, like all Frozn, has a revenge-based bonus. Unlike some other Frozn, Sah Brinak really likes her bonus, as it gives her the extra power to win fights and the extra damage to capitalize. Of course, Sah Brinak can be played without it, but trying to utilize it can make her more obvious to play against.
- Only 2 damage without her bonus, which is very low (but balanced considering the ability). Thus, very difficult to 2HKO with her unless she has her bonus. Even then, it's only 4 damage for a 3*, which is normal. I know this situation will rarely happen, but it's a flaw none the less, but not a big one.
- Sah Brinak is weak to nearly very "negative status" in the game. Against damage reduction, her pill manipulation becomes very weak. SoA completely ruins her pill manipulation, leaving her with her low damage. SoB really weakens her and her ability. Power and Attack Manipulation simply make it harder to win. No victory = no pills

Overall: 8/10. I really hate comparing cards to cards in other clans, but lets compare her to Smokey Cr, who was a 3* pill manipulator Pirana who was also released opening day. Smokey Cr has eventually grown to be a very feared and banned card, so people may think Sah Brinak may walk the same path. However, Smokey had SoB that shut out a lot of Sah's flaws, like Root's SoA or Pussycat DR. He also was not damage based, so a Spiaghi did not stop him from his pill gain. That said, if Sah Brinak's weaknesses are not present, she becomes one of the scariest cards in the game. She is without a doubt, a very solid 3* and has much potential to go far.

Sunday 20/05/2012, 05:59

Legend of Zhu Tang:

Once upon a time, a mighty warrior appeared in Clint City. Although he weighed in at a mere 3 stars, he bore the magical Sword of the Cursed Ronin, forged in the fires of Mount Doom by twelve Mongolian 4-armed nuns. His power was an incredible 8, and if left unchecked, he could make a gap of 8 or even 12 life! The heavens did tremble at the mention of such an incredible swordsman, and all of the enemies of the Fang Pi Clang ran in fear.

However, the day came when Zhu Tang finally faced combat. It was soon appeared that the blade's magic had some very restrictive limitations... Pirates, hippies, feminists, creatures of the night, and Vryer's army of monstrosities had much less to fear from the Sword of the Cursed Ronin, as did certain members of every single clan. In the end, the truth was revealed: Zhu Tang was only a humble pig farmer. The cursed sword's song was diminished by his calloused hands. Although still a fearsome warrior, sometimes able to make up for his lack of skill with pure cunning, no one would call Zhu Tang "overpowered" ever again...

What's that you say? This is Sah Brinak's page?
That's okay, the moral of this story still applies... smiley

Monday 21/05/2012, 03:43

you know who really suffers this card?
a deck with no SOA, no SOB, no DRs and no 2hKOs.
if you use decks like that, consider playing checkers smiley

Saturday 19/05/2012, 11:09

Remove H and K to Sah Brinak 's name and you will get the artist's name smiley

Hooray For Miss Sabrina smiley

Friday 18/05/2012, 12:32

Final stats: 7/2 +1 pillz per damage

With revenge, this card is a potential 9/4 +4 pillz. Furied, she is a 9/6 +6 pillz!
If you take into account the three pillz you have to use to fury, she is like a 3* revenge version of Shann minus one pill!
(9/6, +6 -3(for fury) pillz)

Even 7/2 +2 pillz isn't horrible, although it interrupts the Frozn flow (winning with it without revenge is bad, because it could be so much better, and also cancels out revenge for the next round).

Undoubtedly a staple for the clan, and could very well end up being their first ELO banned card.

Tuesday 22/05/2012, 08:06

Sah Brinak..perfectly summarised in ghelas' Zhu Tang story

Whilst looking absolutely devastating on paper, in combat this card is a little more lack lustre than expected. Don't get me wrong its not bad or anything, its just not the 20/10 you are all expecting

Aside from SOB/SOA and Dr's this cards biggest issue is its absolutely pathetic base stats...Compared to a 2* like Hawkins, it is majoritally worse! Whilst + 2 pillz is nice, 7 power with no backup is not, and winning rounds is going to be a struggle.

Thus this card, like most of Its Frozn compadre's, is geared towards needing the Revenge to be overly good! But let's face it, on revenge this card is insane rivalling Shann's or Scubb's pill manip coupled with a solid 9 power!!

So the verdict?
This card is good, really good.....in the right situations...Add an SOB/SOA/DR or two into the mix and life isn't going to be fun! Still the satisfying victory of getting this card's revenge off and forcing your opp. to attempt to counter a 94 with + 4 pillz is something else smiley

For now the 2nd 3* to use after Tiwi Ld!!!!

Thursday 24/05/2012, 05:57

The third level silhouette looks like an astronaut playing a guitar, awwww yeah.

Monday 21/05/2012, 22:13

After playing with her for a few days, she's actually pretty difficult to use effectively. First, she can only be played to her full potential in the second or third rounds (you have to lose first to activate her bonus, and her ability is useless in the fourth round). Second, almost every deck has either SOA, SOB or DR, and because of her revenge ability, it's fairly easy for your opponents to shut her down. When she works, though, you win the match.

Where she shines, however, is making your opponent game plan for her. If they have SOA, SOB or DR, they'll often save it for her, and you can use that to your advantage.

Overall, she's good, but I just sold my copy and took the profit. In a few weeks, I imagine her price will drop once folks realize her limitations. I definitely wouldn't call her OP, but she does work brilliantly with the Vortex bonus or any cards with similar abilities.

Sunday 11/11/2012, 22:59

Just thought I'd ask: Isn't the Frozn a clan of those angry with Clint Citizens for causing pollution which resulted in the destruction of the ecosystem on Mount Glatz? And yet doesn't Sah Brinak's bio suggest that she was damaging it anyway with her bombs. smileyWhy do the other Frozn let her get away with mistreating their own home while deciding to punish Clint City for doing so? smiley

Friday 18/05/2012, 16:59


This is definitely a tribute to the head artist of UR. Miss Sabrina Thauvin.smiley

Thursday 04/04/2013, 09:54

Yes, this card is probably an homage to Sabrina Thauvin, also known as the artist phalloide .

Proof? Check her profile page and these pictures of her (not a stalker, simple google search smiley )

Friday 25/01/2013, 21:51

"A 9/4 +4 pills 3* card. As a comparison, Shann is 9/6 +4 pills....and she's 5*s. And she needs to be played in mono. And she's elo banned.

That's how overpowered Sah Brinak is"
Yes, a card that is crippled by SOA, SOB, and DR's, can only make a small life gap, and the fact that you have to use a Frozn revenge round on this card to get a decent amount of pillz gain, is truly overpowered.

Saturday 08/02/2014, 09:49

Frozn 's best 3 star cards in order:
Tiwi Ld (his ability is better than -3 dmg min 1~synergy with bonus)

Mahimatah (Similar to Hakunak just more solid, and -1dmg min 1~synergy with bonus)

Haaken (if he had 1 more pwr or dmg, he would staple , his SoA can sometimes reduce better than Tiwi Ld . , also SoA helps destroy enemy tactics, you dont have to win to make use of SoA~synergy with bonus)

Annuqa (Hands down more solid and more versatile(maybe as versatile as Haaken) than Sah Brinak )

Sah Brinak (over priced, Shaky, she competes with Lothar for most fragile card in UR (Lothar has the uperhand since he has . solid dmg of 5, and is as unpredictable as a helen keller high on bathsalt)

Friday 18/05/2012, 17:53

A 9/4 +4 pills 3* card. As a comparison, Shann is 9/6 +4 pills....and she's 5*s. And she needs to be played in mono. And she's elo banned.

That's how overpowered Sah Brinak is smiley

Saturday 19/05/2012, 02:38

Okay, who's bright idea was to put the explosives expert in charge of fireworks?