Ulu Watu

Global warming has a devastating effect on the best spots: snow has become a rare commodity and waves are so violent they can't be surfed... And so the fight begins to urge the government to take into account environmental considerations or, at the very least, to build more skate-parks...

Clan Bonus: bonus Power +2

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Monday 28/05/2012, 08:18

Ulu Watu Clan Review
Bonus: +2 Power

- High power from the 2* to the 5* throughout the clan.
- Coupled with their bonus, this makes the majority of the clan 9-10 powered beasts.
- Very stable clan. SOA? Cards like Nanook, Gaia, and Wee Lee can overwhelm the opposition. SOB? That's why they have Serena and Douglas.
- Just plain epic with Ambre
- Low damage at low stars
- DRs hurt a lot. Uranus and Graks still do maximum reduction against Oraya.
- No good SOA cards. Ice Jim and Zack have too low stats to be of much use.
- No T2 damage reducer. There's Wee Lee and the Tan Man but they only reduce 2 damage.
- No support cards leaves little motivation to use Ulu Watu in mono.
- The only 2 attack manipulation cards (Gaia doesn't count) are Taigo and Stanly

2* 6/10
Favs: Gabrielle, Taigo
Ok, their options are in my opinion, limited. Your mileage might vary on this, but I think they have one of the worst 2* pools, alongside the Uppers. Gabrielle is a vital ELO DR but nothing spectacular and Taigo is a good wall, but only has 2 damage. Reff is also a decent card, but he is overshadowed but the 2 above. I believe Ulu Watu are in for a 2* staple soon. If you look at their recent 2* releases (using Standard Mode as a cut off), you'll see that they haven't gotten anything good for a while.

3* 8/10
Favs: Nanook, Gaia, Douglas
Ulu Watu 3* are a very stable bunch. Nanook is the undisputed queen of the clan's 3*, and has been from the very beginning. Coming in at 10/4, Nanook has great base stats and is the bane of every SOA card in the game. Gaia is another one of the original cards, and is almost as good as Nanook, trading 1 power for limited attack manipulation. Douglas is another great 3* and acts as a mini Serena (more on her later). Felicia, George and Janice are also great if you are in need of more 3*. However, although Felicia has SOB, her damage is too low to do much. George is a great card that is sadly overlooked. He just seems a little… plain. He has no 'wow' factor like Nanook's 10 power or Douglas's 9 against SOB or SOA. Janice is a great 'Stop' card that can become an 11/5 against SOA. However, she just fails to SOB. Ulu Watu needs a high damaging 3*. And by that I mean 6 damage or higher.

4* 9/10
Favs: Buck, Numar, Wee Lee
Ok, I'll admit, I don't have Numar (I don't buy credits), but I do know he's basically Serena, except less stable (If you like this review then please give me one!). Anyway…
Ulu Watu 4* retains the high power of their 3*, but has the damage that they so sorely need. We've got Buck, a 9/7 with ability and bonus. A big nuke with scary stats that rival a 5*. Granted, he is shaken by SOA and SOB, but I think people exaggerate it a bit. I mean, he's still a 7/7! Also, he's the ultimate 'Power = Power Opp' troll. Numar… *sigh* Confound those price controllers. They drive me to drink. Ok, price grievances aside, Numar is like Serena, but is hurt by SOA and SOB. He however, fares better than Buck, which is why he's preferred in ELO. Wee Lee is a BEAST! He's like Tan Man lite. Great base stats and a helpful safety net. No wonder he's ELO banned. I am not a big fan of Eddie; I tried him a few times and decided that Buck was better. I guess he just doesn't fit my play style. However, his ELO ban doesn't lie. He's a potential 10/9, which is crazy for a 4*. Very few players know how to combat his 10 power. The only other card worth mentioning is Shayna (great art BTW). A potential 11/5 is great, but courage and 5 damage are annoying.

5* 9.5/10
Favs: Stanly, Serena, Hikiyousan, Tanaereva Cr
This is where Ulu Watu shines and where the legendary Tan Man comes out to play (I don't have his either. If someone wants to give me him&hellipsmiley. I have to say, Stanly is one of the best 5* in Standard play at the moment. He just goes so well with, well every high powered Ulu card, but special mention goes to the Nanook and Stanly combo. Back when decks were still split into T1 and T2, I beat many opponents with that combination. Serena. What can I say. In Survivor and Deathmatch, Nightmare runs rampant. A card like Serena is vital and can take out big threats like Kolos with ease. Hikiyousan is a very daunting card to face. Coming in at 10/7, most opponents will just throw a DR against him or high pill so they don't have their live split in half. Tanaereva Cr… Imagine Hikiyousan, then make him alot more stable, then give him damage reduction. Yeah. If you can get him, use him. These are only a few of the 5* available to Ulu players. Lulabee and Oraya are also great cards. Even Miss Lulabee, despite her low damage, is a good wall. The only reason that I haven’t given Ulu Watu a 10/10 for their 5* is because they don't have a T2 damage reducer.

Rating by mode:
ELO: 6.5/10 A small 2* pool and low damage stop this clan from getting a foothold in ELO.
DT: 5/10 With 16* decks everywhere, the 2* problem once again becomes apparent.
T2: 9.5/10 Goes great with Ambre. Use a 2HKO strategy.
Have to stop, no space.

Friday 01/06/2012, 17:34

does anyone else think there should be clan alliances? Since the Ulu Watu and Frozn are both concerned about global warming maybe there would be alliance stat bonuses. I also wish that UR would make like a tv show or make some more comics. i hope an artist makes a map of UR. please rate up so people will agree and maybe the UR staff will see this too and consider this

Sunday 03/04/2011, 06:25

Ulu Watu is a temple in Bali, of course, Bali Island is in my lovely country : Indonesia smiley

Im proud to be indonesian smiley

Monday 20/12/2010, 18:26

How could they not have the legend that is tana in the background.......disgraceful.

Tuesday 13/05/2014, 19:36

Just a couple of thoughts about this clan that I haven't seen detailed elsewhere. Their bonus basically means that for every pill you put on one of these cards, you get +2 attack. That means that in order to equal, say, the Sentinel bonus of +8 attack, you need to spend 4 pillz. 5 pillz puts you in Uppers territory (better actually because of their min. 3), 6 pillz equals Montana/Rescue (better than Montana actually because of their high 8 min.) 7 pillz..well you see where this is going. The more pillz you use the more bang you get from your bonus. Of course you only have 12 pillz to work with so be careful.

Because of this, pill manipulators are a great pairing with this clan (you'll also notice that Ulu Watu don't (and never will) have any pill manipulators because that would just make this clan broken as can be). If you minus pillz from your opponent, they have fewer pillz to oppose your massive 9 and 10-powered cards. If you add pillz to yourself, you get more pillz to use to maximize your bonus. It's no coincidence that the Ulus and Piranas both hang out by the water. smiley

Two more comments in parting. Ulu Watu generally have higher power than their Banger and All Stars brethren. And lastly, others have said that Tanaerena and Wee Lee have weak DR, but it is fully sufficient for T2. It's just enough to prevent the KO long enough for you to get yours in! Of course, now there's Daddy Jones, who's a great addition. I don't know of any other clan that can field 3 T2-strength DRs! Use that to your advantage.

Thursday 19/02/2015, 04:43

Is UR trying to tell us something? Nearly every single clan has something against the government/the establishment All Stars is against the corporations wonder food, Bangers hate how the government is giving them a bad reputation, Fang Pi wants to overthrow the government, Frozn hates the government's pollution, GHEIST is trying to take every thing over, Huracan sees the government as "pulling the strings", Junkz don't want the government to put a speed limit on their music, La Junta sees them as "a bunch of fools" and want to take control, Montana are a criminal organization so they are naturally against the government, Nightmare wants to destroy the city and it's inhabitants, Piranas are pirates and criminals so again naturally against the government, Pussycats are trying to get equality from the government, Rescue is upset that the government isn't doing enough for the citizens, Riots wants to impose their "wise rulings" upon them, Roots is upset about all the pollution and other anti-nature related things, Sakrohm wants them to get rid of all science fiction, Sentinels are mad the government isn't doing anything to restore order, Ula Wata is upset about the pollution, Uppers wants them to get rid of the ugly people and Vortex came to this time to invade

Tuesday 20/12/2011, 20:47

rate smiley if you think that Ulu Watu NEEDS a 4* or 5* card with at least 5 dmg or 6 with protection power/dmg ability ... a card like Fixit

Tuesday 23/10/2012, 01:20

Name: Summer
Summer was surfing when she had her arm bitten off by a shark. Soon after, she and the shark hit a huge wave and she blacked out. Now she still surfs, but her arm is growing back. It's different from her normal body though, and is slowly changing the rest...
1 2/1
2 4/2
3 6/2 min. 3 0pp. life min 4
4 7/2 min. 3 opp. life min. 4
1: a california blonde, not very curvy, wearing a bathing suit that covers her torso and legs. on of her arms is in a stump and is colored grey. she's standing in a pool.
2: now the arm is fully grown, and is grey with claws and muscled. she looks at it, horrified.
3: Her skin and hair is now grey, and her other arm has claws too. a rip is in the body suit, making it a two-piece. She stares at the player, worrried.
4: a fin sticks out of her hair. her eyes are yellow and she has sharp teeth. She lunges at the player, bursting out of the pool.

Tuesday 20/12/2011, 20:55

Ulu Watu is in need of a legendary character, too!smiley

Saturday 28/04/2012, 16:13

Ulu Watu...I have that striking feeling they need to be reviewed in 2 distinct parts

For T2:

Let's face it guys, this clan is argueably the best clan to use for Survivor T2....coupled with Ambre they become an unstoppable force with high power and unforgiving damage....
What Ulu Watu lacks in strong abilities that actually scare your opp they make up for through sheer force, and trust me they makes up for it very, very well!!!


For ELO and T1:

No they aren't a write off like everyone presumes, but I will show you their pros and cons

-Retain high power
- Very strong at winning their rounds
- Solid vs SOB and SOA

- Extremely weak vs any sort of DR...Pussycats is this clan's worse Nightmare
- Poor bluffing ability...basically most of their cards carry little threat behind them...Taigo? Felicia? Pfft their poor dmg isn't even worth pilling against
- Attack manip clans shred their ability to win 'at one or more pillz' behind your opp.
- One solid hitter can spell game over...Fury Ditha? Karrion + Dudley Ld? Goodbye Ulu Watu....smiley

6.5/10 for mono
7.5/10 generally for half decks

Best paired with:
Attack manip clans.....Sakrohm for T2, Uppers for T1/ELO

Best countered by:
T2... Sentinel/Sakrohm or Uppers deck or pack Ulu Watu yourself....they are very difficult to beat

ELO/T1...either PC/heavy DR decks or Very High damage decks