La Junta

These light-hearted, loudmouthed fighters are as nimble in their actions as they are in their wisecracks. As supporters of a strong regime, these soldiers have decided to bring society into line, starting by shaving the heads of the wimpy youth. In the long term, they’d be more than happy to take over the running of the government from those “bunch of morons”.

Clan Bonus: bonus Damage +2

Each clan has its own secret plan for the domination of Clint City. To achieve their goals, they send their best elements on perilous missions! Who will be the first to succeed? All the Clan missions are listed on this page. Some will be only be unlocked after the previous ones have been completed. Others are secret and you must complete them to find out what their objectives and rewards are.

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What decks can be made with this Clan? Does it have to be played alone or with another one? With or without Leader?
If these are the kinds of questions you've been asking yourself, the Public Presets are just the thing for you! They are decks created by players which everyone can score and comment on.On this page you will find the Clan's most popular presets.

81 comments about La Junta

Friday 24/12/2010, 10:53

Rate green if you love the Juntas! smiley

Sunday 08/05/2011, 00:15

Rate green if you think there should be a LD card

Thursday 20/12/2012, 23:32

La Junta!!! smiley the hard-hitting clan.

Bonus: +2 damage

Same bonus as FPI, but a much better clan.

-Good, positive bonus
-Great abilities
-Lots of cards with offensive and defensive capabilities (e.g. Arnie, Jane Ramba Cr, Milena)
-Amazing 4*s, especially.

-Some cards are expensive
-Bans (Emeth and General Cr if you have him)

An extremely skilled clan for a player who can't be bothered with fancy pantsy abilities and boringness.

Best Cards:

1. Wardog for split-deck, Thormund for mono.
3. Does it matter? If yes, then Tolliver.

1. Trish.
2. Jane Ramba Cr.
3. Archibald or Milena if you don't have Jane Ramba Cr.

Tricky. Remember that this is my personal preference. smiley
1. Arnie.
2. Brian.
3. Isatis for mono, Gatline for split.

1. General Cr.
2. Emeth.
3. Dunno. I rather like Ed 12, but Naginta is just as good if not better.

So there you have it. Think about using them with a defensive clan like Pussycats or Vortex, or go the whole attacking hog and pair them with Piranas or GHEIST.

Anyway, Enjoy!

P.S check out my other clan reviews for Jungo and Freaks.

Friday 31/12/2010, 21:15

This was my first clan and it is still my favorite clan. No other clan has gotten me into the 1400's (this clan has gotten me there 5 times so far). Oh I still remember when this clan was considered weak, thus emeth was never banned THOSE were the days. This clan focuses on getting the 2hko (personally i do not believe there is a better strategy) I also love making half decks with this clan.

-2 stars-10/10 With Wardog, Thormund, and Dean leading the pack you have variety and power. Also Winston can be used as a decent dr (could use a better dr but lets not get picky)
-3 stars-10/10 Jane ramba is just beastly, Trish is almost unique in min and power and damage, Nahomi solved the SOA problem. Also you have a full cast behind them for anything else you want. (Archibald for pill manip, Bruce for power, Uxoh for life gain etc etc)
-4 stars-7/10 I find it hard to fit in the junta 4 stars. Sure they can be used but most have just 1 more damage then the 3 stars. since i find 6 damage perfect for the 2hko spot the extra damage is not necessary. Still Bryan is strong and the new Isatis is just beastly.
-5 stars-9.5/10 Emeth, Naginata, and even Ray are just amazing. General Cr is kinda out of 99% of players reach so i cant count him (tho having him means high victory percentage) Remember there is also No Nam and ed12 are great too and can be 1hko with Timber.

Bonus full potential-Not yet reached. Unlike the fang pi there is not any fully available 1hko's in this clan (which is what the bonus helps in) (General Cr is expensive, Flavio Cr is expensive and has no power, dacota is only case based)

Abilities-Kinda a broad range. (life gain, dr, power manip, attack manip etc) this group has all and focuses on none. Leads to many different decks.

DT-GREAT for dt as people like Thormund can match 5 stars and is not banned.
Elo-I love them in elo they are great and as stated got me to 1400 many times
Survivor-Great too (only try tho when emeth isnt banned)
DM-Would not suggest unless you have general, still they would do fine just not amazing
T2-Great if you add a Leader and a BIG DR (ex. Ambre or Timber along with Uranus or graxkmxxt.

Half decks-AMAZING. With amazing 2/3 stars half deck with junta allows a lot of room for 4/5 stars in clans like Uppers.
I prefer Wardog, Trish, Nahomi, and jane ramba. Only 11 stars and a ton of power manip and 2hko potential. Can switch depending on if there is a lot of SOA that week (ex. Wardog=>Dean if no SOA)

MUST HAVE CHARACTERS (The few cards that make a clan, cant have an amazing deck without)
1)Jane ramba. No junta deck is complete without her. (except t2 decks)
2)In full deck Emeth. can also be used in half decks tho.

Cards they still need
I find junta pretty complete but i still like to add 2-3 more cards
1)A better dr.
ex. 7 pwr, 1 dmg, ability -3 opp dmg min 2 or 1.
2)A better attack manip 4 star
Ex. 8 pwr, 4 dmg, ability +10 attack
3)A REAL 1hko thats not a cr (but banned)
Ex. 6 pwr, 8 dmg ability +2 dmg (wouldnt need fury if you add in bonus, also could not be banned if 6 pwr goes to 5 pwr.

Presets (ones I made) This is the ultimate deck, will last thru time. (only on unbanned emeth weeks) now that Morphun is banned switch him for Ray or Naginata depending on style and you will have good results. (got over 1400 3 times with this including my record 1428.)

Junta Wins DT NEED to switch Morphun to Ray or Naginata because -2 is unacceptable.

Uranus works with Junta (you know what to do with Morphun) Also Uranus is BEASTLY with junta... REALLY beastly (got to 1400 twice with this)

I will not give a rating to this clan or any other clans... all clans are good at something you just have to know your preferences. if you like raw power and 2hko then this is your clan. Junta is by far my favorite tho and i highly recommend giving them a try.

Tuesday 03/12/2013, 15:17

Mono junta has the best 2 stars, rate green if u agree

Tuesday 10/06/2014, 02:46

La Junta is actually a really, almost ridiculously strong clan right now, just that since not many people played them before the buff, not many people recognise their opness right now.

First off, 2 ELO bans? Do the staff not see Raven, recognise what Naginata does or are they just trolling us? Seriously. Emeth Cr and General Cr only show that the other cards look mediocre because they are just overpowered, not that other cards are bad. Really. Naginata is an 8/7 who can safely pill 6 or 7, dealing 7 damage and still having equal pillz value to the enemy.

Raven... first 8 powered card that can OHKO. Really. Overpowered.

Other cards can be seen as worthy of ELO ban too such as Isatis, but I'm not going to go into any more detail about that. Remember though, she is a 9/8 4*. Copper Cr is a 5* Isatis who is even less stable (SoA destroys him) who has an extra 8 attack.

They have good 4* with Isatis and Bryan leading the way, 5* has the infamous KO's General Cr, Raven, + other crazy good cards, and a crapton of 3*. 2* is the only letdown- wait, nevermind La Junta still wrecks other clans at that category too, because basically all 2* La Junta have 8+ power. They compensate by sacrificing their damage, you might say? Yes, they do. Thormund is 11/1 at 2* and thats freaking amazing. 2* are meant to wall and stop strong cards - wait, nevermind again BECAUSE THE BONUS IS TOO PERFECT. + 2 damage means Thormund is a freaking 11/3 2*. Nuff said.

Now, the real reason La Junta has such high, above the limit stats is because they are chock full of support cards. Avola is banned in Montana because she is a 7/9 with her support. At level 5*. Isatis is a 9/8 at level 4*, but without a -12 bonus (Montana always had an amazing bonus). Still, Isatis has an extra 2 power, 1 less damage and 1* star. 1 more star and Isatis would be a 10/9. Oscar is also banned. Emeth Cr is the only banned support card in La Junta.

The only 'weakness' of La Junta is that they suffer more then other clans against SoB or SoA. But, how many full stops do you really know? SoB reduces their damage by 2, so what, they still win their rounds with their high power. SoA cuts out their winning value, La Junta hardly needs to KO to win. With this clan, winning with one card is what really counts, since their damage value is so high it can dictate the course of the battle. Plus, cards like Wardog, Bryan, are all solid cards that are immune to SoA.

But really, currently La Junta is actually one of the best clans, if not the best clan in game. Their lack of attack manipulation is compensated by their overall solidness, damage value that renders winning a majority redundant and their SoA vulnerability is no longer so quintessential to their gameplay.

A strong clan. Very strong clan.

Sunday 17/04/2011, 16:13

I decided to conduct a survey to see what the mosy used clan is. out of 100 encounters where over half the opponents team was one clan (3 or 4 cards out of 4) in type 2, the results are:
All Stars: 2 (2%) of encounters
Bangers: 5 (5%)
Fang Pi Clang: 6 (6%)
Freaks: 9 (9%)
GHEIST:1 (1%)
Jungo: 5 (5%)
Junkz: 1(1%)
La Junta: 3 (3%)
Montana:14 (14%)
Nightmare: 4(4%)
Pirahnas: 4 (4%)
Pussycats: 3 (3%)
Rescue: 14(14%)
Roots: 0 (0%)
Sakrohm: 4 (4%)
Sentimel: 4(4%)
Skeelz: 2 (2%)
Ulu Watu: 5 (5%)
Uppers: 6 (6%)
Vortex: 9 (9%)

So, the most popular clan is a tie between Montana and Rescue, and Roots didn't show up at all.

Sunday 26/12/2010, 07:36

Isatis should have been on the front page not Gatlinesmiley

Friday 31/12/2010, 06:05

smileyAmazing clan, my favorite yet.smiley
Let's look at the review about the clan:
2HKO (or even OHKO)
Some awesome 2 stars (Dean, Wardog)
One of the best opening card in UR: Naginata
One of the best closing card in UR too: Emeth
Best cr in UR: Unstoppable (and hard to get)! : General Cr
Even easier to 2HKO (and OHKO!) Because of bonus
Lots of strategies
La Junta is a a deck that can adapt to different strategies. Enemy got a Kolos? Put out Byran, or even Tank. See? Most of the La Junta cards vary from 1.8k to 6k (with the exeption of Jane Ramba). Also, with the La Juntas, you get alot of good bluffs. Burger and Isatis? 9 power, 7-8 damage. Naginata at the start of a match? The opponent will usually put 6 pills (hence not losing pills) and having a pill advantage is always excellent in a mono-junta deck. The opponent using SoBs? Not to worry, Chiro and Isatis in a mono-Junta deck is more than a match for them! La Junta is also cheap for beginners, Winston (reduces 3 damage) is only 150-200 clintz, and Tank (SoA) is only 500-600 clintz! Life manipulation (aka "Jungo"smiley will probably flee at the sight (or rather smell, since jungos are animals and soldiers don't take baths every 2 seconds) of La Junta, since a good Isatis+Chiro combo will set them running.
Only one healer
Good cards like Naginata, Jane Ramba or Bryan are EXPENSIVE
Cards like Masamu, Chiro and Isatis rely on their ability
Little attack manipulation
Will die to Monata, Uppers, Senitel or Rescue
La Junta lack healers, since they only have one (Uxoh) and attack manipulation. La Junta will die to Monata, Uppers, Senitel or Mono-Rescue since La Junta players need a lot of pills just to keep up with them. La Junta have some attack manipulation (Emeth, Gatline and Ray) and Gatline/Ray loses to Uppers and monata. Most of the good cards (Naginata, Trish, Wardog, Emeth etc.) Costs a LOT of money and is way too expensive for level 1-30 players like me.
Overall review:
I like La Junta. It's unpredictable and adaptable. Some say SoAs will totally kill Naginata, but that's not gonna happen with Dacote. Even their cheap cards are playable, like Tank or Masamu. They also have loads of bluffs like Isatis in a mono-deck, Burger, No Nam/Ed 12 ONKO, Naginata etc. Overall, the only thing that they have trouble with is GraksmxxT or Uranus or the good DRers. Nice clan. Personally, I'm a level 19 so far, but a managed to beat a few level 100+s with these La Junta cards.
This is my first review yet, rate smiley if you like it.
La Juntasmiley
My favorite clansmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Saturday 19/02/2011, 14:52

La Junta.. a clan of fierce soldiers.
I'm glad i switched to them from the all-stars.

This clan has very good power and damage cards,and almost every 2 cards can be matched for a 2HKO,if not all of them.
2 Star cards: 10/10. Absolutely amazing. They all have decent damage with their bonuses,and their abilities will make you think before using your Damage = Damage opp cards.
Must have 2 stars: Wardog,Thormund,Dean,Winston.

3 Star cards: 9.5/10. Very good and powerful cards,they can make you go crazy.
Must have 3 star cards: Trish,Jane Ramba,Archibald,Bruce and Nahomi. Possibly add Tank. And Myke for beginners.

4 star cards: 8.5/10. Could be better,but these are still monstrous. *.5 because they mostly rely on their abilities.
Must have: Bryan,Dacote in case of SoA,Burger with Ambre = 13 power,Chiro and Isatis in mono for fierce strength,and possibly Gatline to fight her way through Sakrohm,Sentinel and Junkz.

5 star Cards: 9/10. I think these cover everything. In T2,this clan has the stuff you need. 9/10 only because there's a few of them...
Must Have: Naginata,Emeth (no question about it),Ray and possibly No Nam.

What Leader to use(aside Ambre)??
No doubt about it, Timber. Why? Look at the damage bonus. Now listen to this:
Beginners can dominate the world with this clan. Here's why:
- Myke,as good as he is for the starters,would have 9 damage and a power reduction.
- Winston?? best 200 clintz you can spend. 6 power,2 stars,possible 7 damage and a damage reduction if you lose? Right on!!!
- Mitch: SoB? YES! 5 power,SoB that stops the All-stars into making it even lower,or the Ulu Watu and the Bangers from reaching it... Possible 9 damage.

Now,on to us more experienced ones:
- Ed 12,Python and No Nam can 1HKO.
- Thormund can have 6 damage. And with his 10 power,i'd suggest finishing off your enemy with him. Just don't overpill in round 1.
- Jane Ramba could have 9 damage. And even if you lose,you always have her damage reduction. Combine her with Winston in ELO.
- Ray's 8 power becomes your enemy's madness. 11 Damage? 8 power? At least you can die with honor by not leaving the fight.
- Bryan's SoA stops damage reducers like Dan,Ulrich,and the likes... and deals 10 damage to your opponent's face.
- Emeth's well known ability eases your job of dealing 11 damage.
Counted by using fury.

I could count like this for years.
Overall La Junta rating: 9.5/10. There is no perfect clan. That's why no one deserves a 10. But the juntas are damn close. 9.5 because they are weakish to SoA. Tons of unpredictable cards,and an option deck to fight against GHEIST and Roots (Dacote,No Nam,Nahomi and Wardog),pill manipulators Naginata and Archibald.. Very good clan,i'm glad i dumped the All-Stars.

Rate smiley so that every La Junta user can see!!!!!
And enjoy my first clan review.