Hey man, society is just so uncool! It's Babylon here. But, the Roots, right, they got it, they knew things couldn't keep goin' on that way; we have to make it real again. So, you know what the Roots did? They went to Babylon to tell the government that everything wasn't gonna be alright, man. But no one would listen to ‘em and that really messed with their minds!

Clan Bonus: bonus Stop Opp. Ability

Each clan has its own secret plan for the domination of Clint City. To achieve their goals, they send their best elements on perilous missions! Who will be the first to succeed? All the Clan missions are listed on this page. Some will be only be unlocked after the previous ones have been completed. Others are secret and you must complete them to find out what their objectives and rewards are.

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44 comments about Roots

Saturday 14/01/2012, 12:19

Here is a list of all Roots who are banned (some are usually weekly)

Kiki Cr: Deserves it

Lou: Same stats as Boyle, except with SoA. On the fence with him.

Shakra: 8/6 full stop. Yeah, he deserves it

Ratanah; 8/5 for 4 stars. Yikes.

Yookie (sometimes): No. Don't even put this guy up for a ban vote. He's good, but not ban good.

Rico (sometimes): Hell No! He's a good 3 star wall. Voting for him to be banned makes you a moron.

Arno: WTF?!?!?! He's a wall. A good 2 star DR who also has SoA. He should not be banned, at all.

Rate Green if you think UR has gone ban-crazy with the Roots!

Sunday 29/01/2012, 02:15

It would be great a Poison Ivy parody for the Roots made by Quirkilicious smiley

Friday 24/12/2010, 12:08

The Roots are my first clan. I started UR playing with 8cards from 8 different clans, unlike the new players today. Without hesitation, I have chosen to collect Roots, with no reason why. Maybe I just like the part that they are natural. smiley

Anyway, the Roots are great. They started as an offensive deck with Kiki and Kiki Cr, Lou, Shakra, Ratanah, noodile, Rico and more solid powered cards with decent damage, although KO is hard in type 1 and ELO.

As more developments are made in UR, the heavy hitters were banned and most became expensive. So much for that, they transformed into a super defensive deck. Arno, Jeena, Yookie, Amanie, and all sorts of attack manipulations, making enemies over pill.

Now the Roots have several 4 damage cards, which is good for half decks. Blockers with SOA are real pain in the butt. Attack manipulation is good. Mono is good because SOA will be present 100% of the time (well except against SOB clans). Damagers are usable anytime and hard to block because of that SOA bonus. Ojibways' -6opp. life min. 4 enables you to KO with anyone in the clan, most likely the attack manipulators but unexpectedly the blockers as well. Overall, for me, a very versatile clan. Well that's my opinion. smiley

"You don't need to KO the enemy when you can the enemy cannot hit you hard. That's the way of playing Roots."

PS: What the Roots really needs now, is a protection bonus with decent power and damage.. 6-8 power and 3-5 damage perhaps?
Who's with me? rate green. smiley

Wednesday 18/01/2012, 22:17

I just had an inspiration for a card idea (my first one).

Name: Blanca

Bio: The rightful heir of the Poldachie-Golgovine throne, Blanca was chased out of her country by her evil step- mother's assassins. Hiding in the forest, Blanca gained the ability to communicate with the animals that surrounded her. She didn't know what to do until her hideout was accidentally found by Walden. Joining the Roots, Blanca now feels safe enough to reclaim her throne… the hard way.

Level 1- Shows a young woman sitting on a golden thrown. She is wearing a Upper-green dress 2 power 1 damage
Level 2- Shows the same young woman running away from an unseen attacker. 4 power 2 damage
Level 3- The woman is hiding in the forest (I don't know what to put here for a picture) 5 power 3 damage
Level 4- The woman is seen ordering a flock of birds to attack an off screen assailant. 7 Power 5 damage

Ability: Protection Bonus (Unlocked level 3) Bonus: SOA

Based off of Snow White.

Saturday 11/06/2011, 16:41

UR staff is the Polit!!!!

They hate Roots alot

Sunday 12/05/2013, 01:24

If you take out the crs elo bans and bad cards, that keaves ten elo Roots to use smiley

Thursday 12/06/2014, 12:04


La Junta and Junkz both have 51, please release at least 3 more Roots.

We need: 2 5* hitters or attack manipulators. Really, the lack of Roots 5* is appalling, since the current Rosen (is not so great, pretty unstable) Armand (A 7/7 with no ability? -.-) Kiki (4/8, +3power? Copper Cr is so much better) and the others are pretty terrible. And I don't mean a heal card. On the fence with them they are bloody overused in Roots. If I see one more Heal 1 Max 10... I mean I want a real heavy hitter. I haven't seen any hitters recently, and since Lou is ELO banned and basically the only one, we need

At least 7/7 with -6 attack. 6 attack is nothing special, 7 is quite threatening damage and 7 power is solid. Not really worthy of ELO ban so I think this is necessary.

And we need 2 5* that can do this. The other 5* doesn't have to be a powerhouse, but more like
8/6 with -4 damage min 3. Come on, 6 damage is no joke with SoA and the ability is not overpowered simply because the min 3 doesn't fully nullify damage. It can cut down a few damage points, but not ELO ban worthy either.

Also the 3rd card MUST BE A 3* OR 2*. 4* have been taken by recent and old cards, plus it isn't suited for what this card needs to be.

If it is 2*, then a reducer or defeat ability is absolutely necessary. Defeatsmileyoison 1 min 3 is necessary, Defeat:-2 Opp life min 2 is necessary (with Brody you really want to cut down your enemy after you gain life because it is easier for enemy to dish damage then for them to heal) or a -2 Opp Damage min 1 is necessary. That said, Arno should be unbanned and in GHEIST I admit Bristone shouldn't be banned either. Both good walls but still with fury their reduction almost doesn't help. They don't aim to win as cards either.

Also, UNBAN Gertjan! With no winning cards we need a solid manipulator otherwise Roots stays dead.

Please, follow what I have written.

Friday 11/02/2011, 05:09

I once thought Roots was a terrible clan... how wrong I was!
Unlike their arch-rival GHEIST, Roots don't focus on winning through brute force, high power/damage and other unfair tactics GHEIST tend to do. Roots have a mild defensive technique they use which has proven to be quite affective (just look at all those bans!!).
Arno & Jeena are really good damage reducers. Unfortunately even regular cards like them get banned smiley
On some weeks they are playable in ELO but most weeks they are torn apart by the staff (rather unfairly, imho).

The staff really needs to stop going ban-crazy. Though I agree on some perma-bans (Kiki Cr, Shakra & the recent Lou to some extent), some of the temp bans are ridiculous.
This applies to both the SoA clans. I mean, there are some easy counters to them (SoB clans and definitely Skeelz).
Talking about Skeelz, what was the point of even making that clan if the SoA clans became a rare sight?

...Sorry about all that rambling on. Just saying this is a very good defensive clan with little flaws, and the staff are ripping apart their own creation for some unknown reason. Go Roots!smiley

Saturday 28/03/2015, 22:38

Name: Guy
Ability: Copy Opp. Bonus
Stats: Lv.1: 2/3, Lv.2: 7/4
Guy is insane about explosives, so much that he's currently on the lam for his latest demolition: A Los Santos dog track. While running from the cops, he stumbled upon the Roots' compound, and they were happy to hide him, since they were protesting the track for some time, before the explosion. Knowing that he might arrested on spot if he set's foot in Clint City, with the wanted posters with his face on them, Guy now dons a mask in the name of the Roots.

Thursday 30/06/2011, 18:46

Card Name: Willow

Willow was always curious on how Roots lived. She was able to research because of her upper class family. Willow got so tired of the high life and wanted to be free. She ran away from her family, and started to hang out with Jerry. She really started to fall for Jerry. Ever since then she has tried to impress him with her natural looks!

LVL 1: 1/2
LVL 2: 3/2
LVL 3: 5/4 Ability Unlocked: +3 Life
LVL 4: 6/5 Ability: +3 Life
LVL 5: 8/5 Ability: +3 Life