Having been around in Clint City since anyone can remember, the Freaks Circus offers unbelievable daytime shows for you and your kids, including fire breathers, knife throwers, big cats and magicians! But when night falls, the show turns into something quite different which, let’s just say, is not recommended for the weak at heart… Come see the Freaks; you're in for a big surprise!!!

Clan Bonus: bonus Poison 2, Min 3

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Monday 20/12/2010, 20:57

The Freaks
Bonus - poison 2 min 3

Overview -

The Freaks unfortunately aren't the most popular clan in Urban-Rivals due to their unique bonus and general difficultly in using them. The standard way that Freaks work is by overpowering cards with their high power (as well as the help of it's strong abilities) to poison heavily and hopefully with the help of a strong defensive half can hold the gap between you and your opponent. alternatively with the poison it enables you to deal the finishing blow once the poison has had a significant effect on your opponent. It's important to mention with using Freaks that you must not always feel pressured to poison all the time and sometimes getting that large pill gap can mean an instant win by dealing a heavy blow with a nuke. This is why the Freaks are a tough clan to play with because you must make the right choice in wanting to poison or bluff poison. Further precaution must be taken into account if your opponent is packing SOB.

strengths -

- High power
- strong staple 3*&4*s,
- Even in low damage hands they can make up for it with the poison,
- Poison goes through DR and nullifies +life abilities.

weaknesses -

- Most Freaks don't have high damage - although the poison will make up for it but important to mention vs SOB,
- Lacks in the 2* department with only Esmeralda being an outright staple followed by some shaky other choices,
- The 5*s in the clan just seem a little pointless with the poison equalling their higher damage (although useful for KOing if need be and countering SOB)
- SOB means they lose the poison as well as the psychological effects of it in the game,
- You can argue that Bridget is bad versus their poison but Bridget is rarely ever seen.
- Mono Freaks is close to impossible to use...
- min 3 on the poison so a 7 damage can can equal the gap with 1 furied hit

So the Freaks have a lot of weaknesses I'll give you that but it's the poison that will make your opponent think for a second before he moves.

tactics with the Freaks -
The tactics involved with the Freaks can influence the deck build that you end up using.
The easiest and most standard build is a poison/block deck. Usually in these builds you have at least 3 Damage reducers in your deck. The poison in the first round is essential in this strategy. Thinking up to 4 moves is also needed.

poison/+life deck - Just as common as the poison/block strategy. This is to create as big as a gap of life as possible. Will require better pill management however.

What poison build? - This is a rarer build unfortunately. In this build you must not always aim to get the poison in. With this build you must combine Drs and nukes into the build but make sure you have cards that can still poison in the first round. A nice card for this build is Oren but is unfortunately a little outdated in current ELO meta-game smiley.

Types of Freaks cards - The Freaks can be split into a number of categories:

openers - the cards who you lead with to get the poison. The Freaks have so many of these cards: Olga, Pyro, Grudj etc

dual threats - nearly every card in the Freaks can be counted as a dual threat. Wolfgang is the best one in my opinion.

pill drawers - a pill drawer simply draws pillz and lessens pill gaps. Esmeralda is a good example of one with her +atk manipulation

nukes - Freaks nukes are nearly non-existent but instead of poisoning you can instead land a heavy hit with your nuke to beat your opponent that way.

After poison cards - Cards you can send out to KO or make the life gap larger - Harleen and Piotr are good examples.

In conclusion, The Freaks may not be the best of clans but it's their unpredictable nature that can make them so strong. Fool your friends by attacking that way instead of this way but take caution as one slip up with them can spell defeat very quickly. If you still aren't too sure about the Freaks remember they were part of a half deck that managed to get the highest ELO score ever on this game!!

ggs smiley

Thursday 12/07/2012, 00:36

Hi guys, here goes an in-depth clan review.

The Freaks-my favourite clan.
Bonus: Poison 2, Min. 3.
Before I say anything else, this bonus is deadly, but, like everyone says, it doesn't work at the end of battles. However, that doesn't mean mono-Freaks doesn't work, especially if you gain the early advantage through poison.

Beginner Cards:
Just saying that Freaks are super-cheap, and easy to access. If you're a beginner, get Igor, Magda and Esmeralda. Together, they cost just under 3,000 clintz-amazing.

Now, let's look at the pro's and con's:
-Great early game bonus.
-Cool abilities
-Cheap as any clan
-Has amazing 3*s and 4*s
-Works wonders in a half-deck, especially in ELO
-Don't get ELO banned too often

-Struggles for mono, but can be done
-Lack of great 2*s, and only a couple of 5*s
-DRs have high minimums, except for Wolfgang, but he doesn't really compare to the other 4*s
-Lots of people know how to beat the bonus

What does all of this chit chat mean?:
It means that, while they are a solid clan, they do have lots of weaknesses. However, although they have a lack of depth in some areas, they do make up for it to an extent, with their great positives. Not many people play them, so they can be the surprise packet in ELO.

Here's my top 3 cards for each * value:
1. Esmeralda
2. Soushee
3. Magda
Just saying, although Esmeralda's better, I use Soushee in my deck.

1. Olga (The best Freaks card)
2. Akendram
3. Up to you and your playing style...Mira, Piotr, Olga Noel, the choice is yours (Boris doesn't cut it for me).

1. Bogdan
2. Grudj (If you don't have Baldovini)
3. Crassus comes to mind, if you're lacking fire power, but Igor and Macjec are also good

1. Baldovini (YAY)
2. A draw-Splata Cr, and Rhyno (Yes, I said it).
3. A draw again-Cassandra and Oren (I am going to use Cassandra, but some people prefer Oren.

My FAVOURITE mono-Freaks, ELO deck?

I want more fire power. Maybe you could trade Wolfgang for Crassus, but the choice is yours.

Works well in a half-deck.
A really good 14* half deck is

But yeah, it's up to you.

Great for a half-deck, I recomend using them in ELO.

I hope this review has been helpful, and you now know whether to use them or not.

Rate Green if you agree, green if you disagree, green if you read it, and green if you didn't (That includes you, yeah you, the one in the creepy shirt...)

Wednesday 22/12/2010, 11:46

Freaks are an awesome clan.
True, that for a mono deck it may be a struggle, but in half decks their deadly.
You see, unlike other clans they don't rely on their bonus. They can trash you without poison.

Their cards are almost never ELO banned. And they're dirt cheap.
Olga, Bogdan, Akendram and Esmeralda are a staple half deck for ELO. You got SOA, power manip, and atack manip.
Hit the first round, wait for 1 or 2 and watch the poison do it's job.

They work with any other clan (well apart from Rescue, but that's a mono clan).
They've got pill manipulation (Baldovino is a killer in ELO). DR, life manip are there.

Strategy wise, maybe only Piranas are their equals. Also they are quite rarely seen, which gives a huge advantage cause really no one knows how to play with them.

Combine them with Pussycats, Jungo, Piranas or Skeelz, and you've got one hell of a deck.
Fang Pi Clang and La Junta, poison 1st round, KO 3rd round.

Highlight cards...well let's see

Bogdan - 8/4 SOA, what's not to love. How many other 4 star 8 powered SOA's do you see in ELO?
Splata Cr (if you can afford him) - Bogdan Sr, as I like to call him. Awesome card and artwork.
Olga - 8/3 with -2 power min 5, for a 3 star. Yes a 3 star. Very few cards can match her pill for pill.
Akendram - 7/4 atack manip, 3 star super solid.
Esmeralda - 6/2 +10 attack. Excellent starter card and for low pill fights, just great (I tool caelus down with her a few times).
Piotr - -3 life min 0. Everone loves Praxie (he's awesome) and Dregn, but Piotr is underplayed and still usefull.
Pyro - pill recovery with poison and high damage. Perfect for this clan.
Grudj - 8/4 4 star with +2 pills.
Baldovino - 8/6 with - pill ability. He's a beast people....A BEAST.

Those people who think poison should stack...that would make cards overpowered.
I think Freaks are a really balanced clan, and they've got cards for most strategies.

Invest a few grand into a half deck and enjoy. They are very good at developing players into strategists.

So yeah, that's it smiley

Saturday 08/01/2011, 07:59

Ideas for Freaks! Abilities missing: Lose, Revenge, Confidence, Support. +x life per damage.
New Ability Idea: Exacerbate (Aka, to make something more painful) What will this do? It give certain bonuses to character as long as the opponent is poisoned! I.E. Card X with 7/6 stats, Exacerbate: +15 attack will gain +15 attack as long as the opponent is poison, but doesn't receive the benefits if they are not.
Character Ideas: Popcorn/Peanut Vendor, Trained Elephant (Dumbo Parody?) One of Cassandra's Lions, Clown Car Driver, Mime, A new sword swallower since the old one left for Roots, An Escape Artist, The Guy/Gal who bakes the pies and Cakes, Spinning plates, Flea Circus Trainer.

Vote green so everyone can see! Freaks must be respected! Our voices should be heard!

Sunday 09/01/2011, 20:10

I think poison min 3 isn´t fair
it should be min 2 that would be better and it doesnt OVERPOWER them so... they should change it smiley

Sunday 02/08/2015, 16:06

hmmm? oh what's that? They finally added fast acting poison called Toxin that Freaks players have been dreaming of for years!? WOO-wait...what do you mean Freaks don't have it.... FFFFFFF

TLDR - Why (I Think) Freaks should (Need to) have Toxin as thier bonus.

Yes everybody it's once again time for another sleep deprived rant where I act like I am super smart then admins change bikini joe lds stats to make me look a fool.

So yeah lets get started.

Poison 2, Min 3 - Is no good. It is why Freaks are by far the weakest clan (See disclaimer about winning on other post) and not only that but Freaks are activly weakened to make use of thier bonus Imagine if Bangers or Ulu Wata were restricted to 6 power Max or La Junta and Fang were restricted to 6 Damage Max to make use of thier bonus. That would be crazy right? with little reason to use them if that were the case? Welcome to Freaks.

So to make use of thier bonus only 8/54 Freaks have damage higher than 5 and not all of these have the power/abilitys to make them usable really. The why to this is obvious. 5 + 2 + 5 = win. Yay. Of course this is too obvious and predictable and most will either just take an easy win in round 2 and out pill you in 3. Many don't even bother with this and will just crush you in round one as they know freak poison is basicly worthless after round one. (Seriously think about your recent matches. How often do they go to round 4? very few of mine do)

Freaks are really left with avarage power (Freaks don't even have a 9 power yet) and average abilitys (Freaks do have some good power manipulation cards but that can only get you so far) vs equal or greater power, Equal or greater abilitys and then a bonus to overcome.

And this ignores that even if you win Freaks bonus goes away (as it's in effect) but really it doesn't help you win the fight, doesn't even help you win the match.

The real kicker? Other clans have better poison. Yes they can be outdone by in thier specialty. Gonna be talking about poison and now so first a quick look at the 5 clans who have neither poison or heal

Fang Pi Clang and La Junta - The +2 damage clans. They have as many OHKO cards as Freaks have 6 damage cards. Matches don't last long enough for poison or heal to come into play.

Riots - Still a newish clan. They will likely get both in time.

Frozen - Could be either of the above. Not sutting thier play style or just because they are semi new.

Junkz - This one I have theorys but no real idea.

So yeah Poisons. I will split these into 3 catagorys. Better Poison, Lower min and Worse(Cut for character limit)

Better Poisons -
Berserk: Konrad 1,0
GHEIST: Nina 2,1, Dolly Cr 2,1
Huracan: Zapatino 2,2
Jungo: Sylth Cr 3,1, Byron 1,0, Hystrix 1,0
Nightmare: Karrion 2,0, Azel 3,3, Sheitane 2,1,
Piranas: Greesh 2,2, Pesth 1,0,
Pussycats: Muze 2,1
Raptors: Chopper Ld Toxic 1,2
Roots: Tshern 3,5
Sakrohm: Sigma 4,4
Sentinel: Swidz Cr 3,5
Skeelz: Dounia Cr 1,0, Eloxia 1,0, Greem 3,2
Uppers: Sydney 2,2

Lower Min -
Bangers: Kevin 1,2
Berserk: Esther 1,2
GHEIST: Ganx 1,1, Gheistling 1,1, Kersten 1,1, Miss Twice Cr, 1,1,
Montana: Rosa 1,1
Nightmare: Seth 1,2
Prianas: Raskal 1,1

As you can see with a quick glance, more have a stronger poison than the Freaks and while some might seem questionable like the 3,5 lets not forget these other clans don't have thier damage lowered to make use of posion. They don't need the poison. It just gives them more flexability that Freaks don't really have. The min is also a lot more important than it seems. In low damage matches the countless times you lose by one point because of that min D:

Anyway running out of space. Heal

Heal is a harsh hit. As said before they can neutralize or half the Freaks poison. Here's the current list

Null -
All Stars: Loretta 2,10
Jungo: Eggman 2,12
Pussycats: Cherry 2,10
Roots: Mildred 1,11(growth), Gretchen 2,10,
Sakrohm: Lakit 4,7
Skeelz: Snowflake 2,12
Ulu Wata: Eddie 2,13

Half -
Huracan: La Cobra 1,18
Jungo: Flint 1,16
Pussycats: Malicia 1,15(Defeat), Mina 1,15
Rescue: Campbell 1,15, Ash 1,8
Roots: Gudvibz 1,6, Willow 1,10(Defeat)
Sakrohm: Lear Barduh 1,15
Ulu Wata: Ulawele 1,10

9 Clans, and I expect more in future, can null or half the bonus with a single card. That would be like any SOB card working like a Leader card and nullifying whole enemy bonus just by being there.

So yeah it's been at the point for a long time. Want to win win Freaks? Ignore the bonus. It currently just gets in the way. Toxin however? It is really what Freaks need. They are currently the weakest clan but toxin could make them a threat and the low damage cards will become more usable. Even lore wise it could make sence. Boris recently went CR, bring in his son/daughter as the new ringmaster. New bonus with a new ringmaster. Freaks need this. Everything is in place. Toxin is a thing. Counters that are in place and currently choking Freaks will stop it being OP.

Come on admins! Make mono Freaks competitive.

>_> RANTS!

Wednesday 13/07/2011, 07:33

Ihma Firin Mah Freaks!!!!1111one

1407 ELO with MONO Freaks in Wensday. I was top 5.

Greenface to show ppl that Freaks are such powerful, like the others clan smiley

Thursday 09/02/2012, 20:29

Here are some ideas for Freaks!

1) name: Cube
stats: 8 power
6 damage
5 stars
ability: stop opponent bonus
bonus: poison 2, min 3

bio: Hidden away for years, there was something sinister in the warehouse
of Freaks circus. Only few knew of the existance of Cube and nobody,
except for Boris, knew of the terrible secret within it. Boris is a
sensible man and never put the Cube in the limelights of the night
show, but when Don complained about the Freaks never paying their
'taxes', he had no choice. The show must go on.
(it's a jack-in-the-box, not an ordinary one of course)

2) name: Chimps
stats: 4 stars
8 power
5 damage
ability: protection: power and damage
bonus: poison 2, min 3

bio: All the spectators of Freaks love the elegant chimpanzee, dressed up
as a butler, pretending to read books and drinking english tea. In
reality Chimps is an evil mastermind, more cunning than most men. He is
planning to overtake the Clint city and form the Chimp republic with him
as the Leader. For that, Chimps needs to study human behavior. What better
place there could be than the circus?

3) name: Rasputin
stats: 3 stars
7 power
3 damage
ability: defeat: +2 pilz
bonus: poison 2, min 3

bio: The greed and corruption of polit leaders is a well known fact. Rather than
paying the fees to Rescue specialists, it is preferred to give madmen away
to Freaks circus for a much more adequate price. Boris is more than pleased
to get some extra income an a new attraction to people in addition. Gather, gather
folks, the crazy old Rasputin does the robot dance! Now he thinks he is a squirrel!
A ballerina! A sakura tree! Tank! Wait, who gave him that chainsaw?
(see Grigori Rasputin)

If you liked, rate greeeeen!smileysmiley

Saturday 30/08/2014, 12:06

Been a while since I posted a view so why not.

TLDR: Boo hoo I want my favorite clan stronger D:

Where to start....oh. Freaks are at current still the weakest clan by a long mile. This is not to say it is impossible to win with them, I do it myself very often, it is just more of an uphill battle than with any other clan.

Now the freak idea as a whole is...or was high power low damage with poison covering damage.

Makes sense in theory. Not so much in application. Been a little while since I attempted to calculate this but the Average Freak is 7/3(might be 7/4 now) what I assume is no coincidence are the stats of Bikini Joe Ld.

Double this with the bonus being poison 2, min 3 suggests the 3 is intended.

But getting off damage for a second lets talk about power.

While 7 is..ok it is quite average. Matched by many clans with more damage behind the power as well as a stronger bonus backing that all up.

Being an intended High power, low damage clan you would think the clan would/should average 8 power but alas they are being out classed by a few clans in that regard. Especially the two power boosting clans who seem to average more around 10 power there days (small exagiration but you get the point)

Freaks are even lacking in power manipulation, having only 5 such cards. The 5 are some of the best freak cards around. At least one of the 5 is normally ELO banned and another was recently made CR.

Hopefully Freaks will get their hands on some 9 powers if they really become a thing (what it seems they may after the 2nd one) but even without that they should really begin to average 8.

Skipping damage for a sec i'll move onto bonus. Poison 2, Min 3. I have said it before and I will say it again. It's too weak. As poison takes a turn to activate you need to get the win on round one or at least round 2. Your opponents know this what makes it all the harder to land. Even if it does the most it will do is 6 before the match is over and that's if you hit with a 3 damage or less...and since you are using Freaks that is likely.

It is at the point where Freaks have 6 non CR cards with damage of 6 and higher and these will be the most commonly seen cards, paired with some good 5s as it's easier to use them to go around the bonus than it is to win with the bonus.

Another issue with the bonus is it can easily be nullified and no I am not talking about the 2 SOB clans or SoB in general I am talking about Heal.

All Starts, Jungo, Pussycats, Roots, Sakrohm, Skeelz and Ula Wata all have heal abilitys of 2 or higher. Many others have heal 1 what can half the Freaks poison. I assume more will have heal 2 in future.

So I have been ranting a bit more than I usually do with these things so I shall get to my usual point. What could help the Freaks.

Bonus wise in the past I thought faster acting poison would solve all the Freaks problems being a quick way to help without being too OP. But if that happened the same would be done with heal so the issue of it being nullified would stay.

Second option is obviously a better poison. I didn't really touch on it in my ranting but many other clans have better poisons than Freaks what do more damage with lower min what is odd since Freaks rely on poison.

poison 3 min 1 would be my thought on it. Unable to KO with poison while making the lower damage more flexable.

Other than that I could only suggest a complete change of bonus but if that happened Freaks would no longer be Freaks.

Another benefit for Freaks would be abilities that make use of poison such as the Venoshock I suggested before where after poison is inflicted venoshock is +x damage where X is the poison inflicted. In Freaks case it would be +2. There could be other variations on this such as anti-venom what heals = to poison and one that lowers op power = to poison.

Of course no abilities like this could/would ever be added as they are basically unusable by any clan but Freaks.

One actual ability I would like to see Freaks get is a support ability. I have always found it weird Freaks who are circus members, never got one.

Other than that some more power manipulators in the Freaks normal style of making them weaker than themselves wouldn't hurt.

Really hoping for a 9 power though.

(no idea if this makes any sense or I just rambled half points...should probly proof read it.....)

Thursday 01/12/2011, 01:54

Well after my last post Rhyno showed up so lets try another.

Freaks need thier bonus improved. It is outclassed by basicly every other clans and with the addition of heal abilitys it can be nullified or halfed by alot of clans (and probly all in the future)

If not I can see Freaks becoming the first Cr clan (Berserk could easily become just a stronger version of the Freaks)

(A Defeat: Poison card would also be nice.)