After scouring the oceans of the globe for many a long year, Captain Bloodh's Piranas have finally cast anchor in town – time to stretch their legs out a bit and let their hair down! Noisy, aggressive and thieving (well, they are pirates after all), they’ve been quick to make enemies, and the odd friend. But all in all, they’re having such a good time, they’re in no hurry to head back to sea.

Clan Bonus: bonus Stop Opp. Bonus

Each clan has its own secret plan for the domination of Clint City. To achieve their goals, they send their best elements on perilous missions! Who will be the first to succeed? All the Clan missions are listed on this page. Some will be only be unlocked after the previous ones have been completed. Others are secret and you must complete them to find out what their objectives and rewards are.

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What decks can be made with this Clan? Does it have to be played alone or with another one? With or without Leader?
If these are the kinds of questions you've been asking yourself, the Public Presets are just the thing for you! They are decks created by players which everyone can score and comment on.On this page you will find the Clan's most popular presets.

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Monday 20/12/2010, 21:19

Piranas Clan
Power (In rating) : 7/10. Their mode is 6, which isn't very satisfying, but their abilities make up for it greatly.
Damage (In rating) : 6/10. This is very low (4/5), and they rarely have damage + abilities, so that's a no to me.
Abilities (In rating) : 8/10. They have a variety, although most is focused on Pill manipulation, which are all great.
Bonus (In rating) : 9/10. IMO, one of the best bonuses in the game, very effective against clans dependant on their bonus.
Star Value (In rating) : 9/10. They have very useful 2 star cards, even better 3 star, and a couple of powerful 4 and 5* stars.
ELO Usefulness (In rating) 10/10. A staple clan to use in ELO, and very dependant as their cards are rarely banned.


8.5/10. A very great clan to use in ELO, Piranas win my vote. So far, they have promising 2 and 3 star cards, but I'd like to see better 5*s and 4*s. Thank you for reading my first Clan review, and remember, rate smiley!

Monday 27/12/2010, 03:04

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We'll dig up the box, (the box!)
We know it's full of precious booty!
Burst open the locks!
And then we'll say hooray!

(changes to electronic euro-pop crap music)

(girl's voice)Yar, har, fiddle di dee.
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(spoken)Weigh anchooor!

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Hahaha! (Yay!)

We're sailing away (set sail!),
Adventure awaits on every shore!
We set sail and explore (ya-har!)
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Until we sail again!

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(singing)Blue sky above and blue ocean below,
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You're a pirate!

Thursday 23/12/2010, 05:52

~Piranas GUIDE~
Ok, so all in all Piranas are a clan for those of you who love to play mind games with your opponent. They are most surely not made for quick KO's or high raw stats. Thus, I don't recommend using Piranas for Deathmatch (although some may find a way to make it work) and they are generally crippled by SoA abilities. Their obvious strength lies in pill manipulation. And it is only fitting that these greedy pirates are the clan whose strategy is all about amassing a bunch of pills/stealing then from your opponent in order to gain an advantage. Piranas are the best at what they do. Period. The Junkz may have Gil and Tremorh and Taham but that is nothing compared to the plethora of greater pill manipulators the Piranas have. Furthermore, Piranas have SoB, which I think is much more helpful than +8 attack. Anyway, here is a guide on some ways to effectively use the Piranas...
-Strategy 1: Bluff and Sweep
You wanna bluff for pill advantage; use pill manipulators to hold the advantage and sweep next rounds. This plan is very effective if you have drawn one of the big 5* cards like Selma, dalhia, or Bloodh. Since you have drawn a high star count, you will probably go first. Use one of the formentioned, or some other bluffable cards such as Scubb (for the massive pill gain if your in mono), Aktara (9 damage courageous), or even Greesh (first round poison), on the first play at 0 pills or 1-2 if you suspect your opponent will call your bluff. I would save Scubb for the next rounds since his +pills has no minimum, but you can still use cards like Katan, Andsom, Hawkins, Hawkins Noel, Trey, or Smokey Cr to win and still retain the pill advantage over the next two rounds. Even Ulrich, the sole Piranas dr, works here on round two to keep you within striking distance and keeping a large pill lead. For the last round, you should still have more pills. If the lead is slight, save your Sliman, Wheeler, Deadeye, or Tula to be unbeatable. If somehow you opponent has managed to crawl back into the game pill-wise, having Raeth or Taljion should secure victory. And if your pill advantage is still high, a Mayhem or Gran Vista will work. Use this strategy if you like being in control. Excuse my language, but in the final three rounds after a successful bluff, your opponent is basically your bitch.
-Strategy 2: Two Hit Knock Out
I know i said that Piranas were not made for THKO, but if you have the right cards they can pull it of nicely. Since there aren't that many high powered, high damaging Piranas, landing a 2hko is much tougher than with La Junta or Fang Pi Clang. This is not their forte, but if you have the cards for it, it's just one more thing that your opponent has to worry about you doing. Accomplishing a knock out requires that you draw a couple 4-5 starred cards. Preferably Selma, dalhia, Sliman, Raeth, or Scubb. If you manage to win a close first round with Selma, Scubb, or dalhia, (so with pill manipulation you have a marginable pill lead) then you are in business. For the next three rounds, all you need to do is avoid your opponent's DR or SoA cards as you attempt your KO with Sliman or Raeth(furious if you need). In my experience this scenario possibility makes your strategy 1 bluff all the more effective. It rarely happens this way, but simply having the potential for it forces your opponent to respect you.
-Strategy 3: Play it straight
What I mean by "play it straight" is that you take your 2 rounds, hopefully the match ups you want. This usually is for when you didn't draw (not all of your deck should pill manipulators) a bunch of pill manipulators. If you draw cards like rhed, Bloodh, Ector, Sting, or Kristin, then you may wanna just go the match this way. This happens to be the basic strategy for most other clans where it is very uncommon to win 3/4 rounds (yes, luck does play a role in this game). In this style of match, Piranas fares just as well as most other clans with the ever solid Tyd and power monsters Sting and Puff. They can also lessen the rewards of your opponent's victory with Ulrich and Spycee. Piranas has its share of defensive and aggressive cards alike.
Piranas are my favorite clan. They are the ultimate tactical mind gamers in Urban Rivals. They can even up with Montana, Uppers, and Rescue due to their SoB. They can prevent early KO's with their SoB too from Fang Pi Clang and La Junta. SoB as a bonus to me the best in the game. Better than Nightmare though since there are not enough solid, staple cards in Nightmare yet. Ultimately, this game is about controlling the pill battle. That is what makes this game great; cards with significantly weaker raw stats can topple larger ones when you have more pills. With other clans, it's largely a guessing game; Piranas control this guessing game to victory. Not a clan for beginners because they are kind of expensive and require skill to play. When playing Piranas, have a plan; don't just mindlessly pill random cards.

Monday 07/03/2011, 11:24


Nowadays everyone in ELO is using 2-clan deck builds. One particular favorite half-deck clan is the Piranas, mainly because it's possible to have an amazing half deck with them for as low as 10-11 stars. Hawkins, Bonnie Ld and Tula are ELO staples that must always be included in your Piranas half deck, although they tend to get blacklisted from ELO every now and then (but fortunately they don't get banned together at the same week, YET). As for 3-stars, well, Smokey Cr is gone forever and Tyd gets banned every other week, but fortunately, you can have cards like Ector, Ulrich and Andsom (my personal suggestion would be Ector since he has a solid power and can Pierce through DRs). For 4-stars, there's no question that Raeth is the best choice there is, although if you can't afford him, Kristin or even Sting would work just fine (I wouldn't recommend Katan, her power is too low).

While the Piranas can make a mean 10-11 star ELO deck build, these builds tend to have lower raw damage. Therefore, it would make sense to pair the Piranas with clans with high raw damage. La Junta or Fang Pi Clang immediately springs to mind. The low-starred Pirana half leaves room for high-level damaging cards like Bryan, Gatline, Fei, Kerozinn Cr and many more. For ELO, I would recommend the inclusion of pill manipulators like Tsubame or Naginata, because their abilities blend well with the Piranas pill manipulators.

Here are other clans that work well with Piranas (assuming that we're talking about a 10-11-star deck build):

Vortex: Piranas and Vortex are a lovely tag team in ELO. I recommend that you pair the Piranas with either one (or even two, if possible) of the high damaging Vortex 5-stars (Dregn, C Beast, Shaakarti). Also, Dagg is a must in your half deck, because of his pill-forcing abilities. You can also include bluffs like Oflgn, although with the rampant SOA in ELO today, I don't recommend it. What's more, you could try reversing the star distribution: make an balanced 11-star Vortex half using the Vortex's great 2-stars to make room for heavy-hitting Piranas like Selma, Dahlia, and the like!

EXAMPLE: Hawkins/Tula - Bonnie Ld - Ector/Ulrich - Raeth - Dregn/Shaakarti/C Beast/Oflgn - Dagg - Deea - Neloe

Uppers: The Uppers' high damaging cards work very well with the Piranas. Nellie and Hermann are very good together, for they can create a 2HKO, and Oxen is a great attacking card that can address the Piranas' low-damage/DR problem. There bonus is a great pill-forcer too, which is always great with Piranas.

EXAMPLE: Hawkins/Tula - Bonnie Ld - Ector/Ulrich - Raeth - Hermann/Dorian - Nellie - Oxen - Samantha/Wendel/2* Burt

Skeelz: The Skeelz have many high-starred bluffers that you can now have room for in your ELO deck thanks to the Piranas. A particular favorite would be the Eloxia/Jay 2HKO combo. Aylen is great if you want massive life gain. For solidness, you can't go wrong with Tomas. If you want to have pill manipulation, try on Corvus for size (but again, I don't recommend it because of Corvus's low damage). Chiara is a must have in your half deck: her ability works so well with cards like Ulrich and Bonnie Ld. What I particularly like about pairing Skeelz with Piranas is their amazing synergy: the Piranas provide the Skeelz with pill control while the Skeelz provides the Piranas with deadly bluffs. Also, like the Vortex, you could try making a low-star Skeelz half to make room for Selma and Dahlia, just for kicks.

EXAMPLE: Eloxia/Tomas/Aylen - Jay/Greem/Belgosi - Chiara - Redra

Rate green if you think my guide is helpful! I'll try making more of these in the future.. smiley

Thursday 27/10/2011, 20:57

Free Bonnie i want my voice to be heard after months of struggling to make her come in elo rate green to free Bonnie Ldsmiley

Wednesday 31/08/2011, 00:34

Ideas for New Piranas:

Roger- Uncommon 3 Star
Description: Many a pirate has served in Bloodh’s crew, and most have eventually met untimely ends one way or another. Roger was one such pirate, but it seems even death could not quench his greed for rum and gold. Now nothing more than old Bones, Roger is still a surprisingly useful member of the crew, at least when he can get all his parts in order…
1: 3/3 {A bleached skull with an emerald in one eye socket and several gold teeth, Roger’s disembodied head is seems to be in the act of hopping about in an attempt to be menacing}
2: 5/3 {Roger has found most of his body now, wearing a pair of moth-eaten trousers tied at the waist with rope. His chest is bare, and he seems to be assembling parts of his upper half now, with his right arm still not in place.}
3: 7/3 Stop Opp. Ability {Now fully assembled, Roger has added a large tattered jacket and a bandana bearing the Pirana emblem to his outfit. He has a rusty cutlass in one hand, and a large bomb with the Pirana’s fishbone on it.}

Elizabeth- Rare 4 Star
Description: Originally, Elizabeth was just as uncouth, and smelly as any other pirate. But then she ran afoul of a certain mystic who put her under a curse to “teach her some manners”. Now compelled to act increasingly prim and proper, Elizabeth makes sure her new habits Don’t get in the way of her pirating duties.
1: 3/2 {Shows a blonde pirate girl, with messy hair and a boarding axe in one hand. She’s dressed in the usual dirty pirate garments, with the exception of a silk glove on one arm. In her off hand she’s holding another one, and peering at the glove suspiciously.}
2: 4/3 {Elizabeth’s clothes are a little less ratty, and she’s still wearing the silk gloves. She’s currently tightening the laces to a corset she’s wearing, her face looking a little blue.}
3: 6/4 {Elizabeth is now wearing a red dress, with her hair pinned neatly back. The axe has made a return, larger and of more elegant in design than before, and Elizabeth is resting it in one hand against her shoulder. In her other hand is a small booklet, which she appears to be reading.}
4: 7/4 Ability=opponent bonus {Elizabeth’s dress has grown more ornate, though the corset on the outside still bears the Pirana’s fishbone. Her posture and expression is now proper and refined, and on her nose rest a pair of pince-nez. The axe head is now larger than her torso, with a fancy design etched onto the side of the head. Elizabeth holds the axe in like a Lady would a parasol.}

Monday 20/05/2013, 17:37

Character idea :3

Name: Py (Based on Pi from the life of Pi)

Bio: Py was only a boy when he was stranded in the middle of the ocean with a tiger. He thought that there was no hope for him, until a Piranas ship passed by. They admired his survival skills and took him on bored, and he has proved to be a great asset, much to the jealousy of Hawkins...

I have two different ideas for this card, one of which fits with his bio and the other which is what Piranas could really use, let me know which one you like best.

Idea no.1
lvl1: power: 7 damage: 1
lvl2: power: 8 damage: 1 ability: heal 2 max 12

Idea no.2
lvl1: power: 5 damage: 3
lvl2: power: 6 damage: 3 ability: -3 opp. damage min.2

Thursday 04/08/2011, 01:51

Rate up if you want a Defeat : Recover 2 pills out of 3 in Piranas.

Sunday 21/10/2012, 22:57

I want see this Cp. Blackbeard card:

Lvl 1 2/1

Lvl 2 4/1

Lvl 3 6/2

Lvl 4 8/2 Support: -1 Opp. Life, Min 0.

rate green if u agree smileysmiley

Wednesday 14/08/2013, 08:38

Rate Green if you want a 1+ Pillz Per Damage Pirana card that has at least 7 power!