offline MasterfuI Legend E X C A L I B U R
Friday 12/11/2010, 16:31

Greetings all smiley
After collecting the BP data of MANY players spanning different levels, I have come across the formula (arithmetic progression) for the exact BP needed to advance from levels 1 -100.

There are some interesting things to note about certain parts of the chart which I will elaborate in a later post. But for now, and for your viewing pleasure...

The BP data listed below will be separated as follows:

Level // BP Required for level // (BP Needed to advance) // Arithmetic Progression // Asterisk* = verified by player

offline Cardz_DvF Guru D-Versified
Sunday 19/12/2010, 19:36

Wow great guide. might try to establish myself a routine now smiley

offline Rage Titan  
Wednesday 29/12/2010, 03:59

Hit level 115


Current BP Total: 1,520,933
Reserve: 12,000

offline M-Bison Titan URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 29/12/2010, 04:46

Grats on lvl 115.

offline iRAWkDaWorld Hero  
Wednesday 29/12/2010, 10:08

Ima usein this this should be at top of list also Thanks ; )

offline MABanator Hero Ramshackle Glory
Monday 10/01/2011, 18:42

This should get a sticky this is amazing

offline Rage Titan  
Tuesday 11/01/2011, 21:35

Hit Level 116


Current BP Total: 1,561,348
Reserve: 12,100

offline Rage Titan  
Tuesday 11/01/2011, 21:40

Hit Level 116


Current BP Total: 1,561,348
Reserve: 12,100

offline Rage Titan  
Tuesday 01/02/2011, 06:36

Hit Level 117

880/ 41,429

Current BP Total: 1,602,498
Reserve 12,200

offline MasterfuI Legend E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 16/02/2011, 19:29

Thanks for the data, Rage smiley

In other news... I don't remember WHERE I saw the equation(s) below, but extra special thanks to YOU, whoever you are, who originally posted the following. I REnamed some stuff, since I could'nt find the EXACT posting of the equation...


Equation for determining Any Level’s “BP Needed To Advance.”
Y cubed – X cubed = Xa

Y = Immediate Next Level ("Any GIven Level" + 1)
X = Any Given Level
Xa = Any Given Level’s “BP Needed to advance.”

For example, I’m currently level 93.
My immediate next level, obviously, is level 94.
Using the above equation, let’s plug in the numbers…

X = 93
Y = 94

Y cubed – X cubed = Xa
94 cubed – 93 cubed = Xa
830,584 – 804,357 = 26,227

So… X’s (a.k.a. Level 93) “BP needed to advance” is 26,227 BP.
In other words, Level 93 needs 26,227 additional BP to reach Level 94.

Please note:
- The total BP needed to reach level 93 and/or 94 is shown in a chart at the beginning of this thread.
- The above equation can be verified by the chart.
- I have personally verified the above data for levels 93 and 94 (since I'm currently there :smilesmiley

offline Herson100 Master Dank Memers
Thursday 17/02/2011, 23:41

Rage is the founder of a guild, which has an academy guild, which I am in.

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