offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Friday 15/06/2007, 15:16

Guide to Elo for beginners - Deck Building

Elo can be played if your level 20 and the sum of stars is 25
I made this thread,so people will know what deck to use and why use some of those cardssmiley
Deck Compositions:
-Pure maxed cards in the deck requires cards with a good combination of abilities and power and has excellent bonus to "interact" or "combo" with each othersmiley
la junta-12
jane ramba-3


*with this deck,you can make a fury for a second round on your junta's to end the gamesmiley,pussycats will also worksmiley

-Unevolved CARDS???As prefered by some of the best players,they use some commonly good cards that has good power to use as level 1 or higher,some are like:gwen,noon steevens,chad bread,skrumxxt,charlie,yayoi and more,you may see no combo with these decks are you making with unevolved cards but you will stay "huge" against your opponent

*commonly,pussycats are the best choice if you like to go on this unevolved cards,it will make you deck wide and more defensive,try this one(raven's deck):


all stars-15

Well that is all,Good Games to all
PS:Moderator if your reading this,please make the subject sticky

offline EriteGhandy2 Novice  
Tuesday 14/08/2007, 12:01

Well i think i got a good deck

ulu watu
ice jim
chad bread


offline Darko EVO Guru  
Tuesday 14/08/2007, 13:43

Nice deck your first version, but i would put Methane in place of XU52 and Leviatonn in place of Zero Dead

For your second deck, i would suggest Uppers, but modifing the Bangers Part

Bangers 12*

Vermyn N 4*
Saddy 3*
Juicy Lord 3*
Graff 2*

Uppers 13

Dorian 5*
Zatman 3*
Rubie 3*
Samantha 2*

If you still want to use Willy, just put Beetenka in place of Zatman


For Pringles

You need to make some changes, i would go like this:

Ulu Watu
Hikiyousan (U)
Jeff (or Gabrielle)
Ice Jim (C)
Chad Bread (C)

Boris (or Zoltan, if you don't have enough $$$)
Graziella (or Miss Ming)

offline -Xoric Titan lonely fighters
Tuesday 14/08/2007, 13:54

Well i haven't played evo in a very long time so I kinda did need tips smiley

and yeah it was a Kiki Cr I won and the week after a Rass Cr

offline K-Chaos Titan  
Tuesday 14/08/2007, 19:27

After I had sum problems to find a new guild smiley I decided to make my elo score lil' bit better looking and tried out a clan I didn't like so much allstars:


Allstars 14*
Lamar 5*
Striker 4*
Amelia 3*
Flo 2*

Ulu Watu 11*
Gaia 3*
Rass 3*
Gabrielle 2*
Nanook 3*

What should I say? I put the ulu watu combination together with allstars and I am really suprised how great it works...the high demage cards together with the very strong ulu watu cards work great...and I finished not only one game smashing with strikers fury or lamar after an underestimated Nanook attack.I really prefer amelia instead of lewis(because she is a babe) but more for her better demage.Also the fact that there are 3 stop opp bonus cards make them good blocker for La Junta and fang Pi and very useful against pussycats...I tried out an a litlle bit more defensive version switching striker for marina and a more aggressive version by switching gabrielle for Jeff....and I have to say that gabrielle is the better pick just because of the fact she can handle Zatman much easier(and she's a babe too smiley )

Help to improve

offline Darko EVO Guru  
Tuesday 14/08/2007, 21:33

Your deck is really great, Chaos....i don't see how to improve it, and even if it needs

But you can do some nice tests making these modifications


Rass for Jeff
Amelia for Marina (or Loma Noju or Alexei)


Lamar for Marina
Amelia for Loma Noju

It may looks crazy to take off Lamar, but i believe it can work, or at least give you strong hands in almost any situation

offline Mam-Lasak Imperator Army of Elite Mercenaries
Thursday 16/08/2007, 22:17

I think about this deck:


Gina Glitt (level 2) or Dorian (level 3)

Any improvements?

offline OnlineHelper Novice Academy of Elite team
Friday 17/08/2007, 18:16

What makes a card and a clan usable for elo?

offline 0-kaizer13 Veteran Anjeng!
Tuesday 21/08/2007, 10:22

I don't have any experience in playing ELO, but I'm planning to build an ELO deck.
I have quite good cards (All Stars, La Junta, Uppers, and Bangers), but I believe that I still need some more for a good ELO deck.

TOP 4 Cards in those 4 Clans:
All Stars (I don't have Lamar smiley)
Alexei (U) - 4
Marina (R) - 4
Striker (U) - 4
Amelia (C) - 3

Dorian (U) - 5
Zatman (U) - 3
Rubie (U) - 3
Beetenka (U) - 4

La Junta
Bryan (R) - 4
Jane Ramba (U) - 3
Bruce (C) - 3
Tank (U) - 3

Bangers (I got almost all Bangers card)
Graff (R) - 2
Laetitia (U) - 4
Willy (R) - 5
Vermyn N (U) - 4

I'm still confused what combination to choose and currently I'm using Sven's idea (La Junta - Uppers), but i need an alternative deck..

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Tuesday 28/08/2007, 07:05

smiley i think swapping My fully evolved Alexei for a Marina......Marina's ability is good........but Alexei's ability is Stop Opp Ability.......Not Useless Too.........What do you think is better for ELO?Marina,Striker,Alexei,Flyer,Uranus Or XU52?Pick 4 of them....too confused what will i buy...........but exchanging Bhudd for Striker is good too............but tell me!what cards are good for those i said???????????????????????????????

offline JoeOfCiranEVO Titan Final Fantasy
Monday 10/09/2007, 16:36

Well im almost able to play ELO and i think ive got an ok deck, its a Sentinal and a la Junta deck:


La Junta
Jane Ramba

and Hugo
Any ideas for changes??

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