offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Friday 30/07/2010, 10:58

Hello all,

It seems you needed some more explanations about new changes in ELO. We will do our best to explain those changes here.
We want to use the ELO bans not only to make this mode more balanced but also to make it funnier. Therefore we will ban several characters in addition to the ones which are already in the staff list.
The characters in this additional list won’t be in the staff banned characters list. Which means that it won’t be penalizing in Daily Tournaments.

We are making these changes in order to make the ELO mode funnier et not letting it strategically freeze. Therefore this list of characters may regularly change. We try hard not to make too big changes at a time so you can easily follow what’s happening.

One more thing :
A new system will be released during August to see how the ELO mode will improve. In September, according to the results we will decide on the definitive changes which will be necessary.

Here list of the characters which will be banned in ELO from next Monday (08/02):
(You’ll also find the ELO staff banned characters)

Staff banned (with DT penalties):
Zatman, Ratanah, Wee Lee, Jackie, Lyse Teria Cr, Vickie Cr, Kiki Cr, General Cr, DJ Korr Cr, Tanaereva, Guru Cr, GraksmxxT, Lamar Cr, Alec Cr, Marco, Kolos, Hawk

New list bans (no DT penalty):
Smokey Cr
All Leader

Have fun smiley

offline Signomi Titan D-Versified
Wednesday 25/08/2010, 11:02

Yeah, though I want to be done by Friday so I can get the new bloods(credits I get from tourneys), and this pace...not looking so great.

Funny you should mention Rassele, so have I XD

That means you guys have accomplished your mission: get everyone to play new clans.

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Wednesday 25/08/2010, 13:12

Waster, you shouldn't publicly announce people's data without their consent.

And TC_Kid, that wasn't aimed at you in particular, it was aimed at the idea that people "shouldn't complain" when complaining is a valid part of feedback.

offline -TCG-Rassele Guru The Trend
Wednesday 25/08/2010, 14:50

@BlackAce, oh wait! I haven't encountered any from the Freaks XD

offline Tuttobuno - 7 Senior  
Wednesday 25/08/2010, 17:14

ZZZZ.. i hope i can 1400 for this week T..T

offline AllKnowingGod Senior Vicious Salvo
Wednesday 25/08/2010, 19:12

I like the changes...and roots rescue and all stars have the highest percents because thats what people who claim to have "skill" in elo use...and those users im sure are the only people mad at this change....roots are used for damage reducers (the urban rivals safety net) all stars used for its over powerment and its giant damage reducer that is almost graks like...and rescue, well their bonus says it all...even filler cards are good in that clan..and pluss they have 2 soa and 2 sob...and urban rivals has finally realized that truly skilled players are sick of these noobs and their i really dont know how to out smart people decks

offline vexedvox Titan  
Wednesday 25/08/2010, 20:26

I like the changes as well smiley but I also noticed those who are most vocally against the changes are tending to have ELO HOF scores in the mid1200s-lower 1300s (this is just a general observation, not meant to degrad or offend anyone), and those who seem more in favor are tending towards higher scores. I think this may be because, before the changes, there was already a reasonable amount of diversity up until you hit 1320ish, but anyone who spends alot of time above that will most likely tell you it was mostly allstars and gheist (hence the strong bannings against those clans).

I had an idea about the bannings which may address this: tiered bannings. Up to 1100 is just the old staff banned list, 1200-1300 sees about half of the current list banned and then 1300+ goes with the full bannings. The only downside is this may become too confusing for some and would also make things even more difficult for those who don't have extensive collections since their decks may need to be retooled almost daily (based on how they play) as opposed to weekly like now.

Just an observation and a random thought smiley

offline MABanator Hero Ramshackle Glory
Wednesday 25/08/2010, 22:56

I think that they should update the list on this i hate having 2 search through the message board 2 find the correct list and i belive that with the month coming 2 a close UR will just decide 2 ban like half a dozen cards and be done with it. I suggest u perma ban the most most overpowered/most used cards only doing 1 from each of the clans of your chosing and just be done with it this whole process and is starting 2 make the games more interesting i am barely playing elo anymore and barely even try 2 get above 1200 it just isnt fun anymore i have gone back 2 t1 t2 and deathmatch because they just r more enjoyable niw and id say that after reading this forum a lot of arguing has gotten off topic and this is dividing the community and causing people 2 get very annoyed i believe that even though many players support the bans the ratio is roughly 2:1 against the bans now i have based this on my friends and the posts i have seen on this topic and others on the message board. @Wasted u have commented a lot on this message board and i like many of the things u have said and that u have voiced ur opin ion clearly but u have been extremly single minded and have refused 2 listen i suggest u listen carefully 2 all that is said and respect what other have 2 say regardless of ur personal beliefs on the bans.

offline Bledi21 Hero  
Thursday 26/08/2010, 02:53

Im happy about these bans, prior to said bans i had only used one deck in elo but due to the bans i have used 6 different clans and it has made it more fun.. And junkz in my opinion are still useable im currently using them in a monodeck and have already achieved 1313 and will get it even higher

offline Re-Peat Guru the courtyard of shadows
Thursday 26/08/2010, 03:21

There's a lot of talk about what is/isn't balancing the game, which cards being banned are/aren't overpowered etc...

It's my understanding that these new bans have almost nothing to do with balancing clans, and that their purpose (as stated by the staff) was to change things up by banning most commonly used cards. They weren't necessarily saying Noodile or Rowdy (or Kerry) are overpowered, just that they're overused. So they get banned so people see more Roots 3*, Junkz 4*, and Rescue 4* in their places.

So the balancing discussion is really not germane to this discussion... assuming my understanding of the situation is correct.

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Thursday 26/08/2010, 05:23

Hey repeat, ya partially true. but the most commonly used cards were the ones that were pretty strong. the most common clans were the ones that were generally strongest... so banning the most popular cards, nerfs the most popular clans, which leads to more parity between the clans (planned or not, that is the effect it has)

@shadow, info shared for the purpose of clarifying points are fine, which it was. info shared with malicious intent is not. ie. if a player claims to be to be good at ELO and offers his advice claiming they are awesome --- and i look and see this dude is just winning slightly over 50%... or if i see he failed to even get above 1200 in a week where he obviously tried --- thats definitely being called out on privately at least, probably not publicly since it would be a bit harsh. if i a person is auctioning a big card or offering to trade big cards, and it show they dont own it, thats gonna be a public naming and shaming.

sorry data/fact/statistic back up points made by people, otherwise discussion gets reduced down to who barks the loudest, barks the most, or barks most convincingly.... which is a rubbish way to determine the validity of statements

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