offline Barney_TnT Imperator TRiNiTY
Wednesday 04/08/2010, 12:55

Who do u think r the best 2 stars in the game:

Name 1 from each clan, or simply say you're favourites.

offline papi61795 Hero  
Wednesday 11/08/2010, 17:11

All Star-Stacey her power manipulation is just ridiculous

Bangers- Bennie 9/3 card great card

Fang Pi- Chan love the 10 power

Freaks- Hula She helps out Freaks against SOB

Gheist- Arkn pill two and just about won

Jungo- Peng his flaming sword is sick and He's a great bluffer

Junkz- Gil he has one of the best pill manipulation

Junta- Prob Dean his power reduction is just epic Thormund is good but against Sob hes useless

Montana- Prince Jr.- Hes the 2-star Mona

Nightmare-Phyllis love her Life reduction

Piranas -Tula Brings those monster Cards down ti her level and fights on equal levels

Pussycats- Wanda best 1 or 2 star filler ever

Rescue- Lea the only Stop Opp Anything (Except Elvira) without a condition but sadly shes Banned which makes no sense but I'm not going to into that...

Roots- does a two star Jeena Count if not Arno.

Sakrohm- Nimestiec, He's such an underestimated card i mean its just sad



Ulu Watu



offline MegaWattz Novice  
Thursday 12/08/2010, 15:52

Spiaghi. Hes a great damage reducer and quite cheap as well

offline All-GioYNWA Novice  
Thursday 12/08/2010, 17:32

It's either Spiaghi or Lehane. Both can be used on any deck as a splash card, and tells you a lot.

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