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The Deathmatch mode is a brutal game mode where you must get as much points as you can in 20 minutes. When you join a Deathmatch room, you'll be automatically grouped with up to 15 other players and, as soon as there are 8 players ready to fight, the Deathmatch begins. Other players might join a Deathmatch in play, to keep the number of opponents high.

Points awarded during a Deathmatch are much higher than in other mode, allowing you to level up faster. There are also some bonuses that will allow you to come back at any time, even if you are in a bad position.

When a Deatchmatch ends, the players will receive additionals points and Clintz according to their rankings, then, another Deathmatch will start a few minutes later.

Be warned: you only have a minute to play your card each round so choose quickly!

Deck formats
Since this mode has no card restrictions, a good DM player utilizes those powerful cards banned in ELO. This mode is all about completing quick battles, meaning that your deck should focus on delivering quick 1 and 2HKOs to end matches quickly, thus acquiring the most points as fast as possible.

The two game types are as follows:

✰ Type 1 DM

This mode is filled with Sakrohm, Montana, and primarily, Uppers. The Uppers clan is a powerhouse with cards such as Dorian, Jackie, Oxen, Rubie, Nellie, Zatman, Jody, Wendel, Samantha, and Harold on hand. The Sakrohm clan excels with a combination of poison (Sigma), Life gain(Jautya, Wakai, and Murray), damage reducers (GraksmxxT and Uranus), and SOB(Guru Cr and Petra). The Montana clan can out-power the Uppers bonus but tend to be low on damage and do not meet Uppers standards if played without their Collector cards, Vickie Cr and Lyse Teria Cr. To succeed you must either hop on the bandwagon or find something that effectively counters them. The Rescue clan is a decent choice due to the availability of Marco and Alec Cr, a monster bonus, many 2HKO possibilities, and two counters for Jackie: Glosh and Vinny. Roots and GHEIST are also decently used in this mode due to their ability to counter Sakrohm's damage reducers and other clans' abilities

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✰ Type 2 DM

In this mode, Bangers, Ulu Watu, Sakrohm, Nightmare, and Sentinel, are all popular choices, and usually paired with Ambre, Eryik, or Morphun for the extra competitive edge. Bangers have strong abilities and can be a powerhouse in Mono + Ambre, especially with cards such as Shann, Willy, Bodenpower, Vermyn N, Chlora, and Blaaster. The Ulu Watu clan thrives with great power and bluffing capabilities with cards such as Wee Lee, Tanaereva Cr, Stanly, and Lulabee. Sakrohm appears in many decks with GraksmxxT and Uranus in hand for backup. The Nightmare clan becomes very powerful for quick play including such threats as Kolos Nistarok, Oshitsune, Glorg, and Ghumbo. Sentinel becomes a problem when equipped with Hawk, Copper, Tessa Cr, Chloe, Miss Chloe, Havok, and Owen. Compared to T1, T2 relies more on powerful leaders, strong DR, and quick 2HKO capabilities. Games typically end faster in T2 DM than T1 DM, thus producing more BP.

Ex: - Winners -

✰Combo Bonuses✰

+ 5 points = 2 consecutive wins
+ 10 points = 3 consecutive wins
+15 points = 4+ consecutive wins

+ 3 points = 2 consecutive losses
+ 6 points = 3 consecutive losses
+ 12 points = 4+ consecutive losses

All points not only count towards your DM score, but also add to your exp point total.

1st: 150 bonus exp points + 50 clintz
2nd: 100 bonus exp points + 35 clintz
3rd: 100 bonus exp points + 35 clintz
4th: 75 bonus exp points + 15 clintz

✰Current Deathmatch Missions✰

Amazing Feat: Win 5 DeathMatches → 15 Mission Points + 5 Credits

Dreaded Opponent: Win 50 DMs → 30 MPs + ?

Heavy Going Round: Reach 400 in DM → 5 MPs + 5 Lottery Tickets

Unforgettable Session: Reach 450 in DM → 15 MPs + 150 Clintz

Demonstration of Strength: Achieve a 4-win match streak 250 times → 30 MPs + ?

20 Legendary Minutes: Reach 500 in DM → 30 MPs + 5 Credits

Connect 4: Achieve a 4-win match streak 5 times → 5 MPs + 2 Lottery Tickets

Smooth Transition: Achieve a 4-win match streak 50 times → 15 MPs + ?

Enemy Identified: Beat the same player in a DM 5 times → 5 MPs + 2 Lottery Tickets

Target Encircled: Beat the same player in a DM 50 times → 10 MPs + ?

Warranted Anger: Beat 5 players that beat you in the same DM → 5 MPs + 100 BPs

All-consuming Wrath: Beat 50 players that beat you in the same DM → 10 MPs + ?

Turnaround: Beat 5 players with a 3+ winning streak → 5 MPs + 50 BPs

Irate Outsider: Beat 50 players with a 3+ winning streak → ? MPs + ?

** For more information about the scoring system please see **

NB: Opinions regarding deck formats for the event in this guide do not reflect UR’s or everybody’s opinion. Please feel free to post other tips and DM presets to help everybody in regards to this game mode.

Many thanks to TnT_Mathwiz for the inf

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YES Dm need missions smiley I am bored playing DM now ..

And then again there could be misions achieve 50 nd then 250 first blood
By first blood i mean the part where a player gets 60 pointsfor the first win of the going on dm
Not rely sure what thats called smiley but i think its first blood onlysmiley

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