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Friday 19/11/2010, 03:05

The History of Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals has come a long way from how it first began. Many cards were released for innovation, diversity, and for the sake of balancing competitive play. Certain cards’ stats were tweaked and important milestones gained. Other cards were unbanned, banned, and unbanned again. New features were added and improved over time to make the world of Clint City as vast as it is fun. Even Kate’s art was changed to what it is now at some point (Listed below). I have compiled this historic timeline of the awesome trading card game that is Urban Rivals. Fellow fans... enjoy, and be amazed how far this great game has come!

This Timeline lists the following:
1. Card Release Dates (Most including the name of the card release) I.E. “Danger From The Heavens”
2. Dates when each CR First became a Collector
3. All Asterisked dates are either: Introduction of new features, or Other memorable Event/Milestone

- Every card release dates and the cr creation dates are from the Admin: Euzebe
- The CR Creation Dates were cross referenced from dates sent in by Moderator: Vanter
- Asterisked Events were dates I collected from scouring the ancient posts of the staff msg board
- Special thanks to other Staff who pointed me in the right direction: Force Majeure, Goralion, & LOA Daigon.

Urban Rivals Chronology (Date Format: Day/Month/Year)

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Monday 28/03/2011, 11:12

Your welcome smiley and thanks all for the support. And believe it or not, still more projects to come for y'all smiley
I just finished editting my personal copy of the timeline for a more accurate future release smiley

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 31/03/2011, 22:26

Something intersting of note, in my timeline, is that I DID NOT FORMALLY LABEL Jungo, rescue, and Piranas clan releases. Usually I start those lines with "NEW CLAN:..." But I didn't for those. Whoopsiedaisy. Sorry for any confusion. Someone asked for what the original clans were. They were (According to lack of an exact release date):

Bangers, FPC, GHEIST, Junkz, La Junta, Montana, Nightmare, Pussycats, Roots, Sakrohm, Sentinel, Ulu Watu, & Uppers.

And FYI, the release dates of the following clans (which were not FORMALLY listed, but listed nonetheless)...
Rescue: 26/10/07
Piranas: 06/06/08
Jungo: 19/12/08

offline IM_Disizrey Hero Immortality
Friday 01/04/2011, 04:39

Were there any clans removed? Any characters not used?

Im so curious now... Since I found this post

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Friday 01/04/2011, 12:56

Not that I know of, Bluemuffin...
All clans and characters remain intact as far as I know smiley

offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Wednesday 06/04/2011, 00:42

14/06/07 ; The Beauties, The Beast, and The Killer; Feelyn, Samantha, Yookie, Methane
this says it was 14/08 smiley

Great job and I hope to see an improved version soon... Why don't you make a wiki or something?! And, what was going on before 17. 1. 2006.? smiley

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 06/04/2011, 02:33

Thx Maki Pi

Someone pointed out that correction a while back, and so I have that date as well as a few other ones missing from the timeline you all see now. Rest assured, the new improved one is on its way. Just a bit more cross referencing and I will release it smiley And yes, I imagine this timeline O mine will end up on a wiki. Maybe I can work with memento Mori or something. Who knows? Hehe.

offline Trippie Titan Open Casket
Wednesday 06/04/2011, 17:33

Great job Master just wanted to point out that admins like Euzebe and Goralion haven't been working for UR too long compared to when it was made, Fraggle and Dr. Ido will likely have more info since they were part of the original productions smiley

I could be wrong I'm just going by Euzebe's and Goralion's joining dates as I believe most main workers of UR make an account early on smiley

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 07/04/2011, 05:57

True, Trippie. I dont believe I've asked Fraggle or Dr.IDO... But neither admin are able to be contacted via PM unfortunately.
"____ does not wish to be contacted" is posted on the bottom of both their profiles smiley

offline powderfingers Imperator TrAitorzZz
Tuesday 12/04/2011, 23:43

Second draft is made!

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Sunday 19/06/2011, 20:33

Thx for the subject

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