Friday 19/11/2010, 03:05

The History of Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals has come a long way from how it first began. Many cards were released for innovation, diversity, and for the sake of balancing competitive play. Certain cards’ stats were tweaked and important milestones gained. Other cards were unbanned, banned, and unbanned again. New features were added and improved over time to make the world of Clint City as vast as it is fun. Even Kate’s art was changed to what it is now at some point (Listed below). I have compiled this historic timeline of the awesome trading card game that is Urban Rivals. Fellow fans... enjoy, and be amazed how far this great game has come!

This Timeline lists the following:
1. Card Release Dates (Most including the name of the card release) I.E. “Danger From The Heavens”
2. Dates when each CR First became a Collector
3. All Asterisked dates are either: Introduction of new features, or Other memorable Event/Milestone

- Every card release dates and the cr creation dates are from the Admin: Euzebe
- The CR Creation Dates were cross referenced from dates sent in by Moderator: Vanter
- Asterisked Events were dates I collected from scouring the ancient posts of the staff msg board
- Special thanks to other Staff who pointed me in the right direction: Force Majeure, Goralion, & LOA Daigon.

Urban Rivals Chronology (Date Format: Day/Month/Year)

Monday 29/11/2010, 23:28

Leviatonn, Miranda, Skiner, Z3r0 D34d, Willy - there was one more...

during summer in clint city there was 6 card releases.

19/06/07 ; Melluzine, Mojo, Leo, Perle - really??? I remember them being around when I started in 06???

New Characters: Round 1!; Kerozinn, Seldnor, Geuner, Splata - This dosen't look right to me... I seem to remember there being another 4 card release but I honestly can't remember if I'm right or not...

Tuesday 30/11/2010, 02:05

This is my first release of cards introduced to me...
Looking at this.. Makes me feel... Really old in UR xD

Good job JP

Tuesday 30/11/2010, 05:37

-2010- NEW CRS- Unexpected deparures, Jackie and Noodile

Tuesday 30/11/2010, 15:08

@ '84. I rechecked 19/06/07 ; Melluzine, Mojo, Leo, Perle
And you are right. In the timeline, they are listed twice, on the dame day BUT on different years. I editted my personal records for the timeline's final draft. Thanks dude smiley

As for 11/05/07 : New Characters: Round 1!; Kerozinn, Seldnor, Geuner, Splata ...
I checked my records from Euzebe and it holds accurate. I even verified with MeMo's website heresmiley

As for the Leviatonn, Miranda, Skiner, Z3r0 D34d, Willy release, my "euzebe files" don't indicate a 6th card. I believe I found this particular release in the olde staff boards and verified the "euzebe files." Then again, I could just have DOUBLE missed it. Feel free to prove me wrong my friend smiley Thanks for your keen eye '84 smiley

@ "Always hiding." Yes, I understand Filipino smiley And thank you.
@ Tomato, sorry bud, that particular milestone was already listed. But thx anyway smiley

Tuesday 30/11/2010, 19:27

Wow only just found this thread, its brilliant. like many i am surprised how old some cards are. and we think copper dominates now, think've what he was like when he was first released smiley. Also great to bring back memories, my first week was the first week of Piranas (i think :L ). i remember seeing an advert for kenny, evolving through the stages and im so pleased i checked this game out.

Just a quick question, were the Cr cards ever published as non cr first or did you just miss this out purposely? Otherwise i cant see how players got them in the early stages (there was a wait until the 10 cards were awarded in ELO.)

Anyways as i joined in 2008 i couldnt contribute/ find errors with anything. Thanks for putting this together, its fabulous smiley

Tuesday 30/11/2010, 20:28

@ cardz ruler... in response toyour question:

"Just a quick question, were the Cr cards ever published as non cr first or did you just miss this out purposely? Otherwise i cant see how players got them in the early stages (there was a wait until the 10 cards were awarded in ELO.)"

Do you mean to ask if cards like Kiki Cr or Guru Cr ever NOT a CR? If so, then you should know then even if I type JUST "Guru." Because I'm typing it IN Urban Rivals... "CR" is automatically added.

Example: 10/03/06 ; NEW CRS!!! Sum Sam Cr, Armanda Cr (2 CRs So Far)
This is the day when Armanda and sum Sam FIRST became CR. I hope this answers your question for I have NOT purposely meant to leave out anything.

Tuesday 30/11/2010, 22:06

So the day the game first came out, packs were bought as normal for a couple months and then Sum Sam and Armanda became CR?

Were you only given 8 cards to start like today? Were those cards preset like today or was everyone given a random 8 cards from 2 clans? I guess I can't imagine there were all that many Armandas out there when she went CR. I mean how many people were even playing the game in the first 3 months?

Thursday 02/12/2010, 15:20

@(Master JP)
19/06/06 ; Melluzine, Mojo, Leo, Perle
19/06/07 ; Melluzine, Mojo, Leo, Perle
I don't know which one is correct when I post it on post #24. But they are duplicated.
From UR database, it is 19/06/06.

Sunday 05/12/2010, 06:33

According to urdb, BB Cool G was the 6th card in the Leviatonn, Miranda, Skiner, Z3r0 D34d, Willy release

Monday 06/12/2010, 18:45

@Master JP: Yeah kinda answers the question thanks. just wanted to know whether cards like sum Sam and armanda and Kiki etc.. were on the game from the first day it started, and were never released as new cards but just as the basic few to create a foundation for the game to build upon.


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