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Tuesday 09/10/2007, 20:12

This is a thread to answer everyones questions about what happens with stop opp ability and stop opp bonus in the same round. Mods if you find that this guild is clear and helpful, please sticky. I was once a new player who asked this very question and i think having a stickied guide will be helpful.

For the following examples, assume that:
1. the room you are playing in is non-random
2. that neither person has played any pills
3. that all bonuses apply and are active

Take a look at the following round.

Otakool VS Flo

power 6
dmg 4
(ability) stop opp ability
(bonus) +8 to attack power

power 5
dmg 2
(ability) stop opp bonus
(bonus) -2 opp power

Who stops what? Does Otakools bonus get stopped?

The best way (and easiest i've been told, i forget from who) is this! Put all the abilities in a chain of what affects what. Use paper and a pen if you have to. The beginning of the chain is always the stop opp ability or stop opp bonus that has nothing affecting it. This is what the following round looks like in a chain.

(Otakools ability) Stop opp ability ----- (Flos ability) Stop opp bonus ----- (Otakools bonus) +8 attack power

Since nothing has stopped Otakools ability or affected it at all, Otakools ability follows thru and stops Flos ability. Otakool keeps the +8 attack power and wins the round.

Mods i would like to post 2 more slightly different examples but i have reached my character limit. I will wait till this thread gets approved

offline NachomusPrime Master  
Tuesday 09/10/2007, 20:56

2nd example:
Yaman VS Sheitane

power 4
dmg 4
(ability) none
(bonus) stop opp ability

power 6
dmg 1
(ability) poison 2, min 1
(bonus) stop opp bonus

Is Sheitanes poison stopped by Yaman?

Once again put all the abilities and bonuses that affect or are affected by something in a straight line or chain. The beginning of the chain is the stop opp bonus or ability that could not have anything affecting it. In this case it is....

(Sheitanes bonus) stop opp bonus -------- (Yamans bonus) stop opp ability -------- (sheitanes ability) poison 2, min 1

(Sheitanes bonus) stop opp bonus starts off the chain because there isn't anything that could possibly affect it in this round. It therefore stops Yamans bonus.
Sheitane keeps her ability, wins the around, and the enemy gets poisoned.

offline NachomusPrime Master  
Tuesday 09/10/2007, 20:58

Last example:
Leviatonn VS Ruby

power 6
dmg 5
(ability) stop opp bonus
(bonus) stop opp ability

power 5
dmg 6
(ability) stop opp ability
(bonus) -10 opp attack power, min 3

Does Rubys -10 opp attack power work on Levi?

Again, put all the abilities and bonuses in a chain. In this case all of them are in the chain since all could be affected. Start with the ability or bonus that could not have anything affecting it.

(Leviatonns bonus) stop opp ability ----- (Rubys ability) stop opp ability ----- (Leviatonns ability) stop opp bonus ----- (Rubys bonus) -10 opp attack power, min 3

Start at the beginning of the chain and just follow it down. Levi's bonus cancels Rubys ability, so Rubys ability cannot cancel Levis ability. Therefore, Levis ability CAN and does cancel Rubys -10 opp attack power.

Leviatonn and cards like him are very effective. They always totally neutralize all abilities and bonues. It becomes a battle of pillz and power after that.

Hopefully this was correct and clear to everyone. If you feel there needs to be a correction, please tell me and I will make the correction. Also this should be stickied if the mods feel others could benefit from these examples.

offline diedsoul Master Academy of Elite team
Tuesday 09/10/2007, 22:53

Wat if u have 2 or like 2 nightmare won't do much but wat will happen? smiley

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Tuesday 09/10/2007, 23:37

Please some mod make this an sticky as in the french forums.

offline Symbolic Hero  
Wednesday 10/10/2007, 00:43

Ahh good I hope this clears things up for some people, these are questions frequently asked, I will go a head and sticky this, I just hope people look here first before they go and post a topic asking these question.

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Wednesday 10/10/2007, 01:04

If two Leviatonn fight the bonus and abilities aren't important at all. If one cancels the other or biceversa the result is the same.

Same goes for Nightmare.

offline FLASH34CK Hero  
Wednesday 10/10/2007, 14:18

If we have a leader in our deck, we know s/he gives bonus to team members. But, for example think about we want to attack with Hugos himself (who gives +6 attack bonus to both team members and himself) and our opponent wants to attack with Striker (who has got stop opp. ability). In this wise, will Hugos +6 attack bonus be still active against Striker or not. Striker can't deactivite the other team members +6 attack bonus, because this bonuses are not directly come from them but i wonder will it work against Hugo or not.

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Wednesday 10/10/2007, 14:46

Nothing stops a Leader's added effect unless the one who controls that leader has another leader which activates their bonus "cancel leader". Stop opponent Bonus or Stop opponent Ability can't alter or cancel any Leader's ability..

offline PWNAGEFDHDFH Novice  
Wednesday 10/10/2007, 14:57

Nope leaders bonus's can't be stopped even if it's them vs stop opp ability

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