offline Mr Intelijent Master Harbingers of Ares
Sunday 12/06/2011, 06:56

Hello, I recently just made a Death Match guide and after overwhelming support (a few people) I have now decided to make a Survivor one, This one will be Type 2 and later on I will make Elo Survivor.

1.Include at least two Damage Reducers and at least one Soa. Damage reducers are probably the most important type of cards in survivor since as your progress you get a higher amount of health and lower amount of pills, so you must play to your strength and try and protect your high life because you may be able to win with just one shot. Soa is also crucial because in survivor you will generally find cards like Kolos, Kenny, Slyth and cards that are massive hitters, with a Soa you can stop these cards if you need to, it also provides a great bluff as no one wants to throw out a card against a Soa.

2.Try not to rely too much on abilities to help you win, sometimes you will verse Gheist and Roots and if you are purely relying on cards that require abilities to win or ability to inflict great amounts of damage you won’t be able to get far. Try and include at least one 8 powered card and at least three 7 powered cards just in case you verse pure Soa.

offline No_Jellyfish Hero  
Monday 01/06/2015, 01:37

Fine advice, Mr Intelijent, thank you, I will try to use it. I didn't even think about changing my deck during one streak (:

offline JoeBobBlue Guru  
Monday 01/06/2015, 22:34

Well, that wasn't anything like a necro. But it is a good guide, and its value still stands today. smiley

offline {Titan} Senior URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 02/06/2015, 20:16

But it is a bit out of date. Many new great cards have been released since this was made

offline JoeBobBlue Guru  
Wednesday 03/06/2015, 00:04

Eh, basics still apply.

offline 1rondo Veteran Hip Hop Messiahz
Friday 03/07/2015, 04:39

Followed these rules while making a GHEIST mono deck and got 10 victories smiley

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