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Wednesday 22/06/2011, 11:24

DISCLAIMER: I am posting this PRE-mature 3rd draft in order that it becomes thoroughly proof-read by MANY eyes, not just my own. Hopefully WE can work together and get OUR History straight. I hope you all like the additions made in this ongoing improving of the timeline. Eventually, after I feel it’s as correct as can be, I will officially post this and hopefully it will replace the current stickied 2nd draft. Unlike the first two timelines, I will ask that this thread remain open so you all may comment on corrections, edits, and improvements to be made…

*On to business*

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Wednesday 22/06/2011, 11:44

27/08/10 ; Lone Heroes; Ray, Eloxia, Embolt, Kevlaer
- New Battle Concept: Eloxia introduces “Defeat: Poison”
06/09/10 ; NEW CRS!!!; New Horizons; Tanaereva Cr, Kreen Cr (52 CRs So Far)
- New ELO Permabans: Smokey Cr, Caelus, Charlie, Wanda, Sylth, Striker, & 5 leaders)
09/09/10 ; Deathmatch becomes official game mode, New missions available for DMs
10/09/10; The Emperor Attacks; Dregn, Galen, Magda, Jiro
17/09/10 ; Miss Clint City 2010 is... Jessie!; Miss Jessie
21/09/10 ; New Feature: Auctions (BETA)
24/09/10 ; The Battle For All Clint City; Butch, Lovhak, Orlok, Eduardo
08/10/10 ; A Surprise In Store; Spudd, Serena, Saho, Lothar
22/10/10 ; Make Way For Brute Force; C Beast, Tino, Ector, Burdock
25/10/10 ; Urban Rivals reaches ONE BILLION matches played!!!
05/11/10 ; Danger From The Heavens; Tsubame, Kyle, Elke, Pieter
18/11/10 ; Public Display of First Draft of UR Timeline by MasterfuI
19/11/10 ; Hungry For Power; Herman, Garrik, Arawaka, Isatis
20/11/10 ; Enter The Legend; [1st 4 Legendary Cards Revealed!!!] Bella Ld, Kreenk Ld, Bonnie Ld, Dudley Ld
- 1st of 4 Legendary Cards Available to earn through special missions; Dudley Ld (1 LD so far)
22/11/10 ; Events are no longer usable for ANY missions
- Some LD Missions modified (I.E. Ghumbo Kos to “Easier Ghumbo Kos.” )
23/11/10 ; Market Modification; Before Lowest price shown, Now avg. of last sales shown
- Divinity Rank = ALL Cards minus LDs. New rank to come for COMPLETE Collection (LDs too)
24/11/10 ; New Invitation System (Invite directly from yahoo, msn, and gmail contacts)
29/11/10 ; NEW CRS!!! Unexpected Departures; Jackie Cr, Noodile Cr (54 CRs So Far)

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Wednesday 22/06/2011, 11:44

03/12/10 ; Animal Instinct; Krung, Drorb, Pyro, Rodney
10/12/10 ; Artistic Legend; Kreenk LD (2 LDs so far)
17/12/10 ; New Predators; Drake, Belgosi, Selina, Puff
20/12/10 ; Clan Page improved: added intro, missions, presets, & comments.
22/12/10 ; Aigwon Noel (4 Noels so far)
31/12/10 ; Strange Visitors; Aniki, Numar, Qubik, Wurmhol
04/01/11 ; Flash game client changed to Actionscript3. Game is more reliable, faster, safer, easier to add new features
06/01/11 ; Contest to Win Scott LD; first time possible to win LD through DTs (Scott LD officially releases in 3 months)
07/01/11 ; Lead Dancer; Bella LD (3 LDs so far) (Not counting Scott LD)
12/01/11 ; New Collection Ranks: Colossus & Eternal
14/01/11 ; Shock Reinforcements; Shaakarti, Izsobahd, Kamakura, Ash
- New Battle Concept: Ash introduces “Heal.”
20/01/11 ; Game Rooms Get Revamped; Danger Zone Level Limit available to 25+
28/01/11 ; Arms Race; Karen, Ahkab, Ngrath, Gudvibz
31/01/11 ; New ELO Permabans: Copper, Bridget, Rolph, Lou, Shann, Emeth, Oshitsune. LP max raised to 15

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Wednesday 22/06/2011, 11:44

02/02/11 ; Drinks All Around; Bonnie LD (4 LDs so far)
- New Battle Concept: Bonnie LD introduces “Defeat + X Pills.”
11/02/11 ; Monsters And Marvels; Ivana, Maurice, Edwin, Kronnen
- New Battle Concept: Ivana introduces “Stop: X Damage”
14/02/11 ; ELO Mode: the changes continue. LP reduced from 15 to 14
14/03/11 ; NEW CRS!!! Well-Earned Retirement; Caelus Cr, Robb Cr (56 CRs so far)
- MasterfuI becomes founder of Time Conquers All. (Relinquished on 06/06/11 for guild touring)
21/03/11 ; Yet More Missions: Notable additions; 500 Wins Clan missions & more Vortex missions
25/03/11 ; The War Rages On; Rosen, Martha, Neil, Negodz
29/03/11 ; ELO Event: Top 10 players have a chance to win Dragan Cr in an event.
30/03/11 ; Rescue Service Star; Scott LD (6 LDs so far)
05/04/11 ; Community Cup 2011; Int’l Qualifiers needed to play in main event. 6x Korr, 6x Guru, nuff said.
08/04/11 ; Unusual Abilities; Dallas, Ernst, Ace, Logan
12/04/11 ; Event: “Seven”; 7 admin make themselves available for battle
- Public Display of 2nd Draft of UR Timeline by MasterfuI
15/04/11 ; Black Humor; Bikini Joe LD (7 LDs so far)
20/04/11 ; MasterfuI reaches level 100
22/04/11 ; Clint City Idols; Cherry, Stella, Bianca, Russel

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Wednesday 22/06/2011, 11:44

27/04/11 ; UR lists card creation date on every character (This is the 1st day I first noticed it, official date needed)
06/05/11 ; NEW CLAN: Berzerk; Norman, Kawamashi, Beef, Esther
- New Battle Concept: Berzerk introduces: “Backlash.”
- Event: Red One Weekend. Celebrating the new clan release
13/05/11 ; The Dangers of Greed; Dudley LD available for 2nd time
23/05/11 ; Wild at Heart; Taylor, Lola, Melanie, Gus
- New Battle Concepts: Melanie introduces: “Protection: Power” & Lola introduces: “Defeat: + X Life”
24/05/11 ; No KO NO Victory; Grand Prize: General Cr!
26/05/11 ; All Strikes are Allowed; Harrow LD (8 LDs so far)
- New Feature: Secure Trades
03/06/11 ; Strange Times; Rhyno, Marty, Drummond, Revok
09/06/11 ; New ELO Ban Rulings. Unban Charlie, Wanda. Ban Yayoi, Sigma, Gil, Uranus
10/06/11 ; New Concept; Kreenk LD available for 2nd time
17/06/11 ; The Berzerk Clan is on the Attack!; Cortez, Vivian, Coleridge, Kusuri
- New Battle Concept: Vivian introduces “Protection: Damage.”
- Event: Rock on! Grand Prize: DJ Korr Cr

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Wednesday 22/06/2011, 11:46

22/06/11 ; New Feature: LD Reminder. Purple menu under “Play” button


- The most notable difference between 2nd & 3rd draft is the (majority) ONE day discrepancy. This one day deviation is due to the April 27 2011 official listing being one day earlier than the data the staff turned in to me. This is likely due to the time zone difference of France (which is ahead of my timezone) compared to where I am (U.S.A.)
- Old cards like DJ Korr Cr & General Cr are officially listed to be released on Feb 12 2006, even though there are pictures of them existing before that (Found online. Will provide some links). This date discrepancy is likely due to Urban Rivals “being released on the world wide web” as shown in the beginning of this timeline.
- Other cards with release listed as Feb 12 2006 include: Eklore, Eyrik, & Vholt. (Discrepancy Found! Evidence Needed)
- Noted errors: Berserkgirl & CR version show same release date, Lulabee & Miss Lulabee share same release date.

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Wednesday 22/06/2011, 11:47

(Possible) Things to add
- X days since last CR release
- How many Miss Clint City’s there are so far (like done with CRs and LDs) (note how there wasn’t a 2009 one)
- make ALL dates according to UR’s officially listed timeline. Replace Euzebe’s timeline

- Can anyone find concrete evidence for the exact dates of the first 3 date listings (The ?-marked dates) will be rewarded...
- Could Saddy be one of the originals? (She is listed as 12/03/06… I wonder if they meant 12/02/06) since she would be the 5th card of that release date (as shown in the timeline). Then again, the “4 cards per release” thing wasn’t always so (as shown in the timeline’s beginnings…

… Well all, please post any edits, corrections needed, or possible improvements that can be made HERE on this thread. I would appreciate any help you all can spare for this project.

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Wednesday 22/06/2011, 23:21

Anyone willing to proofread this? It can't ALL be correct...
And I'm sure there's MUCH missing too. Any takers? smiley

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Wednesday 22/06/2011, 23:27

Two of my current TCA guildmates turned in some edits/corrections:

Havok introduces the "-Opp. Power ability."
26/03/06 ; 4 New Fighters In Town! Flyer, *Havok*, Igniss, Fifty

& Bloodh is missing from the 3/7/08 release of "The Final Onslaught".

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 23/06/2011, 00:18

I just found the source of the 3 origin ?-marked dates. It isn't officially UR, but it's the best I have so far.

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Thursday 23/06/2011, 00:23

Memento Mori PM/d me rather than posting. He posted...

MM: Change "Sun" releases for "Soleil", that's the name of the comics' publisher.

JP: I believed "Sun" was given to me from an admin listing. Don't shoot me! I'm only the messenger smiley

Thx for the corrections. Keep em coming guys, and please post here rather than PMing me. MUCH appreciated smiley

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