Wednesday 22/06/2011, 11:24

DISCLAIMER: I am posting this PRE-mature 3rd draft in order that it becomes thoroughly proof-read by MANY eyes, not just my own. Hopefully WE can work together and get OUR History straight. I hope you all like the additions made in this ongoing improving of the timeline. Eventually, after I feel it’s as correct as can be, I will officially post this and hopefully it will replace the current stickied 2nd draft. Unlike the first two timelines, I will ask that this thread remain open so you all may comment on corrections, edits, and improvements to be made…

*On to business*

Sunday 26/06/2011, 04:29

I wish I could be more a help double checking all the information, but I really don't know much about it. Reading this was amazingly interesting and it is very well put together!

Tuesday 28/06/2011, 03:55

Many updates done (in my personal manuscript of this).
From the top of my head, here are some things I noticed that were wrong with this timeline so far:
- Freaks was NOT the one who first introduced "poison"
- Havok is the first -opp. power card

My request(s) from you all:
please hele me find/verify...
- more firsts I.E. first:+life, -life,
- if Nightmare really was the first NEW clan release (I couldnt find an official staff thread of this)
- any grammatical errors, ot things I could word better
- any famous/prominent/high profile, memorable (staff) events I missed, and belong here
- anything you think I can improve on in this timeline

I would appreciate all the help I can get, I want to make sure I publish a (near) perfect (if not perfect) version of this timeline. Thx all

Tuesday 28/06/2011, 06:16

Like I said you have way too much time on your hands, but a lot of people appreciate this (including me) keep up the good work smiley

Wednesday 29/06/2011, 05:03

This suggestion is from Wicer (via PM)

Wicer: "In the Timeline, perhaps add the comics like when they announced Jungo (10-12-0smiley etc and the day when the Vortex first appeared, and when the Vortex video was available to watch."

JP: Thx for the suggestion, maybe I'll release that in a later version. I don't have as much time (believe it or not) to scour the staff message board atm for research purposes haha. But I'll strongly consider adding that

@ All. Please direct your tips/suggestions for this by posting on this thread, rather than PMing me, to keep this on the top of the msg board, thus being more visible to other potential players willing to help proofread this. I'd highly appreciate it smiley (I wouldn't want your PM-suggestion to get lost) Thx again all

Wednesday 29/06/2011, 05:43

In the Timeline, perhaps add the comics like when they announced Jungo (10-12-0smiley etc and the day when the Vortex first appeared, and when the Vortex video was available to watch.

It looks good though smiley

Wednesday 29/06/2011, 14:44

Just found some innovators of new abilities and are already in order of release:

9/4/06- Matthew- Dmg. = opp. dmg.
9/4/06- Python + Svelthlana- Power = opp. power
30/7/06 -Mini Mosu- 1st Courage/ Courage + power
30/11/06- Nina + Ghiestling- 1st poison
15/2/07- Kenny- 1st +Life per dmg
27/9/07- Elly Mae- Courage + dmg
27/9/07- Emma- Courage + 12 att.
25/10/07- Alec- Support + dmg
25/10/07- Marco/Larry- Support + power
8/11/07- Anita- Courage + life per dmg
22/11/07- Kerry- Courage Stop opp. Bonus
28/2/08- Hattori- Courage - dmg
5/6/08- Katan also introduces the + X pillz along with Smokey during the 5/6/08 release
26/3/08- Eklore- - X pillz min. X
25/9/08- Suzie- Support: + life
9/10/08- Scubb- Support: + pillz
19/12/08- Elea- Stop: power
19/12/08- Kreen- Stop: + life per dmg
2/1/09- Dagouba- Stop: + att.
13/3/09- Dacote- Stop: + dmg
22/5/09- Malia- Stop: + life
19/6/09- Chiara- Revenge - opp. power
19/6/09- Jay- Revenge + dmg
3/7/09- Cley- Confidence + power
3/7/09- Manfred- Confidence + life per dmg
17/7/09- Deebler- Confidence - opp. dmg
14/8/09- Donnie- Revenge - opp. life
28/8/09- Anibal- Revenge + power
28/8/09- Kristin- Confidence SoA
25/9/09- Kuei- Revenge Stop opp. bonus
6/11/09- Stanly- Confidence + att.
4/12/09- Wesley- Confidence - opp. power
9/4/10- Benson- Confidence + Life
23/4/10- Wilhem- Courage + life
14/1/11- Izsobahd- Stop: - opp. pillz
28/1/11- Karen- Stop: - opp. life min. 0
Announced 20/11/10-Bonnie Ld or 28/1/11-Akhab introducing Defeat: +pillz, Akhab

Wednesday 29/06/2011, 19:36

Really great job i really apriciate it

Tuesday 05/07/2011, 22:15

@ Gomla, thx for your great effort in helping me find UR's great innovators smiley
& thx for the shoutout Kakashi.

Pending Gomlas info, which I'll edit in a new mature-editted 3rd draft, this should be good for now. Hopefully all the major mistakes have been dealt with from the PMs and posts you guys have left for me. Thx again all! smiley

Wednesday 06/07/2011, 06:15

- Pino (C) 2* (7/1)

Pino is 6/2 at 2* (sure you knew that just a typo)

Tuesday 12/07/2011, 00:15

@ Mr. I, yes that was a typo O mine, great catch!

In other news, when I have the time I planned to do this, but I wonder if anyone is compelled to do an ACCURATE French-to-English translation of this "History of ELO" by DA LIZBETH. Though I can only read some of it, it looks VERY well done smiley


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