offline Six Nations Titan Open Casket
Thursday 11/08/2011, 13:31

Create your own card! Any ideas, just post em!

Originally created by 6SimS-Sven followed by Mr Intelijent then by Edon EG and then by SadisticCynic

To start us off:
7/4 -3 opp damage min 1
bio-The third member of the Circle of Assasins, Kimi is a master of acupuncture and can throw a needle faster than you can blink, a quick shot to the jugular and you're dead.

offline Awilly Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 21/06/2012, 18:14

3* Uncommon

Bio: After watching the successful attempt of her cousin, Jim Cr, Jenna wanted to get in on the action. Jenna has been watching the uppers for quite some time and she has now realized that there is a crime that is being committed, but the influence that Jim Cr has on her can't go unnoticed when he convinces her to stay and not go to the police, but Jenna can't always be trusted!

1*- 2/1
3*- 6/4

Ability: Support: +3 Attack
Bonus: -10 Opp Attack Min 3

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 21/06/2012, 21:52

Jenna: Jenna's been here the whole time, as she's the flipside to Jim Cr. You know, the girl in half of his artworks.

offline hopefo Master THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE
Thursday 21/06/2012, 22:21

Seriously? You say Lexxi is OP then post Jenna? Jenna vs. Martha same except jenna has 2 more attack manipulation, Zatman has 14 (Granted he has two more power and no support) jenna has a 19 attack gap, frankie hi has worse stats and a worse ability. Honestly lexxi is fine, she is better than jeeves and tyler but wrestles with cards like herman, hefty, dorian, and even glenn for the five star spot and no way in a half deck.

Also Lynda is perfectly fine, what are the three things pussycats need Support (To stop the half-decks), Damage (Charlie and tons of 6 damages, so a 7 damage (BOND BY SUPPORT) is fine considering they can already deal so much damage), and 4*s (Yes yayoi is good and banned, Yes Diana is good but can't KO). Honestly I don't see what is wrong with Lynda? Of course she is good, it is okay for good (NOT OP) cards to come out every once and a while right? Or is urban-rivals only mediocre cards now?

offline UM-Eppic Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 22/06/2012, 00:37

@awilly jenna cant be a card with out bringing jim cr back
the reason it said in his bio that you never see them together is because Jim and Jenna are linked by a strange phenomenon: they are interchangeable and can not coexist. When one has reached its time limit in the world, he places his hands on a reflective surface and move on with the other.

nice card anyways

offline DxBioFirexD Veteran Obsidian Blade
Friday 22/06/2012, 06:33


After getting into a fight at school, Trevor learns that he can create tremors in the ground when he gets mad. When Caelus Cr hears of this he instantly recruits Trevor and sends him to Cley to master his gift.

1* 2/4
2* 4/4
3* 6/7
4* 7/7 Ability: -4 opp Power min 4

offline Awilly Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Friday 22/06/2012, 07:09

Trevor is Way OP

offline DxBioFirexD Veteran Obsidian Blade
Friday 22/06/2012, 07:50

Well Skeelz clan doesnt have very many big hitters. Jay, Tomas, Eloxia and Logan (Under Circumstances). Skeelz need a little power up xD

offline -FaZe Maco- Master FaZe
Friday 22/06/2012, 08:38

Name: Qann
Clan: Vortex
Type: Common
Ability: backlash: -3 life min 0


offline about4turtles Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 22/06/2012, 09:01

The problem w/ Trevor is that its Spyke that can KO, doesn't need its clan to do 7 DAM, and w/ its clan it protects its power reduction (Spyke's biggest weakness). Its only weakness is full-stops (still a 7/7, can hold its own against most full stops) and protection: power (which isn't everywhere so u can play to avoid it, like Spyke), Its more OP than Spyke and look how many people can't stand him. VERDICT: OP, WAY OP

offline 0 Hulk Master DvF [A]cadamy
Friday 22/06/2012, 09:22

Veer - He can make beer out of water
lv1: 3/2
lv2: 6/2 ability unlocked - 5 opp power min 4

Chester - he can change parts of his body into blades
lv1: 4/3
lv2: 4/4
lv3: 5/5
lv4: 6/7 ability unlocked -12 opp attack min 3

Odlanyer - power of gravity(he can change anything upside down)
lv1: 2/1
lv2: 4/1
lv3: 6/2
lv4: 8/2 ability unlocked: -4 opp pillz min 4

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