offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Friday 02/09/2011, 01:36

Hello respectable guilds of Urban Rivals!
MasterfuI here, ON TOUR, looking for English Speaking Guilds to visit!

Here's my "Guild Resume"
- Notable Bests: 1420 ELO, 16 Survivor T2, 640 pts DM-T2, 10k+ mission points
- Author of "History of UR"
- Author of "Level Reference Chart"
- Ex-Founder of Time Conquers All
- Notable Guilds Visited: Vicious Salvo, E X C A L I B U R, guild:197004, TrAitorzZz, & URBAN MADNESS
- Current Goal: 1 DT win

I'm looking for guilds that thoughtfully discuss "UR strategy" as one of the guild's main topics (Specifically T2-DTs, ELO & T2-Survivor) & have at least ONE trait listed below...

- 1/+ members earned 1450+ ELO recently (preferably after Jan 2011)
- 1/+ members won a DT at least once.
- 1/+ members who earned 20+ in T2-survivor at least once.

If your guild fits any of these criteria (or is pretty close) and are willing to let me in, please post invites HERE (not via PM).

If you know of any guilds that fit the criteria, please post here also. I'll review each guild invite and respond likely HERE or via PM.

Thanks all!

P.S. I respectfully ask Mods to keep this thread open (even when accepted) as I would like to receive ongoing guild invites via this LFG thread. Thanks Mods smiley

offline HOA-Predator Imperator  
Sunday 04/09/2011, 13:16

Thanks masterful!

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 08/09/2011, 21:21

Thx for the very thorough guild description Mr. Intellijent.
For those who plan on posting an invite for me, please follow Mr. Intellijent's format/example. (Or even try to TOP it haha)
My time is limited, even tho u c me online alot, I'm usually just multitasking while playing DMs for some easy leveling.
So if I don't get back to you, I'm MOST likely busy with RL errands while playing DMs.
Short answer: If you see me in Dms, ironically it means I don't have time to play/chat on UR lol
Thx again all for your invites, even the ones who are PMing me invites still smiley

All the best

offline LoRd_TcA Senior  
Thursday 08/09/2011, 23:37


offline O RONALDO Senior  
Friday 09/09/2011, 19:39

Visit my guild Clash of titans

offline HOA-Predator Imperator  
Friday 09/09/2011, 20:31


offline I-TheCount-I Titan  
Friday 09/09/2011, 20:38

Good day Masterful,

Our Guild is just getting started and may not have your criteria (yet), however the focus of our guild, may interest you. The focus of Cult of Shadows, is to assist each other in success, via deck suggestions, and other means. We also don't care what level anyone is, as it is not a proper representation of skill, strategy, or anything except experience (which is useful). However not as useful as thinking of that new Tier 1 deck. As we are just getting started as a guild, our forums are not populated as some of these aforementioned guilds, however we do have our own website under construction (but almost complete). Please consider us at the Cult of Shadows if you would like.


offline HOA-Predator Imperator  
Saturday 10/09/2011, 09:37

Sorry masterful I didn't give you enough info here but I'm sure I did by PM

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 11/09/2011, 09:23

Thanks Adkaron & The Count. I'll be sure to review your guilds as well before I make my final decision.
& lol NGT Predator. If you did send info by PM... there probably with the rest of the guild invites that I didn't take seriously haha. I tried to be specific with my directions of "NO PM Invites Please." But thx just the same.
I apologize for the slowness of my replies to y'alls friendly guild invites.
The main reason is I am working on a way to make my "UR History Thread" more complete.
Stay tuned folks, you're in for a real treat smiley

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 11/09/2011, 10:40

After reading each of your guilds' descriptions I've come to the following conclusions (for now)...

@ markXtheSpot, weren't you in Outer Limit? Since you're not (at the moment) I didn't get a chance to review the guild, so that's a friendly no-visit from me. But thx anyway smiley
@ NGT Predator, thx for taking the time to invite me, but I respectfully decline at this time.
@ Mr. Intellijent, I just might take you up on your offer to visit. Just not first of the other guild(s) I wish to visit. Hopefully the offer will still be open then smiley
@ Adkaron, thx for posting here... But I don't understand your guild description as its not in English. I wouldn't want to have to google translate your entire board. So I politely decline visiting at this time.
@ TheCount. I also thank you for taking the time to post here, but I respectfully decline your invite at this time.

Because of some specific reasons (I.E. how their persistence has piqued my curiousity) I wish to visit BrainZtorm first, followed by D-Versified some time.

I thank you all for taking the time to post your invites. I really appreciate it. For the guilds I politely declined visiting at this time, I hope none of you take it personal. Thanks again.

And mods, I ask again to please leave this thread open for ongoing guild invites. Thanks smiley

All the best!

offline HOA-Predator Imperator  
Sunday 11/09/2011, 10:46

Oh sorry for the PMs
Hopefully the guild invite still counts =)

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