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Monday 03/10/2011, 11:20

This news archive lists Staff mb (Message Board) posts & events that have appeared on the public UR news feed

User Guidelines:
- Each event is listed in chronolgical order, descending from the past to most recent.
- Multiple events that happened on the same day are separated by number
- The first line shows the title of the event.
- The next lines show a summary. (The 1st few lines of the event)
- The last line is a link/URL to the full story. (IF a URL exists)
- The URL gives additional insight because the info in the discussions usually clarify anything seemingly unclear by the staff.
- Unfortunately, the Staff mb doesn't have an archive of everything that happened on the public news feed
(I.E. Some character & CR release stories are missing)
- I only included events that affected UR internationally, hence "UR International News"
(I.E. Character stories, new features, CR stories, comic releases, etc)
- I did not include: technical bugs/upgrades, new payment options, staff promotions, scam warnings, country exclusive events, etc

I used my best judgement on what to publicly reveal. But worry not! I keep a personal copy of the RAW, uneditted archive from the EN staff board & public news just in case major edits/additions are needed for future UR Int'l News Archive drafts.

News Archive Timeline Format:

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Monday 03/10/2011, 11:31

You can now change you country and flag on your profile page
We are very happy to announce that one of the most awaited feature of the game is now live. You can now choose and/or change your country and flag on your profile page. Simply click on the flag next to your name and select one flag from the list.

New features
- You can now display dates and times on the site according to your own timezone, just set it correctly in your profile page...

1. The return of Kiki
Kiki, one of Clint City most famous fighters, is now back in town, in a brand new edition. The card has new stats and is playable in ELO mode. It doesn't replace the old card, now named Kiki 2004 (as it was released first in 2004!) that remains Collector. This new card will...

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Monday 03/10/2011, 11:31

2. 100% of the collection
Following the return of Kiki, we changed the way the percentage of the collection you own is calculed. This percentage is now based only on the number of cards currently available in the packs. You don't need to have the collectors to reach 100%. But, if you have the collectors...

New characters
Four new characters are available! Ambrose, a quiet citizen turned into a flesh hungry zombie and Dwain, a mad scientist, join the Nightmare, while secret agent Jim infiltrate the Uppers and his colleague Beltran seeks the help...

Sigmund and Melissa leave town:
The founder of the GHEIST Clan, Sigmund GHEIST , announced today that, as his presence is not needed anymore by the Clint City branch of his global crime organisation, he will soon leave town to focus on the development of new activities. As soon as he learned this information, Copper...

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Monday 03/10/2011, 11:31

Bug fixes and New features
A slew of fixes and features: New "specials" rank: Moderator and Admin...

Rss Feeds all over the message board smiley
In addition to the new look and the new theme of the main message board, we added rss feeds for themes and subjects.. You can now follow the message board more easily if you are an rss addict (and I know that at least one of you is ).

New characters
The mesmerizing Marlysa joins the Fang Pi Clang intending to give a decisive edge to her new clan. Meanwhile the GHEIST welcomes Selsya the deadly Amazon and the Nightmare registers the addition of two terrifying members: Ombre and The Thaumaturge...

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Monday 03/10/2011, 11:32

New Feature: Poll
On your profile page, a new feature just appeared The Poll. From now on you'll be able to express your opinion on various subject related to Clint: Urban Rivals. The current poll concerns the ELO mode and the Pussycats. Would you rather ban Yayoi AND Feelyn and keep Wanda AND Baby Q or...

New feature: Sponsorship made Easy
You can now access a totally new sponsorship page:
There you can send quick email invites to up to 5 friends at the same time. From now on, you will also receive...

Rules adjustments: KO bonus reduced during tournaments
As you might have "observed", the unofficial "old" mode (play without using pillz) has become a way for in-the-know players to reach the top positions otherwise unreachable using "normal" play. Since we do not want tournaments to be owned by a few players using specifics rules to...

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Monday 03/10/2011, 11:32

Poll results Wanda/Baby Q vs Feelyn/Yayoi
The poll ended yesterday and the result is worth a presidential election
Ban Yayoi AND Feelyn but accept Wanda AND Baby Q - 1988 votes Ban Wanda AND Baby Q but accept Yayoi and Feelyn...

New Poll: Danger Zone
This week, the poll is not about the ELO mode, but about the futur of the Danger Zone.
Which of the following ideas do you like most ? 1. No random factor in the Danger Zone. The character with higher attack always wins...

Poll results: Danger Zone
As you may have noticed, the outcome has been impredictible until the last minute but in the end, supporters of the no-random option won the poll. Starting from now, the randomness has been removed from the Danger Zone, no matter what kind of game you wish to play...

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Monday 03/10/2011, 11:32


1. Timber new stats:
Following the latest poll, we updated Timber's stats. He now has 6 power and 6 damages at level 5. His ability remains the same (it gives an additional damage point to everyone in his team)

2. Abilities and Bonuses corrections
The following long lasting bugs in the calculation of abilities and bonuses have been corrected:
- Characters with both a stop ability and stop bonus will block anything as expected...

Official IRC channel
If you are an irc addict, you can join our (brand new) official Chan on freenode using thoses parameters: server: (or any other freenode server)channel: #urbanrivals.

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Monday 03/10/2011, 11:33

New feature: live tracker during tournaments
As you may have noticed, we added a live tracker during tournament to inform you about...

The Cards of Sun Èditions
For those who would not have received the newsletter of January, in here is an extract or are officially announced the new to collector :
Summary: Especially since the cards of the BD of the Publishing Sun is distributed in the packs only during 6 months...

New characters: Invasion
Two creatures from space are wreaking havoc in the streets of Clint City! Ingsthra and Skrumxxt, the brand new members of the Sakrohm, landed on earth only a few days ago, but they have already inflicted massive damage to the opposing clans. The Pussycats are the first to react...

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Monday 03/10/2011, 11:33

1. Lost warehouse, new rules
In order to support players who wish to evolve quickly their characters and who are annoyed by the unfairness of some others, we have changed the rules in the Lost Warehouse. From now on, the sum of the XP won for a round ( 25% bonus) is split between the 2 characters in...

New Characters: Trial by fire!
Stopping at nothing to lead the Nightmare Clan to victory, Ielena prepares to strike harder than ever before with new help from Kenny, a strange child with great powers and Sheitane an evil fortune teller. Meanwhile, the Sentinels confirms its commitment to protecting the city with the addition...

Ambre new stats
We changed Ambre stats according to the poll results. Her new stats are: Power: 6, damage: 4 (Ability: Team: Courage power +3).

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Monday 03/10/2011, 11:33

New characters: Girl Power
Sexy and dangerous, the girls from Clint City are playing a major part in the clan wars. Following the path of Elya, the feared fighter from the Fang Pi Clang, Miss Twice quickly became one of the most important members of the GHEIST while Nahi and Page from Roots were associated to...

Morphun New Stats
We changed Morphun level 5 stats according to the poll results, the new stats are: Power 8, Damage 5 and Ability 1 Pillz per turn.

Miss Clint City
Last month you elected her "Miss Clint City", today, in order to celebrate her victory, we release Miss Chloe, the special edition card!

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Monday 03/10/2011, 11:33

New cards: Elasti-city
The All Stars are back in force with the arrivals of Marina the mind blowing gymnast with her elastic body and Frank the ultimate strategist. Meanwhile, the Montana clan is also growing and can now rely on Angelina, the best swindler ever seen and Giovanni, a cold and methodical...

New poll: ELO Mode
We need your opinion on what we think is an important matter: What do you want to do with characters that are too strong for the ELO mode. Currently we ban them from the ELO mode and they keep their overpowered stats. Another option would be to alter their stats, so they could...

After 6 months of relentless struggle, Dragan (Sentinel), Reine (Sakrohm), A Award (Sakrohm) and skullface (Sentinel) leave Clint City to join new adventures. These characters will stop being available in packs from the shop as of Saturday March 31st.

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