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“Clint Fighting,” which we now know as Urban Rivals, has come a long way from how it first began. Many cards were released for innovation, diversity, and for the sake of balancing the game. While some cards’ stats were tweaked, others were ELO unbanned, banned, and unbanned again. Even the artwork of the infamous Kate was changed to what it is now at some point (Listed in this timeline!). New features were added and many were changed or improved to make Clint City as vast as it is fun. I compiled this historic chronology of the awesome game that is Urban Rivals. Enjoy my fellow fans, and be amazed at how far this great online manga trading card game has come!!!

This Timeline lists...
- UR's original characters (listed BEFORE the dated timeline)
- Card release dates (and the names of some) I.E. “Danger from the Heavens”
- When cards became “Collector” (CR)
- Various "firsts" introduced. (I.E. Gheistling intros: “Poison” )
- Introduction of new UR features, memorable events, comics & milestones
- Asterisked events in the Dated Timeline, which indicate that the full story is available in the News Archive

Are the event descriptions in this timeline too vague? You want more detailed info?

Then go deeper in time by checking out my "UR Int'l News Archive" which shows DETAILED past events from the news feed & the staff mb posts
[Link in post #2]

Dated Timeline Format:

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“Original Cards” Explanations:

I derived and listed what I believe to be the “original cards (& clans)” by logically deducing which cards did not have a release date (according to the dated timeline) I figured that the cards with a listed release date on Feb 12 2006, which is the earliest any card is officially listed, are the original cards of UR.

- At the time of this current listing of “original cards” (shown at the beginning of this thread), UR officially lists ALL their release dates as Feb 12 2006.
- I listed the maxed stats of the original cards so the dynamic of UR’s starting battle mechanics are more obvious.
- In respective order from most art to least, the artists of these original cards are by: Team Chman, APEKA, & Alex-Imbert

My dilemma with Saddy's alleged release date of 12/03/06
I have reason to believe that Saddy's release date may be a typo.
Here's my findings for this case.
- Using this link:
and plugging in the various character ID numbers, I find Saddy's number (204) is between Meroo's (203) & Otome (205) numbers who are both original characters with a release date of 12/02/06.
- The release dates immediately before and after Saddy's alleged release date of 12/03/06 show releases of only FOUR cards each, while Saddy was released with 4 OTHERS making her alleged date releasing a total of FIVE cards.

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Endnotes (Part I)
- A notable difference between the 2nd & 3rd draft is the (majority) ONE day discrepancy. This one day deviation is due to the April 27 2011 official listing being one day earlier than the data the staff turned in to me. This is likely due to the time zone difference of France compared to where I am (U.S.A.)
- Old cards like DJ Korr Cr & General Cr are officially listed to be released on Feb 12 2006, even though there are pictures of them existing before that (Found online. Will provide some links in a future draft). This date discrepancy is likely due to Urban Rivals “being released on the world wide web” as shown in the beginning of this timeline.
- Other cards with a release listing of Feb 12 2006 include: Eklore, Eyrik, & Vholt. These three were actually released Mar 26 2008.
- Noted errors: Berserkgirl & CR version show same release date, Lulabee & Miss Lulabee share same release date & Sandy's artist isn't listed.

... continued in next post...

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Endnotes (Part II)
- For CR creation dates, I listed the actual day "CR" was added to its name. NOT when it was announced the character would become CR.
- To put it more acurately, asterisked dates indicate that the event has *an official staff source available, whether it is on the UR website some place or in my personal records. An *'d event doesn't necessarily mean it is in the current Int'l news archive draft because I don't find it necessary that ALL staff archived news should be in the archive draft(s). My logic is further explained on post #1 of the Int'l News Archive draft(s).
- For those looking to read about the "minor events," not included in the current "Int'l News Archive," try typing in the event title in the UR search engine. (I tried to title the event EXACTLY how it was originally titled by the staff to make searching for yourself easier). Choose to search in the "staff mb section" only to make your search easier/faster. If you're still unable to find it there, PM me and when I have time, I'll send you the raw info of the full story WITH the URL smiley (I collected ALL [minor AND major staff posts], so if it IS asterisked, I should have it on file)
- This timeline CAN be a helpful tool to help predict upcoming CRs. Hint: Notice the patterns, trends, timely releases...

I have released this third draft of The History of UR reflecting most, if not all, of the posted corrections and additions from the "pre-mature 3rd draft" of my timeline. I will request that UR mod staff to keep this third draft closed in order to keep it neat and more easily viewable by the public.

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- Most authoritative data source: The "UR Int'l News Archive" dates because they were posted by staff, so the dates shown in the URLs are unmistakable.
- On April 27 2011, UR officially listed release dates on EVERY card.
- Old date data sources: were PM'd to me by Admin: Euzebe & Moderator: Vanter
- Asterisked events in the Dated timeline were cross referenced with the staff mb dates from the UR Int'l News Archive
- Improved features and other events were found from my searching through ALL the ancient posts of the staff mb
- The question-marked “Origin Dates” from ‘03 - ‘05 were found here (a non-UR site):

Notable References:
- 1st Draft of UR History:
- 2nd Draft of UR History:
- Pre-3rd Draft of UR History:

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Thank Yous...

I would like to thank some of the players who had a hand in making this timeline possible (There's SO MANY of you):
- Admin: Euzebe & Moderator: Vanter for their dated timelines, which made the 1st & 2nd drafts possible.
- Moderators: Commoner-LoA & powderfingers for approving and stickying the 1st & 2nd drafts.
- Moderator: spagr & Admin: Goralion for helping with the pre-mature 3rd draft via approval
- Mistah Prince for finding the majority of UR’s “innovator characters.”
- Special Thanks to LOA Daigon. For putting up with me smiley
- The NUMEROUS volunteers who posted the mistakes/things I missed. Hopefully those are issues are corrected now.

I welcome further corrections, suggestions and even additions to this third draft, via the Pre-3rd draft thread. (It keeps the "main" threads clean)

If possible please also send proof/evidence supporting your claim, preferably an official staff thread or a screen snapshot.
Thanks again all. Enjoy!

All the best,


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