offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 13/10/2011, 15:03

Hello all,

I have a message from Fraggle for you smiley

«Quite a lot of things to tell you today.

Apple asked us to remove Tapjoy free credits system (Apple decided it was forbidden).

An updated iPhone version will be released very soon without this free credits system. It will also be 100% retina (except last minute problem). Instead of Tapjoy, there will be a free clintz system in exchange for viewing video ads but unfortunately it will be less interesting for you (and us). If you don’t want to lose the free credits system, do not update.
As we’ve been caught on the hop, we haven’t had time to add more features to this update (solo mode, slots, etc.) but it will be the case later.

Android: our tech service provider for the porting has unfortunately not been satisfactory (delay, quality of the code) so we changed our mind. Our new strategy is to take the flash version of the site (with some additions) and to transform it in an android application. The problem is that only powerful Android phones are able to run Flash. The list of compatible phones is available here:
It should be available on the Android Market by the end of the year.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask.»

I'll do by best to answer and I'm sure Fraggle will come around here to answer too smiley

offline AU-AuToBoTs Guru Aussie Uprising
Saturday 22/10/2011, 11:54

The iPhone can't download cause they don't have the proper software or update from apple like my bro can't do the happy park and the show girl one

offline sk03 Senior  
Saturday 22/10/2011, 21:02

Why i cant view card detail now, there is nothing happen when i tap the card. that mean i cant change my deck or level up the characters. Izit error or smthg?
Now i have to change everythg and make trades through pc

offline Claytonious Imperator  
Saturday 22/10/2011, 23:47

Yeah copy that! What's the dealeo UR?

offline Leopluridon Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 23/10/2011, 12:00

Dammit, that'll teach me not to update blindly! Will the android version have a similar free credits thing?

offline AU-AuToBoTs Guru Aussie Uprising
Sunday 23/10/2011, 13:20

No as in every ones update and apple they say the free credits won't be avalible when updated

offline fisheatdog Imperator Organized Konfusion
Monday 24/10/2011, 05:42


Tapjoy seems to have a beta site running for iPhone apps where you can continue to earn credit even without Apple allowing it in the app. At least that's what it seems like, based on the timing of the beta. If UR could continue to do credits through Tapjoy's site that would be great! Otherwise I'm going to skip the update smiley

offline Claytonious Imperator  
Monday 24/10/2011, 06:28

To any of the techies out there: Is there something wrong with the update because since it's release (and my hasty installment) I can no longer enter into the detail of individual cards. So no market access, no level up and no deck modification.

Any help would be most appreciated!


offline Thacod Titan Open Casket
Monday 24/10/2011, 08:58

Aww, free credits were my main way of getting them smiley
So is it confirmed that if we don't get the update, and install the listed app, we still get the credits? Or not?

offline Tilzyy Hero  
Monday 24/10/2011, 08:58

I have a problem, downloaded the update a few days back now. And ever since I've updated I cannot select characters to buy or sell on my iphone. Annoying me quite alot, any way to fix this? Thanks.

offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Monday 24/10/2011, 11:47

@Claytonious and Tilzyy : These problems will be fixed in next update. It will be released very soon, it's waiting for validation.

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