Friday 04/05/2012, 11:41

Just as the first signs of spring were starting to be felt in Clint City, the city has been struck down by a blast of cold. In the distance, you can just about make out the outline of four hitherto unknown figures… Under the cover of Ayzkub and her ice guns, Mikaal has been using his snow cannon to cover everything with a generous layer of snow so as to provide a route for Niqiloda's snow bike. Meanwhile, Annuqa is making the most of the chaos caused by her three pals to sneak into town unnoticed and retrieve some vital information…The Frozn hit Clint City and they’re in a chilly ole mood!

Saturday 05/05/2012, 18:26

@iduddits it also helps that your elo record isn't that hot. at the moment the Frozn are okay, but they're gonna need a few more releases before anyone can accurately pass judgement on them

Saturday 05/05/2012, 18:41

The clan Bonus is tooooooooo much unfair in Elo smileysmileysmileysmiley

Saturday 05/05/2012, 19:27

What people are forgetting though too is that they're only really "usable" during 3 rounds. Is that worth their bonus? Maybe only in half decks...

Saturday 05/05/2012, 19:28

Should be a Frozn Ninja, a Sub Zero parody

Saturday 05/05/2012, 20:04

Love the ld

Saturday 05/05/2012, 20:17

@Soundtrack-HW: Well I Don´t think you can compare Ayzkub with cards like Nanook, Chan etc, because they are good without their clan bonus or abilities, Ayzkub 8/2 vs Nanook 8/4, Chan 10/1 - 7/3. What I consider to be a good card is those cards that are hard for your opponent to interpreted, those cards that saves Pillz and the controllability of the card ability, clan bonus.

The Frozn clan is just to weak in the first two rounds when you are playing in ELO-mode, sure if you combined Ambre s ability Team: Courage, Power +3 in Standards it´s another story, but again it is just too many BUT, IF, Maybe, When. I mean you are going to face clans just like Nightmare, Piranas sooner or later with the clan bonus: Stop Opp. Bonus and how good are those Frozn cards then?

Concept scetches for a charcter have been leaked onto the internet:

Saturday 05/05/2012, 20:27

Is Frozn going to have a killer Santa and Frosty? Christmas releases everybody!

Saturday 05/05/2012, 20:41

Is that a Piranas character? I can't tell for sure, but it seems like the belt buckle and her bandana have the Piranas logo on them.. She looks pretty cool though.

Saturday 05/05/2012, 21:19

Just wondering, anyone knows what is the meaning of tourney mode? does survivor or deathmatch included in tourney mode? (for last Tiwi Ld mission)

Saturday 05/05/2012, 22:15

Fight rooms in UR are labelled as the following:
As you already guessed, only those with the label "tourney" will count for the last mission



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