offline -CALLOUS- Hero  
Friday 01/06/2012, 15:32

Lets face it- There are tons of guilds out there. You, as a player, have choices. Every guild talks big game and claims to be the best around and tries to sell you to join them as opposed to one of its competitors. What makes us any different?

Limit Break has only been around since October of 2011. Most new guilds die out within a couple months and often only weeks or even days. In today's competitive player market it is virtually impossible to create and maintain a successful new guild. Limit Break has managed to do so and then some-

Since creation Limit Break has vaulted itself past guild level 20, maxing out on guild points virtually every week. It has established THE most active message boards any of its members have ever seen, all without spam or "counting" games. It has put together an elite core of players with extensive resumes from premier event wins, to consistent 1400+ elo, to survivor 30, to being on page one of their nation.

Limit Break has also refused to give in to what virtually every other guild has started to do- Taking virtually anyone under the sun with a remotely decent profile. What's special about a guild that takes everyone? Why should you, as a valuable and competent member, feel special if any random applicant will also be accepted? The answer is you shouldn't, which is why Limit Break is very selective about its members. Here you either fit the mold or you don't and we politely decline the latter.

Friendly? Active? Mature? Join us today! smiley

offline elliotio_SW Imperator the shockwaves
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 09:16

@sohmax if i am being totally honset cc is one of the best players in the game so that is not delusinol it's the truth

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 12:39

Lets face it. CC Spring is superstar - pretty much Justin Bieber of Urban Rivals. You cannot deny this, you can be only hater.

Limit Break consists of fanboys/girls and people who want to take advantage of CC's high status - clintz-wise or simply be seen on the scene - not quite unlike the celebrity world works. We all enjoy his great attitude, sparkling charisma, professionalism .... well, of course this comes with a cost of having to cope with his drama-queen fits and CC's tendency of collectiong 25% tithe out of all your income but hey - nothing is free right?

Our market dept. is currently finishing up CC product line - CC Spring sunglasses, CC Spring electric shovels, CC Spring moustache wax and as cherry on the top *drumroll* CC Spring "Personal pleasure gadget" (Lemon taste, cinnamon scented).

After reading all this nonesense you have to admit it - you want to throw away your burden of averageness and join this caravan of utter awesome. Let sense of humor be the great divisor here... smiley

offline -CALLOUS- Hero  
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 20:01


DeepEnd is the man. smiley

offline TNT_KoRn Titan TRiNiTY
Thursday 19/07/2012, 02:49

Lets keep it clean and this is a reminder to everyone that insults/talking bad about anyone/any guild is not permitted in the forums.

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Thursday 19/07/2012, 04:22

Wow, deepend exposing all the goings-on behind his guild. Made me think of a slogan for limit break...

"Limit Break: Where bieber and anti-obama can both 'f' your 'a'"

offline -CALLOUS- Hero  
Thursday 19/07/2012, 19:57

Somehow I don't think we'll go with that slogan smiley

Anyhow, we're still recruiting. Shoot an admin a message if interested.

offline Cashtrion_HoA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 19/07/2012, 20:55

"Flaws don't equal perfect so that post makes zero sense. Also, the poster is on my blacklist and is already in a guild even though he's known to hop around very frequently. Please disregard his comments."

Was this even neccessary oh Master CC Spring?

May I remind YOU why you decided to Blacklist me?

offline J-Nug Hero  
Friday 20/07/2012, 04:31

Cmon now, no need to start hating.

Anyway, limit break is a great guild. smiley

offline Cashtrion_HoA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Friday 20/07/2012, 06:43

There was no hate in my post...

offline -CALLOUS- Hero  
Friday 20/07/2012, 08:04

I'd like all posts in this thread to be related to the guild. Take other business elsewhere.

Limit Break is still recruiting. Shoot an admin a message to discuss joining. Thanks! smiley

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