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Monday 25/06/2012, 20:34

Step right in, and welcome to The Late Night Lounge, we have all your techno music needs. If your going to stay awhile were going to need a few things from you first off. But that can wait till later. Right over there is some of our more famous attractions to this place but you will have to stick around to see everything out. Guess I will point out a few of the more known places. Of course if you look through these doors you will see the lounge were everyone likes to hang out feel free whenever you want to grab a seat and enjoy the music many new people are always hanging out in there so go ahead and make yourself known be careful though some have a tendency to bite. After the lounge there is the dance floor where the Dj's are always spinning the latest tracks just let the beat take care of you. If you do ever get tired of dancing we have are concessions bar over there which some of the latest mixed drinks and energy drinks do be careful though and try to not drink to much things have been known to get out of control. We also sell the glow sticks and such at the bar also but since your new ill let you get your first one free. Other than that theres not much more that i can tell you everything else you will have to figure out yourself. We have some of the newest music around here on the electronic streets and each room has its own needs if you come here enough you may even be invited into the Vip Lounge. So have fun out there and try to have a good time. Link Above.

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Tuesday 26/06/2012, 04:45


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