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Event Link : Exile Island

εξορία Island is a small island located by Greece. It is said to contain many treasures but is also said to be haunted or cursed. Using the knowledge you'll find in the island via books and diaries,teamwork and your own instinct can you overcome the odds and get the Treasure?


1. Basics
2. Rounds
3. Hazards
4. Jewels
5. IEP (In Event Purchase)
6. Looting/Stealing/Rebelling
7. Sacrifices
8. Encyclopedia


The game is quite basic in the sense of rounds. There will be around 7 main rounds for the 7 jewels (see No.5 in Table of Contents). You'll start of alone but you can group up with others (mutual agreement) and make alliances etc. You can steal or loot from people too (see No.6 in Table of Contents).
Basically it'll go Challenge-Stand-by (loot,rebel,etc)-Investigate and then repeat. There will be some exceptions thou.


So as I said there will be 7 main rounds. Each of these rounds can be classified as Battle Round/ Non-Battle Round/Special Round. Battle Rounds can be anything from vs all players to a one on one stand off. Non-battle rounds can be a wild goose hunt to a quiz. Special rounds are special in the sense that well..they are special. Its better that you play the game and lean it that way. After the 7 main rounds are over the challenge part will be finished and the remaining competitors will have to to duel it out for the jewels. I.e Player 1 has a jewel and player 2 has 6. They'll duel for 1 jewel.

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Rules Con't

But if player 1 has 2 jewels and is challenged to a duel he will have to put both down and so does player 2. I.e Player 1 has 2 jewels and player 2 has 5. Both must put down 2 if they want to duel.

Dueling will be a main focus after the initial rounds. If the player loses he/she is out.

The final type of round is Prize Round. Prize Rounds grant players prizes for getting first place and will be done at random times. The top three of a prize round can also gain points to by hazards.


During the investigation stage you can be hit with hazards. You can be hit with player Hazards and Environmental hazards. I've made it so each location has some environmental hazards which are triggered by your choices during investigation. Hazards can do anything from stealing your items to paralyzing your movement. Don't worry thou they can't kill you. (that’s unfair). Player Hazards will be IEP by donating OR using points you've accumulated during prize rounds.


Jewels are what you'll be searching for in this event. There are 7 jewels. Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst and Opal. To win this event you must have all 7 Gems.


IEP on In Event Purchase is a event store which contains small advantages. Most of it will be buy able Hazards but there will be other little knacks like Hazard immunity. Keep in mind almost everything in IEP can be gotten without donating but donating gets you it ten times faster then accumulating points.

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Con't Final

Looting/ Stealing/ Rebelling

You can loot or steal from a player in the same location as you via Hazards OR duels. Duels done in between the initial 7 rounds will not kill the player that loses but will strip the player of whatever he has (except Jewels). To rebel you must be part of a group. Rebelling just simply means to leave the group say after looting a member of your group. Its completely your choice.


For the initial few round to keep the pace going there will be the need of sacrifices. The player will all vote for a player to sacrifice and that player will be eliminated. To escape sacrifices you must either win the round, win the last chance round or buy a sacrifice immunity via donation OR points.


The Encyclopedia is a giant book that gets updated with finds. Exile island contains many back story, tips , Monster guides and diary entries. You can find stuff to update the book via investigation.

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Currently the event is not open because it hasent started yet. All i need is green rates

thx smiley

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It's OPEN!!!!

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10 more spots left!!!

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