Thursday 13/12/2007, 07:49

I'm trading a Globumm lvl 2 for a expensive rare or cr card
but before you close this thread, i need to explain
you know the red paper clip story (you know, the one where that guy trades a red paper clip for something and it trades up to a house)
i'm trying to do that

first of all, i want to trade the Globumm, who has 2 times the power of Flavio Cr Maxxed (that MUST be strong) and TRIPLE the damage of Sheintane (whose one of the most common in Nightmare decks) and has an ability of stop opponent bonus (very good for Rescue) and an ability of -8 attack!!!
i want something cheap-ish like Tatane or Halley and then the challenge officially starts!!!

hope you like me enough to help me pass this challenge i set myself

Saturday 08/03/2008, 13:35

I would just like to say that you have become a legend over a small period of time....still carnt belive it myself
anyway well done

Saturday 08/03/2008, 15:27

Good job man, glad to be in the same guild

Saturday 08/03/2008, 16:39

Chad bread???? ANYONE

Saturday 08/03/2008, 21:49

I just received my Globumm!! thx draft!!! and good luck with your brand new cr!!!

Sunday 09/03/2008, 03:31

@oak: my brand new cr turned into a million other cards that require lvling up (ahh torutre)

Sunday 09/03/2008, 08:39

Nice trades from Globumm to cr but now I'll have to close this topic and stop accepting the new ones that want to copy it.


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