offline TnT_MeRm Colossus TRiNiTY
Friday 27/07/2012, 07:17

Do you consider yourself a DT pro or close to it?
OR Do you know anyone who is?

Then I want to hear from you

You are probably wondering what this is all about, as you all can see our community's DT guide is way too OUTDATED (It almost makes me cry looking at it).

So if anyone is interested, I want us to work as a community in creating a new and updated guide. Let us help our beginners find the ropes.

Spread the word. Depending on how well this project goes, I will be willing to give a little something for the participants' trouble.

Hoping to get this project started and done sooner rather than later.


offline (((-))) Colossus Open Casket
Sunday 30/09/2012, 15:36

I really don't care about the the penalties , when I am in DT I am in there to play for one hour and get one credit I do that 5 times a day 7 days a week so when the new bloods come out I can get some.. What I hate is that there is only 2 DT rooms one standard and one extended and there is penalties on both rooms.. I spend a lot of clintz getting these awesome cards to use them and now I get a penalty for using them ... I say keep those DT rooms just have a new DT room without the penalties just like it was before for regular players like me that earn every credit the hard way in DT's and like using the cards I bought that's why I bought them....

offline Azeem- Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Sunday 30/09/2012, 16:22

You need the penalties otherwise rich players will abuse it too much . But I do think they should make the T1 Room again ..

offline DragoRoyal Titan E X C A L I B U R
Friday 02/11/2012, 09:22

Play Fast Play Fast Play Fast Play Fast

Essential Tip

offline PVTPeterson623 Guru  
Sunday 03/02/2013, 23:00

Maybe im just still too new, but it seems the "golden rule" everyone on here chants is false in daily tournaments. It seems like a beautiful thing that gets poached on a daily basis. At least for me it does. I have played 12 daily tournaments maybe? an i have yet to see this rule being used. Now snce Im a little level 15, the majorty of my opponents are significantly higher than me.

I'm not here to rant, I win alot, and coming in top 1/3 is a daily thing for me. Even beat a level 107 before. But most ofmy opponents, roughly 98% of them, do not follow ths rule. I have had people level 10-100 take literally 30-40 sec each selection. Its annoying beause most of my battles last like 6-8 mins. Its come to the point where i basically expect my opponent to take forever because it seems like hes too busy shopping on amazon to play. A level 100 today took forever throughout the match, then timed out at the end.

I know it sounds like im ranting, and i know some people follow the golden rule, but I only see it one time usually a tournament. Hell, most tournaments, im lucky to get 8 or 9 fights in the given hour..

offline mycroft67 Titan Time Agents Guild
Friday 22/02/2013, 03:54

How to do well at tournaments. This is for beginners- some general guidelines. I have scored in the top 50 many times. This can get you some cool collector cards.
1) Go small or go home. Don't pack your deck with 5 star characters. If you want points avoid 5 star cards all together .They score less points. A good guide to score lots of points is 25 total star points. Don't worry the administrators adjust opponents to this.
2) Get used to your deck so you know what it does quickly. Faster reactions mean more matches- more matches means more points. If you are going to lose lose quickly- so you can go on to the next match.
3) Never abandon a game you lose 20 points
4) With lower decks you often play lower players. This tends to speed things up as well.
5) This is a personal preference. I like to get cards that stop bonuses and stop abilities. Every card has a weakness. If you can stop it's strength do so. I also like cards that can lower damage (these are good if you're going to lose that round). Look for cards with hidden points +life/-life. Some players tend not to notice this.
6) Don;t fall in love with a card. Sometimes you may need to bluff with it. Plus good players will account for the card.
7) Watch for patterns- especially on the first play. If he loses with 1 pills he is less likely to lose with 2 pills in the future. If he plays 3 pills to start it is more likely he will try a 3 pill lead again.
smiley Don't use fury at the beginning EVER.

Hope that helps

offline (((-))) Colossus Open Casket
Friday 10/05/2013, 18:55

Half deck Berzerk/Freaks your deck is Lola Cornelia and Boris Piotr your opp. has Gabrielle Lucia Miss Lulabee Eugene ... Lets say you just played Boris on the first round with 5 pillz and you won, you get 4 damage and poisioned your opp. Second round you sacrifice and save your pillz, your opp. plays and hits you for 8 damage with Fury he/she only has 4 pillz left, on the third round you play Cornelia with Fury, your opp. has 8 life left, after you win with Cornelia how much life does your opp. have left ????

offline express54321 Guru Dreams do come true
Sunday 09/06/2013, 23:03

Internet connection is important too. You should check how good your connection is between tournaments. A bad internet connection leads to lag, which costs you valuable time. It may also cause you to time out, which is even worse.

offline badna0 Imperator  
Monday 10/06/2013, 05:35

I did a thread like this a few weeks ago. Don't know if it would help to add this to your compendium.

offline SOF-Archinado Master Slaves of Freedom
Friday 09/08/2013, 08:40

I go By.... Pro. Because its a more Challenging. When i Battle players. I do HardCore by Thinking of My Gamming Stragety.
But....Close??? No Way!! I Played By the Rules!!

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