offline Goralion Admin Clint Staff
Wednesday 21/11/2012, 12:06

While working on Urban Rivals, since several months we are developing our new title : Fantasy Rivals, a trading card game taking place in a fantasy universe. You will find the game type you like again, but with new game mechanics and an original universe. To be notified when the game is available and to sign in the private Beta which is going to start in the next few days, check out this page now.

offline -DaddySteel- Imperator  
Wednesday 09/01/2013, 01:02

A game that uses the flash player to work "works without flash"? smiley
Nope, Chrome just is an great browser and is capable of using the flash-functions Fantasy Rivals needs, IF the device is capable of it too.

offline LimChonKah- Titan  
Wednesday 09/01/2013, 03:43

I'm so glad they revamped the quests, they are now much more easier to complete. This makes evolving the characters a whole lot less of a hassle now even though they kept the gem requirements.

offline Kin6 SiZe Titan  
Wednesday 09/01/2013, 13:54

Ok it was just confusing it said my code already exists. smiley

offline _WickeD-SouL_ Colossus wicked souls
Wednesday 09/01/2013, 16:39

So i've read some info on this forum and watched a few clips a few times.......
It looks great from what i've seen, congrats for creating a original game based on the characters and a similar format we love to play.....smiley
Im sorry to say i had to decline on the beta testing invite......smileysmiley
I just have so much more to accomplish in UR and i knew i wasn't going to put the proper attention into the FR beta testing......
just wanted to say good luck and i hope this edition becomes a success too........smileysmiley

offline GrimReaper1393 Master  
Wednesday 09/01/2013, 16:56

I can't wait till this game is playable, I will of course be playing it... Can't wait smiley

offline Joe_Dazz Titan URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 09/01/2013, 23:33

Is there gonna be a final blow in the last round like the UR fighting mode style? Just asking...smiley

offline XC-MerLiN Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 10/01/2013, 11:40

I have 30 credits. Don't know how I got this. Tell me how to earn more pls...

offline kazjun Titan aussie crusaders
Thursday 10/01/2013, 14:32

For the beta you get 30 credits free everyday.

offline Infiniti Moderator Open Casket
Thursday 10/01/2013, 16:58

You get 30 credits per day in the beta smiley

offline Nuclearaleksa Guru ExtraordinarY KillerS
Friday 11/01/2013, 15:46

Hey for any of UR players that have account on FR I strongly comment purchasing NB pack - u can find lots of great cards that and it is surely worth waiting 2 days and saving gems to level those characters.

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