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Saturday 12/01/2013, 00:37


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Sunday 13/01/2013, 21:24

Nice deck. smiley

"Copy to my presets" smiley

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Monday 14/01/2013, 08:09



•Dugan to Ray
•Bryan to Emeth

In Deathmatch, I'd prefer perhaps a Nightmare Half with a La Junta half to add the 1HKO flavor and the raw agression of the Nightmare half of:


Emeth is still fairly strong in a half, but has less potential than it would in a half, but in my opinion is the better choice over Bryan.

In points to why I think Skeelz are fairly weak as a half:

•Without Bonus, cards such as Jackie Cr, Hawk, etc. will murder Skeelz' mediocre stats and is a bane to Caelus Cr (Which I never liked running as a stand alone card in a Deathmatch deck as a personal opinion)
•Caelus still stinks even if he had his bonus against a card like Jackie Cr without an Ambre.
•In this deck, the Skeelz bonus will not be able to activate as often, leaving them completely vulnerable to the likes of GHEIST, Roots, and SOA abilities.

They have fairly mediocre stats as a whole in the Type 2 Deathmatch dimension, I see them better as an ELO clan and possibly still viable in Standard Deathmatch under the hands of a seasoned Deathmatch player off of the potential decks that can be built with Skeelz.

Dugan in my opinion isn't a great choice in any mode, but it's my personal opinion, namely pointing out:
•Damage Reduction minimum of 4, which is still possible to 2HKO with almost any Type 2 Deathmatch Deck.
•Mediocre stats which is fragile in Deathmatch, falling to the hands of behemoths such as Tanaeravea Cr, Lamar Cr, Big 5, Etc.

Bryan isn't a good choice, because:
•He is 4*. You want to start first in Deathmatch, becase you want to activate your Ambre ability (Which is broken) first in every game you get, aiming for a quick 2HKO or 1HKO.
•Fragile, same problem as Dugan. I see him as a baby Jackie Cr, he's better off being an only ELO card, being outshined by Brianna, Gatline, and Arnie in all Deathmatch Modes.

I hope that helped a little...

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Monday 14/01/2013, 15:28

If you see a jackie and lead with Dugan then your not that smart, the skeelz can handle jackie/hawk virginia just fine I like the second SoADugan i switched to arnie

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Monday 21/01/2013, 22:32

I like ray over bryan but thats just me
good deck and sweet general cr smiley lol

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