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Thursday 24/01/2013, 05:19

As many of us know, there are some characters that give us penalty points for drawing them in a match during a daily tournament. They are divided into three groups, Group A, Group B, and Group C. Each of these groups has its own pre-determined penalty.

Lately, I've seen many players share their discontent with players that use these penalized cards during a tournament. I've seen players comment on adding players that use these cards to their personal blacklist and even some people criticizing others for their usage of the penalized cards. I don't really know how many people actually have an issue with players using these cards. I see no issue with a player's usage of the penalized cards as the player using the cards receives a decent point reduction from using what many players see as an 'overpowered' card.

I would like to know what you, as a DT player, think of players that use these penalized cards. Are they really that big of an issue for you during a tournament? Or are these matches just like playing regular matches for you?

Also, if you do have an issue with playing against players that use these cards, do you think that it would be more beneficial for you if you were to receive additional battle points if your card beat a card that would receive a penalty (i.e. your Ongh beating an opponents Gil would give you an addition 2 battle points)?

I'm just curious about common DT players think about the usage of penalized cards.

offline Out Of Style Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Friday 08/02/2013, 05:25

I agree with you.

I use banned cards, and I think that they're very helpful. Considering I can get into the top 1150 easily. Not that it's ever that hard though...

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