offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Wednesday 26/12/2007, 16:42

Hello everyone,

What do you think of trying to describe some basic gameplay element to newcomers.
I'm thinking "bluff", "thinking in 2 or 3 rounds instead of 4", "the fury", "why using at least 1 pillz matter".. feel free to create some subjects if you think of others things.

So let's start with lesson #1: bluff

In theory, a bluff is trying to make your opponent believe you are gonna play the obvious way but instead you play offbeat.
In Urban Rivals, it can apply in thoses example situations:

Round 1, you start, you have Sheitane in your hand. Sheitane can be very dangerous if she win early in the game as she might be able to deal 9 "unstoppables" damages over the battle. So if you play her without any pillz, your opponent will have almost no choice but to defend himself, either using a stop power, or a few pillz. Meaning you get either one stop power to worry about or a nice pillz advantage for the next round smiley

Any round, you have Kenny, his +3 life per damage is very very frightening. So same rules apply as for sheitane (obviously, don't sacrifice Kenny if you NEED him to win smiley).

Any round, you have a +attack character, good for you! On a round where no one spend any pillz, you will most certainly get a win otherwise, a nice pillz advantage smiley

Any round, you have a "blocker" character (someone with -damage), while you opponent will most certainly believe you are using him for his defensive ability, ATTACK (with few pillz)! smiley

offline CBleach Hero Bleach Aces
Wednesday 14/05/2008, 23:55

I once used kolos as a bluff. I didn't like it but it wrked like a treat. They had 0 pillz for 3 rounds. Everyone seems to expect a k.o. move with him. I wonder why...(sarcasm)

offline MrRaven Titan  
Monday 26/05/2008, 13:42

Personally i like to use cards with the potential to wipe out the opponent like Lost Hog, Kinjo and Lennox to force the opponent to attempt a counter.

Only problem is if they counter with a good enough card and i am bluffing, it wipes me out -_-'

offline Banu Master Turks
Monday 26/05/2008, 17:08

Hi everybody.I cant do my deck can i do my deck elo?which cards can i for elo?can you help me.thanks

offline whitescar013 Senior  
Thursday 29/05/2008, 01:54


offline 0 Angels Titan Limit Break
Saturday 31/05/2008, 09:49

Nina is a good bluff 2

offline Beowulf24 Guru  
Sunday 15/06/2008, 00:13

Well technically not exactly a bluff, but its very easy to fake out your opponent.

Example: your opponent has 7 health left and you both have 6 pills.
Your remaining hand consists of Endo and Lihoi Chun.
You can send Lihoi Chun with 3 pills and a fury on him.
Most people would think they would send endo for the finisher and not waste any pills on Lihoi but in reality, the weaker is the victor

Also, any big card in rescue such as Alec, Hax, and Marco can be sent out with no pills in a mono-rescue and still hold their ground due to their amazing support and large damage attacks.

offline Bilbo1_OC Titan Open Casket
Thursday 24/07/2008, 11:25

The other option for using a bluff - is the round 3 bluff!

You leave yourself with a medium strength and a strong card (and hopefully hardly any life left for your opp - if u use Junta).

You play the weaker card - they expect the remainder of pills to go on the 4th round - and you smack em over the head!!!

offline bloter Senior Chronic Killas
Wednesday 13/08/2008, 21:22

Good job

offline guolin Master Urban Allies
Wednesday 10/09/2008, 01:33

Here's an excellent bluff from a real battle:

Kharl vs. Jeff (Neither uses Pillz.) 5 vs. 9 attack but still I, with the Kharl, wins. 12-12 Pillz 12-7 Life.
Vassili vs. Timber .... I do my ordinary 4 Pillz on Vassili, that's what I like to do, it ensures a decent win, with Vassili's ability and all. But then, my opponent uses 9 Pillz, thinking I was going to Fury, and wham did 7 damage on my Life. Now, I did think about Furying. But past experiecences says no Furying, and not only did I play with common sense, but I BLUFFED the opponent. Take a look at stats now, especially Pillz. (Poison took its toll) 3-8 P 5-5 L
Gwen vs. I forgot the person but he used no Pillz, as HE tried to bluff me. But I Furied, used all Pillz, resulting in 35 attck vs. a single-digit number, also dealing 5 DAMAGE! Get the idea? Slow go on the....Pillz. (Real commercial- Slow go on the Yogos.)

offline Eucliwood Imperator  
Tuesday 16/09/2008, 23:20

Bluffing is one of the best ways of winning an undecided match when you can't overpower them with other strategies.


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