offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Wednesday 26/12/2007, 16:42

Hello everyone,

What do you think of trying to describe some basic gameplay element to newcomers.
I'm thinking "bluff", "thinking in 2 or 3 rounds instead of 4", "the fury", "why using at least 1 pillz matter".. feel free to create some subjects if you think of others things.

So let's start with lesson #1: bluff

In theory, a bluff is trying to make your opponent believe you are gonna play the obvious way but instead you play offbeat.
In Urban Rivals, it can apply in thoses example situations:

Round 1, you start, you have Sheitane in your hand. Sheitane can be very dangerous if she win early in the game as she might be able to deal 9 "unstoppables" damages over the battle. So if you play her without any pillz, your opponent will have almost no choice but to defend himself, either using a stop power, or a few pillz. Meaning you get either one stop power to worry about or a nice pillz advantage for the next round smiley

Any round, you have Kenny, his +3 life per damage is very very frightening. So same rules apply as for sheitane (obviously, don't sacrifice Kenny if you NEED him to win smiley).

Any round, you have a +attack character, good for you! On a round where no one spend any pillz, you will most certainly get a win otherwise, a nice pillz advantage smiley

Any round, you have a "blocker" character (someone with -damage), while you opponent will most certainly believe you are using him for his defensive ability, ATTACK (with few pillz)! smiley

offline Tyrell4 Hero  
Wednesday 17/06/2009, 02:50

Really, they would do that?

Half of the decks in DT run Mona.

Timber @ 6 pillz: 4 x 7 = 28 attack
Mona @ 3 pillz: 3 x 6 + 12 = 30 attack

That's three pillz used for 4 damage, and they still have plenty to use to take down your Giovanni.

Let's use a much less used card, Dean.

Timber @ 6 pillz = 28 attack
Dean @ 4 pillz = 5 x 6 = 30 attack

4 pillz, 4 damage. If you load up Giovanni then they can just bluff and take you out from there.

Timber is a terrible card. The only card I can think of that I'm more happy to see when I'm doing a DT is Vansaar. (Moreso than cards like Diego because Timber and Vansaar give so many points)

offline dragonscale333 Hero  
Tuesday 30/06/2009, 01:39

One scary, scary bluff is Naginata. Your opponent will either pill 5-7 in order to negate the pill loss/damage, or use a SOA/damage reducer/SOB to try to negate the effects of Naginata. There's not much one can do to stop her : SOA, she will still deal damage (unless you pill); DR - she will take your pillz down (unless you SOA, and there aren't that many SOA+DRs).

If you bluff with her, and your opponent falls for the bluff, you will almost always win, since La Junta cards have such high damage. You could also try putting in 1-2 pillz to ensure that you either win, or you have a pill advantage.

offline NR rib78 Senior Nightrise
Tuesday 07/07/2009, 12:17

You could teach about two charactor ko

offline Witcher10 Master  
Saturday 15/08/2009, 16:06

I was never winning. But,thanks to you (and this guide) now i'm (almost) always winning!

offline Brendan_LoA Colossus  
Monday 28/09/2009, 03:39

Kenny is now officially declared a bluff card, meaning if used when he is going first in a round it is almost always a bluff

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Saturday 03/10/2009, 21:04

I don't know if this is actually a bluff but it's a good tactic to have opponent do what you want... with some good card that has damage reducing ability and good offence... like Marina or Hattori ... you can expect the opponent to use some card that has great attack bonus and reduce power to counter it (watch out for remove abilities tho).

By bluffing with such card you can remove one pillsaver card from the opponent leaving you with pill advantage and a hole in his defence WHILE having total damage control with the damage reducing ability. More damage he throws in - probably he wants to back it up with pills. He will waste a good defender or good attacker because he will pill more than needed to avoid possible damage.

Pill none, have him lose pills and his best countercard on wisp of smoke, take some damage and ownzor the rest of the match. Of course if he checks your bluff you'll have a great headache, but that's the game smiley

offline Teh Gray Veteran  
Sunday 04/10/2009, 00:46

A tip if any of you bluff always throw 1 pill on it (unless it is an upper) heres why.
Lets say you throw out (as the example sheiton) well the opponent might call your bluff and play a card with 7 power (as shieton has 6) you have used one pill and poisoned the enemy the entire game

offline Ink_MoB Imperator Pinoy Locals
Sunday 04/10/2009, 07:09


I use two pills because I anticipate those 1-pill bluffs. smiley

offline Skeelz Ownz Veteran  
Tuesday 10/11/2009, 21:31

Another good bluff is Greem who isn't elo banned like sylith. I went 6 pillz because I thought she wanted to poison me with like 5 pillz or something. But it was a bluff. So with her pill advantage and Timber, he one hit koed me with Jay plus fury.

offline Destroyer321 Senior The All-Out Destroyers
Sunday 29/11/2009, 07:24

Id like to say that Rescue(Mono) my current deck has to be almost(if not already) the best bluff clan there is
Why?? you might ask...
Simple a Mono Rescue has a +12 to attack and if your not facing cards with stop bonus or Montanas and if the opponent puts no pillz(if attack reduction and such arnt applied to harshly from the opponent) u win!!!
+12 is at least one pill from the strongest(smiley power cards so yeah...
Also ive just recently started using a Mono Rescue and ive already earned over 3000 clintz
Srry if this sounds stupid just thought i might add my imput... smiley

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