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Wednesday 26/12/2007, 16:42

Hello everyone,

What do you think of trying to describe some basic gameplay element to newcomers.
I'm thinking "bluff", "thinking in 2 or 3 rounds instead of 4", "the fury", "why using at least 1 pillz matter".. feel free to create some subjects if you think of others things.

So let's start with lesson #1: bluff

In theory, a bluff is trying to make your opponent believe you are gonna play the obvious way but instead you play offbeat.
In Urban Rivals, it can apply in thoses example situations:

Round 1, you start, you have Sheitane in your hand. Sheitane can be very dangerous if she win early in the game as she might be able to deal 9 "unstoppables" damages over the battle. So if you play her without any pillz, your opponent will have almost no choice but to defend himself, either using a stop power, or a few pillz. Meaning you get either one stop power to worry about or a nice pillz advantage for the next round smiley

Any round, you have Kenny, his +3 life per damage is very very frightening. So same rules apply as for sheitane (obviously, don't sacrifice Kenny if you NEED him to win smiley).

Any round, you have a +attack character, good for you! On a round where no one spend any pillz, you will most certainly get a win otherwise, a nice pillz advantage smiley

Any round, you have a "blocker" character (someone with -damage), while you opponent will most certainly believe you are using him for his defensive ability, ATTACK (with few pillz)! smiley

offline Wakka02 Imperator  
Saturday 12/12/2009, 01:22

If you're the "bluffer" type of player, there are a few clans that suit you. In essence, those with attack manipulation as their bonus. Clans such as Rescue, Montana, Uppers or Sakrohm.

The most common type of bluffing is all about using 0~1 pillz to either take down an opponent, or causing the other guy to waste enough Pillz for you to ensure your own victory. As such, attack manipulation bonuses essential, as they are totally unaffected by the amount of Pillz used. This ensures that the opponent HAS to pill just to win against you, assuming that they themselves have no SOB or any such attack manipulation, and you have already accomplished your mission there!

Now, most people assume only huge cards can be good bluffers, massive power-packs like Avola, Chiro, Bodenpower, etc.etc. That is wrong. Every card has bluffing potential. Bluffing is about doing the unexpected and catching the other guy off guard. To win a UR fight, there is no NEED to KO the opponent. You just need to make sure your HP is higher than his at the end. With careful planning, players can simply open the life gap to an unattainable point, and that's where low damage cards come in handy. People never expect the all-out Uranus/Ricardo/Wardog, so if it's your turn and you throw an all-Pillz fury Mojo with Kolos as your last card, who're they gonna guard against, Kolos or Mojo? Logic dictates you pill Kolos, and that's when you throw logic to the winds and go with the underdog's win.

offline chancesz Titan  
Tuesday 29/12/2009, 06:55

Logic dictates you pill Kolos (R), and that's when you throw logic to the winds and go with the underdog's win. Only when ur on offense on the 3rd round >.>

In case he reads u. always leave pills around.

offline 0_AAR Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Saturday 03/04/2010, 15:45

With shann, the opponent has everytime 3 pillz over , easy!!!!!!

offline silver_raven Master  
Monday 28/06/2010, 11:16

In my personal experience, pill manipulators are some of the best bluffs, coz the opponent falls for it even when it is a very obvious bluff. of course, if the pill manipulator wins, you still go out on top, so it's a win-win situation if used properly.

offline HHM Arsany Veteran Hip Hop Messiahz
Friday 30/07/2010, 20:04

But bluffing can be sometimes obvious when its not obvious( ill explain dont worry)
like kolos and kinjo (happened to me a few times)
they send out kolos in the first round with 0 pilz and i use my fabio or enzo or don with 0 pillz and i end up winning
because everyone does it so mush the most obvious attackers become even more ovuis bluffers

offline LegacyUKnown Hero  
Friday 22/10/2010, 17:22

The double bluff/anti bluff: Put a card out to think your going to bluff with no or one pill and add an extra 1 or 2 pills or if your going against a card and expect their bluffing put out just above their attack for 1 pill

= intelligent play

Essentially there is no real definition of how many pills you could call a bluff - you always have to judge from the feeling of the game and what cards are present

offline TheUInThe80s Senior  
Tuesday 09/11/2010, 05:03


offline Shovon Master  
Friday 22/07/2011, 16:34

I sometimes build up to a bluff. I rarely have 2hko option forget 1hko. So they don't appear threatening and the opponents expect your average pillzing kind of game and i pill 3-4;accordingly. so what they do is look for a relief in 2nd or 3rd round with a nonpillzed average power card bluff for pillz advantage and bang i play my high damage card with just enough pillz to counter one pillz attack; get the upper hand to take the battle with minimum life difference. the problem is often they use 2pillz .

offline Shovon Master  
Friday 22/07/2011, 16:57

People only bluff when they attack; that's curious isn't. I bluffed coming second once; didn't work.

offline Shovon Master  
Friday 22/07/2011, 17:23

You have two high damage(5-6) cards,when you attack send one without any pillz. If opp deals high pillz; in the next round he can and often will use no pillz. So send your other card with one or two pillz and start the third round having life equal to your opp and pillz twice as his. One thing though , he may wait a round to bluff.

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