offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Wednesday 26/12/2007, 16:45

Even veterans players tends to always think a battle in 4 rounds.
If you can, try to see if you can get a win in 2 or 3 rounds (remember, you just need 5 damages and 7 damages to make 12 damages smiley), your opponent will most certainly be quite surprised smiley

offline kalor_alros Master West Coast Pirates
Friday 05/12/2008, 00:24

In my opinion, which is definately less-than-experienced, creative thinking and bluffing creatively have netted me 3 round KO's where I should have lost... using life-gain cards (Mojo, for example) is a personal favorite, when the game is close... the opponent expects large amounts of pills, and Fury, to make his ability worth playing... so they usually counter with either damage reducers, high-power cards, or SOA cards, but more often than not, they use large amounts of pillz. Which means I have the pill advantage, and, if I think things through, can usually put enough pillz into each fight to get sure shot. If I don't, I usually still have a small life gap if the ploy fails, and can win, though not by KO. It's somewhat hit and miss, but more hit than miss.

offline Joker_DvF Veteran  
Sunday 04/01/2009, 06:12

ME in 2

offline Ink_MoB Imperator Pinoy Locals
Monday 05/01/2009, 08:31

I'm more of a defensive player when it comes to ELO, so I guess this doesn't necessarily work for me.
I use a combination of Sakrohm and Pussycats, so you get my idea. smiley

offline 0 Momo Guru  
Monday 16/03/2009, 17:49

Finishing fights less than four rounds is not my type.. I always play surely.. but i'm not saying that this tactic is wrong.. it really helps a lot for those opponents that are always playing safe.. haha.. just like me..smiley but sometimes being aggresive will get you into losing.. for me, if you really feel that your opponent will be bluffing with his card.. I'd rather check first with his card's power.. then if its not that high enough to beat your card.. you will have a high percentage to get him k.o.'d.. well, thats for me.. hope it will help other players..smiley

offline HK_Aniki Guru  
Monday 27/04/2009, 11:17

I tend to think of a battle in four rounds when it comes to elo , just so i can maximize my chances of winning .
in dt just go all out sometimes you have to look at your opponent and think to yourself , slow player ? quick player ? If its the 1st the best idea is to get the match over as quick as possible 2hko so he/she doesnt see it coming .
for a quick player try and play atleast 3 rounds playing your low star cards against his high star ones , maximizes the points that you will gain .
as for elo you really need to plan out what you're doing dont just go 2 pills on you 3 pills on you . this has ammounted up just last week 10 wins in elo against kolos users , the reason ? they're too predictable .
with survivor its really a case of having a well constructed deck , and knowing how to and when you can bluff , sometimes taking as many hits as possible is a good way at survivor , sometimes winning every round is, this is the reason cards such as dj korr etc are so expensive aside from the fact that they're old cards and are infact cr's , their flexibility is what makes them so powerfull when in survivor would you let a dj through or would you pill against ? ive been up against alot of those old crs and alot of the users play them with 1 pill as a bluff you HAVE to play more pills to beat them and most players would be in a panic and play half their pills .
well thats my say on this smiley

offline NS_DarkAngel Veteran  
Saturday 02/05/2009, 00:13

In Elo you need to think every round through!

offline Rain Down Veteran The Creation Academy
Thursday 17/09/2009, 06:15

A good stategy i use is first i attack with a Mitch, equipped with 6 pillz. Hopefully, you opponet will think thats foolish, then on round two, fake with a card, pretending not to notice...then BAM! slap down the Myke with 6 pillz. a SOB bbillity will cripple this (but your opponet will have 4 heaalth!) and if youre a low level, this works good. ( i actually discovered this on accident)

offline kTizzle(TCA) Imperator  
Friday 18/09/2009, 09:22

Its not about how you can win but how the other player can lose
thats what i think

offline bvcx111 Hero The Arcane Forest
Friday 25/09/2009, 15:38

Just focus on winning 2 - 3 rounds becuz u can always take one hit (or two)

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