Wednesday 26/12/2007, 16:49

Well, most of the time fury seems to be a waste of pillz...
It can be quite useful in many situations:
You have a character with +X life per damage. Using fury means doing at least 4 damages and sometime even more (Kenny with +2 lifes per damage mean you'll get 6 more damages!).
If you apply lesson #2 "thinking in less than 4 rounds", fury is a good and quite unexpected way to reach your KO smiley
Dont use fury at all if you really needs to win most of the forthcoming rounds. You better save thoses 3 pillz to get an attack advantage.

Friday 07/08/2009, 06:57


Tuesday 01/09/2009, 15:28

General Cr is wicked he is the best, I hope I own one

Tuesday 01/09/2009, 21:12

Put fury on Kolos

Thursday 10/12/2009, 20:17

I usually use fury if I know I can finish the opponent off, and the opponent can't get enough attack to counter the character who uses fury. Or if I have a big pill lead, or I wouldn't be able to end the match with more health otherwise.

Friday 11/12/2009, 04:04

Anita Fury + Ghoub = Huge life gap

Monday 14/12/2009, 08:26

How do u do fury??? put the maximum amount of pills?

Sunday 07/03/2010, 15:15

You fury by clicking the fury bar, that shaded area is the fury zone, once you've fury, 3 pills is lost.

Sunday 14/03/2010, 23:10

When they have 6 or less life and you have two cards one with 6 damage and the other with 4 damage. If you put the card with 4 damage and use fury your opponent would not excpect that and think you are bluffing.

Saturday 20/03/2010, 05:58

Joint my guild the best ermac

Sunday 21/03/2010, 08:34

These noob comrnts are funny smiley


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