offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Wednesday 26/12/2007, 16:54

That one is quite simple.
As you know, you get a "sureshot" if you have twice or more the attack of your opponent.
Hence, in a round with 2 cards with equals powers, if you put one pillz when your opponent doesnt put anything: you get a sureshot smiley At the cost of only 1 pillz, it's worth it, no? smiley

This one pillz can be very powerfull smiley

offline Thunder night Senior  
Saturday 29/11/2008, 16:55

My card had 6at his card had 4 We both used 1 pill and I still lostsmiley

offline Omnisauce Imperator  
Saturday 29/11/2008, 17:07

Was it in random?
Did his card have a bonus?
if so then he could have won

offline Nugget Novice  
Sunday 30/11/2008, 08:41

The team that made urban rivals gaming system should make a absolute way that if you have more pills or more attack or even both you definetly have to win since i've normally face opponents like that where i lose

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Sunday 30/11/2008, 09:11

@nugget you are in a random room? please read the game rule first before complaining.. smiley

offline kalor_alros Master West Coast Pirates
Thursday 04/12/2008, 22:30

I'm not going to complain... really. I'm not positive on the math, but if my quick math was right, I SHOULD have gotten a Sure Shot (a few times!), and have still lost... and, on the other side of that, I've been POSITIVE my opponent had sure shot (since I bought his bluff and had no pillz... oops), and I won... which gave me the game. Don't get me wrong, I like the win, since it was a T1 game, but it sucks when you're sure you have it, only to have it snatched away by.... ? My question would be, just to confirm my own idea, what things should I look for? I know bonuses, support attack, atk+ cards, Hugo, etc... is there anything non-obvious that could alter the math?

offline Lawless Snake Senior  
Tuesday 16/12/2008, 00:47

Got a point
but My guy loses sometimes,for some strange way in the Fight 1 sector

offline J Power wtc Novice  
Saturday 20/12/2008, 17:37

I was fighting Venus in non random room with chiro.Venus has 3 pilz and her bonus wasnt unlocked and i had Chiro with 4 pilz and his bonus unlocked and Venus wins!How that could happend?

offline kaneholt_nwnf Guru URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 20/12/2008, 18:09

Yeah well its glitches so what once or twice dont complain

offline Omnisauce Imperator  
Sunday 21/12/2008, 14:49

Sometimes in t1 or t2 rooms, it switches from nonn-random to random mid battle so u might think its non random, it is random

offline knurdyl Senior The Sorcerers
Sunday 21/12/2008, 23:01

No, Mrmyx, I think that if that happens in a no random room, it's whoever has the least stars wins. If they are the same, THEN what Force Majeure said happens.

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