offline Skeith931 Hero  
Thursday 07/02/2013, 04:02

Im thinking if making a mono soa deck for elo so my question is which clan is better? ROots or Gheist and can som1 recommend some presets?

offline readyGo Novice  
Friday 15/02/2013, 15:27

Root =
(Amanie, Flora, Gertjan, Jeena, Noodile Cr, Ojibway, Rico and Treeman)

Gheist =
(Anibal, Bristone, Elke, Leviatonn, Methane, Wurmhol, XU52 and Z3r0 D34d) smiley

offline DUC-j00p Imperator  
Friday 15/02/2013, 16:53

There is no "better" clan in urban rivals, but i can tell you the diffrences

roots, attack manipultation, + life / heal cards, higher base power, focus on winning 3 rounds
gheist, power manipulation, - life/ - pillz / poison cards, higher base damage, focus on winning 2 rounds

in the current metagame, roots seems like a better choice, because gheist have really been weakened with the banns of draheera and dolly, and roots can still do fine without yookie

offline KitsuneKatsumi Imperator XiongDang
Friday 15/02/2013, 19:07

GHEIST: Much more playable 5*s. A full stop (SOB+SOA)[Leviatonn].
Roots: A topend mono character (Gertjan). Almost all 7 power (unlike GHEIST who are likely playing several 6 power characters): makes them significantly less vulnerable to All Stars.

GHEIST don't have a compelling reason to go mono unlike Roots. Roots as also very cheap to put together, even the Cr (Noodile Cr) is affordable.

Roots does better currently in ELO. It often runs less 2*s and has a deeper roster of 3*s, making its draws more consistent than GHEIST. GHEIST has better "nuts" draws (Wardom, Bristone, Leviatonn) while Roots has only 2 "nuts" draw characters (Gertjan and Jeena).

Both tend to have a similar ceiling to their effectiveness in ELO as most of the popular clans have pretty good matchups against either GHEIST and Roots.

offline Skeith931 Hero  
Sunday 17/02/2013, 06:48

Ok after considering both sides and looking at the cards i find roots more appealing thanks for all the advice

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