offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Thursday 27/12/2007, 01:19

Some cards are very well just have those high attacks and powerful bonuses that you must waste a lot of pillz just to beat most of these of the best tactics is to let the card through and not waste example would be Zatman..he has such a high power and a pretty powerful bonus to boot, and the best way to play against him is to either let the 4damage through of block with a defensive card..that is.."if" you are high on life points and "if" "fury in mind", Zatman can't KO you..otherwise, if you are near a possible should do something about it, coz if you let it through, it might be the end of you..

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Friday 28/12/2007, 11:10

Well as Ground Zero has said it is his play style so we need to respect it. He just gave pointers on how to react to certain situation.

I also understand PanzerElements point of view. It also the way he wants to play his game.

For all other players especially the new ones, If you can analyze the situation and your opponent you yourself can properly assess the situation if you can let a card through or not. Experience is also a key factor so try to play more and play against different play styles. Some guys are conservative while others usually go for the quick KO. Some like to bluff and block while others likes to go all out and nuke you.

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Friday 28/12/2007, 12:02

I think ground zero is a girl..smiley

offline ibtd Imperator Die Frettchen
Friday 28/12/2007, 12:52

Knowing when to let cards through is very important for being successful in ELO. And knowing when to take advantage of cards like the mentioned Zatman too. In most cases I would recommend to just put a damage reducer in front of him (every ELO deck should have a few imho). Like Gabrielle, Ottavia or any of the Pussycats with activated bonus for example.

But sometimes you can just win the match by taking on those scary high attack guys. I won quite a few matches already by letting Kenny fury right into Zatmans face. Those situations come unexpectedly for many opponents, especially if they think that they have a card like Kenny shutdown with Stop Opp Ability after their Zatman goes through. Stomping over a huge attacker like Zatman or Copper can win you matches, but knowing when to let them pass and conserve pillz can win matches as well.

Like I said, usually it is probably better to just let them pass and save up pillz (and preferably use a damage reducer for the block). This is one of the things that need quite some experience.

offline PanzerElement Veteran  
Friday 28/12/2007, 15:40

If they had such a hand, you're prolly gonna lose anyway. smiley

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Friday 28/12/2007, 15:46

Strategy is experienced and learned from every loss. Being able to to counter your past loss is possible by remembering how your opponent played his pills and please try to not make the same mistake twice, GG's! smiley

offline Zintharoo Hero HK's fox on typewriters
Sunday 30/12/2007, 15:12

If u have an all rescue deck,you may want to let dmg though like zatman,or sumthin else,but if u put mabye just 1 pill on ur charecter,ull probly win,so if u think you gonna waste pills,just put that extra one,wat im sayin is

(full rescue deck)power * 2 + 12,so give it a go

offline Zintharoo Hero HK's fox on typewriters
Thursday 03/01/2008, 03:40

I mean for an all rescue deck,if u put one pill,on lets say marco,it would be this
9X2+12=30 =OWNED!!!

offline Pom Pui Guru  
Thursday 17/01/2008, 18:27

I've taken the stance that when I use cards like Zatman, high power medium damage, I put 3 pills, at least in the opening rounds (before anything significant happens) and if my opponent beats me then they must have used a lot of pills and they deserve to win. Otherwise I good a solid win with minimal pill usage.

offline 0 LUC4_SR Colossus Zénith
Thursday 17/01/2008, 22:53

Your deck doesn't depend on one card like Zatman.Zatman is tricky card on which players usually don't put too many pilz.And you can always repeal attack with higher power just like Nanok if the both card have a bonus or with some card with higher power and bonus or ability plus damage.Its not all in tactic you got to read opponent minds just he reads yours and the best wins if we speak about no random.

offline TnT_MeRm Colossus TRiNiTY
Thursday 31/01/2008, 08:28

I have experience a lot battles that needs this kind of decision (the letting the attack go through thing)
what i usually do is to analyze the situation and actually think that the opponent will put around 4 pills on the card. this way i could calculate what are my chance of winning if i block the attack. if the chances are as low as almost less than half the attack then i will not try to waste my pillz and just use my reducer as much as possible. though, i also try to put 1 pill everytime i do this. there are no harm to put 1 pill anyway.

i dont know what other people think about this but im pretty much doing well with this technique.

cheers smiley

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