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UR Gameplay school #5 When to let an opponent's card go through

UR Gameplay school #5 When to let an opponent's card go through
Thursday 27/12/2007, 01:19
Force Majeure - Moderator English

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UR Gameplay school #5 When to let an opponent's card go through
Force Majeure - Moderator - Open CasketEnglish - Thursday 27/12/2007, 01:19

Some cards are very well just have those high attacks and powerful bonuses that you must waste a lot of pillz just to beat them..in most of these cases..one of the best tactics is to let the card through and not waste pillz..an example would be Zatman..he has such a high power and a pretty powerful bonus to boot, and the best way to play against him is to either let the 4damage through of block with a defensive card..that is.."if" you are high on life points and "if" "fury in mind", Zatman can't KO you..otherwise, if you are near a possible KO..you should do something about it, coz if you let it through, it might be the end of you..
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flyri_L0A - Veteran English
Sunday 20/04/2008, 23:12

If thier is also a card with like 8 or 9 damage like Hammer with courage=9 u cauld use a damge reducer obviously so it doesnt do that much damage my favorite is Dan but your stuck if u come across a hand with low damage since his ability is -4 opp dmg minimum of 4
NSANDERS_AB - Legend - aussie battler's English
Monday 21/04/2008, 16:28

I like vernym N and Uranus or even Hattori is pretty good
WarriorDudeAB - Hero - aussie battler's English
Sunday 27/04/2008, 10:09

If i have 2 do a 3 hit ko i let my weakest card go thru with no pillz den use 4 on da rest
Avrilicious - Novice English
Saturday 24/05/2008, 15:50

My Deck is okay most of mine are filled up 3 stars can someone battle me?
Gilgamesh_kh - Titan English
Saturday 24/05/2008, 22:05

Its funny people most of the time let kenny through just because he doesnt do a lot of damage people dont get some if you can double your life its basically the same thing as a one hit ko so its not all about takeing down some ones life like Force Majeure said
Remember..life is a resource..your opponent or you shouldn't and must not always go for a KO..having more life than your opponent is still a win..so use your life wisely
mas man - Senior English
Monday 26/05/2008, 18:24

Yeah but Timber with Zatman nd he vuses fury you cant let that go through you
Beowulf24 - Guru English
Thursday 26/06/2008, 21:24

You dont know wen Zatman furies, and if he does, its 7 damage, which is easy to come back from.
Jared9473 - Imperator - Philippine Legionnaires Guild English
Tuesday 08/07/2008, 23:21

Its 6 damage, not 7
0UC_dinoboy16 - Hero English
Friday 15/08/2008, 12:26

Problem with Zatman is that people know that he is superstrong so they will put less pillz on him and bluff
PooPoo Monkey - Veteran English
Thursday 11/09/2008, 01:59

From my experience in elo, if Zatman ain't use in a bluff in the 1st round, he's usually a finisher card. Only exception to this is when people use him to block which is very unlikely.

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