offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Thursday 27/12/2007, 01:19

Some cards are very well just have those high attacks and powerful bonuses that you must waste a lot of pillz just to beat most of these of the best tactics is to let the card through and not waste example would be Zatman..he has such a high power and a pretty powerful bonus to boot, and the best way to play against him is to either let the 4damage through of block with a defensive card..that is.."if" you are high on life points and "if" "fury in mind", Zatman can't KO you..otherwise, if you are near a possible should do something about it, coz if you let it through, it might be the end of you..

offline Zz_Roy_zZ Veteran New Cavern TTS
Saturday 13/09/2008, 23:18

What Happens if Jackie attacks

offline 0UC_dinoboy16 Hero  
Friday 26/09/2008, 02:18

Well its hard if Jackie attacks. You usually think 'I can't beat her so i shouldn't do anything' but they know that so they may do no pills. Sometimes you just have to guess smiley

offline Straw I-Iats Senior Union Shinigami Espada
Tuesday 28/10/2008, 05:41

What if your enemy had Z drone (U), would you still let him through?

offline AmberRed1994 Veteran  
Thursday 01/01/2009, 06:03

Nope, 5 power is very easily countered. expect your opponent to pill 6-7 though.

offline jesta27 Titan  
Tuesday 03/03/2009, 05:41

IMO what you let through is relative to what the opp has in their hand. if they have four cards that can combine for a 2 hit kO then your in trouble. if they need to hit with at least three cards to get your life lower than theirs then you could afford to let the right one or even two through. Like i said it has to do with what they have in there hand and what you have there is no set rule to let this card or that through .

offline )PsyTcHe- Senior  
Sunday 08/03/2009, 10:08

My trick
know if you can beat your opp's card
if it can k.o. you
then put no pillz to your weakest card if you can't
more pillz to the most powerful if you can

offline GP Yaho Master Vietnamese
Wednesday 08/04/2009, 23:49

It depends on the rest of his cards if he has (im using ibtd 's example) charlie rubie zatman and dorian and he attacks with zatman he is probably setting up for a 2 h ko with charlie and zatman

offline amuous2 Hero Xavier's Knights
Friday 10/04/2009, 00:20

@fcc: Why wouldn't it be reasonable to think he's just bluffing w/ Zatman since any of his other cards can 2hko with each other?

offline kblizz Senior Fantasy Fighters
Saturday 11/04/2009, 03:17

Thats true also you should try to make combos for example lvl 4 zlatar has 8 damage and i use a card with 4 damage and put them first with 4 or 5 pillz to try to ko them

offline Without Imperator the courtyard of shadows
Saturday 15/08/2009, 01:03

Spiaghi is another card that you shouldn't waste pills to beat since he only does 1 damage

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