offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Thursday 27/12/2007, 01:19

Some cards are very well just have those high attacks and powerful bonuses that you must waste a lot of pillz just to beat most of these of the best tactics is to let the card through and not waste example would be Zatman..he has such a high power and a pretty powerful bonus to boot, and the best way to play against him is to either let the 4damage through of block with a defensive card..that is.."if" you are high on life points and "if" "fury in mind", Zatman can't KO you..otherwise, if you are near a possible should do something about it, coz if you let it through, it might be the end of you..

offline BringDaHeat Senior Holy Divisions
Monday 08/11/2010, 04:15

Ok so im prtty new to this game i dont have a ton of clintz yet or credits so what are some good characters that don't cost too much?

offline Thacod Titan Open Casket
Monday 08/11/2010, 05:43

Cyan is a decent card.
Or if you want you can do free surveys for credits, or if you're REALLY FULL ON (smiley) You can buy credits.

offline {carnifex} Senior  
Thursday 07/04/2011, 04:22

Something I haven't seen mentioned yet is playing to the level. As you play more, you'll tend to notice certain trends depending on the skill level of the player (as has been alluded to already). I.e. if you see a Lvl.10 player with Timber, 3* Vansaar, Lin Bee and Joana (for some reason you see those cards A LOT), you know what to expect. But that's a bit obvious. What about when you see a Lvl.20 with mono rescue? Or a Lvl.80 running Nightmare/GHEIST in T2? While nothing is every certain in this game when it comes to making predictions, experience will tell you when to make certain plays and every bit of input will help. Some suggestions, but a caveat is required - *don't just go in blindly! I've been beaten by a Lvl12 with Ambre in their T2 deck; some players buy cards early or start new accounts and are clearly better than they appear* Anyways:
- If you are going first, Round 1: If you have an excellent attacking card such as Shakra or Jackie, a bluff is smart move against a lower level opponent. They are more likely to give up and single pill or alternatively will pill like crazy and hand you the game. Flipside: if you are playing what seems to be a more experienced player, I would elect to mid-bluff (3-5 pills). They may assume you will charge in with 6-7 on your nuke and hold back, or they will try to counter bluff you. Put it in the middle range and reap the benefits.
- Go for the 2HKO!: against lower level players, they will rarely pill up to counter your 2HKO

offline {carnifex} Senior  
Thursday 07/04/2011, 04:28


especially when the pillz are relatively even. Even if they come at you with their most powerful card, don't be afraid. Turn on fury, and jump in. Of course you might be called and lose the match right there, but it's a good play nonetheless the majority of the time. Flipside: a more experienced player may try to read the amount of time you take to make your decision, especially if you are playing first in that round (Round 2, for example). Think about this ahead of time and plan ahead. If you are playing 2nd round 1, and can manipulate a 2HKO, think ahead and decide what you want to do before you play your first card - that way, on your next turn, you can make your move quickly and make it much harder to read your plan. A quick play can mean many things: a) they bluffed with no pillz, b) they went all-in, c) they made an alternate play and hoped you would think it was a bluff (and in some other cases) d) they didn't think very long and may have missed a less obvious play). As I write this though, it makes me realize that there are actually too many nuances to literally describe, as the same can be said for the "slow-play", where an opponent will wait for the timer to run, in the hopes of making it seem like they were making a tough lengthy decision or had trouble calculating. OR maybe they just suck at simple math smiley. But yeah okay, the main point is, use as many factors as you can to control the match! enjoysmiley

offline 9flame999 Novice  
Monday 30/05/2011, 02:58

Oh, letting zatman through is a mistake, i can sneak in a fury every once and a while and all pill jackie for a winsmiley

offline Aarowaim Guru the courtyard of shadows
Thursday 17/11/2011, 17:59

I find that letting attacks go through is quite useful, especially when you are in the lead and have a damage reducer or two. Personally, in my return to this game (past 2 weeks) since the Open Beta, I call them a "hollow win" because yes, they won the battle and succesfully did a 10/1 power ratio, but they wasted all those pillz for... 2-4 damage... leaving me with a chance or two to fury with my 2-5 damage cards >.

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