offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Thursday 27/12/2007, 01:35

If I have a big blocker..let's say..Uranus..I don't just block a first turn card with her..because I know most of my opponents expect me to use her as a defensive I put out other of my cards instead with a few pillz to beat their card very unexpectedly..because most of the time..people are expected to put only one or a few pillz on their cards when they see a big blocker because it's pill wasting if for example: I put 4-5pillz on Zatman and my opponent just blocks him with Uranus (it's a complete waste of pillz!!) so more likely, an opponent would only put 1 or a few pillz in his/her card if he/she sees a blocker so you are open to attack him/her I happens most of the it doesn't happen always..

Blockers..are actually good attackers and bluff finishers..unless your opponent is confident because he has a SOA or SOB that can get through a blocker..but aside from that..blockers are good attackers..they reduce more likely, your opponent won't go to lengths to waste his best cards or pillz just to beat a card that reduces damage unless he sees through it and feels that you are already trying to finish him off or his life points are threatened that can make the big game difference of losing a match..

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Monday 29/12/2008, 19:18

Detail = experience! smiley smiley

offline Mahou_Otome Master  
Thursday 22/01/2009, 00:05

Sometimes i use a blocker, load it with pills and fury, and ko the opponent
no one expects that

offline Jacaranda Senior  
Monday 26/01/2009, 20:42

The best way to deal with a huge blocker like Uranus is to just nail it with a poison card like Sylth, in my experience.

offline jolly9 Senior  
Wednesday 28/01/2009, 07:17

I agree to what your saying but i dont really uranus is a decent card i would soooo use tranveerasmileysmiley

offline damage21 Senior  
Monday 23/02/2009, 21:58

You mean tanaereva

offline _Beast Novice  
Tuesday 24/02/2009, 04:19

Uranus is purely for defensive purposes, and as a surprise attacker. Tanaereva is useful in any situation, but is best at attacking, with 10/7 stats. -2 min 2 Damage reduction isn't nearly as good as -5 min 1, so Uranus is purely just to pretty much stop 1 of the opponent's cards from doing any damage..

offline Riversilk Imperator -TasT-
Wednesday 08/04/2009, 15:47

Montanas got a nice present with Spiaghi, the perfect blocker xD
2* , -3 Dam min 1, with 7 Pow and 1 damage (not that you would use him for damage anyway)

Played with 2 pillz total, you make a nice mini-wall too, needing 27 attack to beat it (26 if you are attacking with a 2* too)

offline Dfate98 Imperator  
Wednesday 08/04/2009, 19:32

I really enjoy using a card with 7 damage and Nistarok to get the Ko.... people rarly expect the attack, and Nistarok's 8 power and Sob realy help him win the fight... the same is true of many of the blockers, but Nistarok is my personal favorite.

Erpeto with 7 pillz and his courage is hard to beat + Nistarok with 5 pillz = smiley

Unless of course they have a blocker of thir own. smiley

offline Dfate98 Imperator  
Wednesday 08/04/2009, 19:33

P.s Hattori= smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

offline CatsGoMeow Senior  
Thursday 10/12/2009, 20:15

If I'm sure I can deal with losing health for 1-3 turns, and I'm confident I can finish off the opponent in one move, I'll do it. I usually play a 2 star card with +attack like Miken Moose first, if I have to attack first, then bring out a heavy damager, like Lou in the 2nd or 3rd round, and use fury and the rest of my pills for attack.

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