offline barrette2 Senior  
Wednesday 06/03/2013, 21:09

Come and join the fun here :
The Diamonds Lottery only costs 300 clintz, the winner will be drawn on June 1st so hurry up and join! smiley
All donations are accepted and will be added to the prize list! smiley
For more information, come and give it a look!

offline about4turtles Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 07/03/2013, 04:32

You cannot take 10% (or any portion of the jackpot for that matter). It is a rule.
(2nd rule under Lotteries w/ Entry Fee)

offline barrette2 Senior  
Sunday 10/03/2013, 03:51

Then why is that option existing?

offline -Fruz Senior  
Sunday 10/03/2013, 09:51

For different events, not all events are lotteries..

offline barrette2 Senior  
Tuesday 12/03/2013, 21:24


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