Friday 08/03/2013, 11:26

If you come on a visit to Clint City, you sure won’t get bored! In the north you can take part in madcap races across the snow, chased by a small but crazy Windzy. In the east, why not play hide n’ seek with Simeon and his bulky beaver. In the west, try your hand at catching crockery and cutlery with Cornelia. While in the south, it's all a bit more relaxed, what with the beach, the waves and a pervasive Daddy Jones who monopolizes every wave with his over-complicated moves.

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Thursday 14/03/2013, 06:29

The problem with those Leader Ideas, except maybe the protection ones, would be that they can make cards op or conflict. with power and damage +1, Ed 12 or kalindra can become op. with -1 opp pow and damage, it can make power reducers op. along with dr. Imagine Marina or Nathan with that. With poison, it could conflict with another cards poison. The Leader count is fine where its at. and also, indeed. We don't need another Ambre. That is all.

Thursday 14/03/2013, 18:36

Just make a Leader LD, i dont care if it isnt a clan, Simeon and Windzy are the only cards i liked this time around.
Leader LD! Leader LD!
You guys think that a new clan will be released as it almost always is seemingly every year?
Vortex 09
Berzerk 10
Frozn 11
Urban Rivals something Whatever patrol teen squad 12

Thursday 14/03/2013, 18:44

Dude. It's 2013. Frozn was released in 2012. Berzerk in 2011. And so on. Kinda worrying that you lost an entire year.

Thursday 14/03/2013, 21:36

Yeah sorry forgot yeah im off/on kinda player also i had to use Dial up for a while, dont want to talk about that.... but yeah your right, sorry, nevertheless new clan maybe? Soon possibly?
Robot, Political or superhero based maybe?

Thursday 14/03/2013, 23:03

@maxxor superheroes are the skillz

Thursday 21/03/2013, 09:52

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are GHEIST, Montana, Saks, and Rescue.

Thursday 21/03/2013, 16:33

Who is able to challenge the mesmiley


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