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If you will be making a card on this game, what will it be? 6

If you will be making a card on this game, what will it be? 6
Tuesday 28/05/2013, 21:05
xC-AsiaSan- - Titan English

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If you will be making a card on this game, what will it be? 6
xC-AsiaSan- - Titan - E X C A L I B U REnglish - Tuesday 28/05/2013, 21:05

Design a card! Let your imagination flow!

Design a card by it's:

Be unique!

Timeline of post creators of the "If you will be making a card in this game, what will it be?" series:

-6SimS-Sven (Original Creator, Part 1)
-Mr Intelijent (Part 2)
-Edon EG (Part 3)
-SadisticCynic (Part 4)
-Six Nations (Part 5)

Post away, fellow Urban Rivals players!
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) Yellow TiNT - Guru - TRiNiTY English
Saturday 20/12, 00:31

Reverse Conditions


Whatever or whoever he is and where he comes from, nobody knows.
But they can all nod agreement that whenever he shows.
Chaos ensues, abounds, and surrounds.
The lesson to learn here is quite unclear.
But they will all learn it; Loopie's a jerk for all to fear.
RoBo-OK - Senior - Organized Konfusion English
Saturday 20/12, 01:01

-5 opp damage min 3

Scully is just like any other crewmate of captain Bloodh, except from the strange fetish he has with human cranial domes of all shapes and sizes, some say he carves them off while people sleep, and others state he simply uses them to hide his feminine qualities, either way, it is wise to stay away from this shady pirate.
Pingerz - Guru - Open Casket English
Saturday 20/12, 01:37

DragonRage1124 - Senior - God's Hand English
Yesterday at 04:38

Mafi: Leaders
Team: -8 Attack opp. Min.4
He leads 5 different Mafias in 5 different countries. His stop in Clint City was to look into joining the Montana clan as there Leader but he likes beating anybody he wants a little more.

Honey: Junkz
+2 damage
The only reason she joined the Junkz is for the Red Dragon energy drink. She adds 10 packets of sugar after getting every can. And it shows. But somehow the Junkz don't notice she is pretty much a 5 year old.

Kay: Uppers
+4 power
He was seen as the ultimate match maker before he was rich. All his friends had gotten together with the people he recommended and that was great. Until he started a dating website where he charged people to get the "perfect match". But people played for it and now guess what. It is never the perfect match anymore. He just pays people to be with his customers.

Panthar: Sentinels
-2 life min.4
He left the Jungo after the meteor crash. And he joined the sentinels as an amazing detective. If you haven't found out he is a panther a rare breed actually he is Pink.
Fanta Pants - Guru - aussie crusaders English
Today at 01:22

Mafi is a Hugo on steroids and would create a new hugotana revolution but Mafitana

Honey probably has 1 to many damage to start off with thought she was a 3* (How many 7/3 2* cards are there?)

Is Kay meant to be +4 damage or did you want a 12/2 4*?

Panthar seems fine

Scully is the most OP card I've seen pitched in a long time. Better DR than Ulrich for less stars? No just no, It would be the new splash replacing Spiaghi
DragonRage1124 - Senior - God's Hand English
Today at 06:38

I meant for the Power +4 because it would be used as a humongous wall. But maybe I would make 4 damage.
Honey is moved to one damage less, I agree.
Are you saying Mafi is bad or what I can't tell.
DragonRage1124 - Senior - God's Hand English
Today at 07:02

Poin: Montana
Poison 2 min 1
He is the one Don goes to when he needs a poisoned drink at the casino. If someone needs to be taken out silently you can be sure that Poin will make sure it happens. With just a few drops into a wine or into a soup mixture you are dead within an instant.

Camo: La Junta
Growth: Damage +1
He is the ultimate camouflage clothing store man in Clint city. Mostly because he owns the only one. The La Junta have to get their clothes from somewhere. And at Camos Camouflaged Camo Clothing Camo store you'll get what you need.

Twik: Roots
Defeat: +8 life max 20
He is simply a twig. Nothing more. Even though he had the privilege of coming to life as a twig he still is nothing more.

Mestiec: Sakrohm
-8 Attack min 2
He is Nimestiecs little brother. He was the only one who followed Nimestiec into outer space out of the family and he doesn't regret it.

El Bully: Huracan
Attack +Pillz left
Everyone who steps inside the ring gets sent back out immediately by El Bully and he thought he was the bravest in the world. But then Noctezuma came to knock him back into 2nd place in the Luchador league. And now El Bully plots his revenge after losing to Noctezuma 10 times in a row after that.

Tubba: All Stars
Support: Power +1
He was the best instrument player at the All Stars games. And after begging to join he finally got in. Now he roams around Clint City with his Tuba and uses it for more then playing.
) Yellow TiNT - Guru - TRiNiTY English
Today at 07:03

Mafi is too powerful. He's his own unstoppable clan bonus with big 5 stats!

8/4 -7 Opp Atk, min 4 would be acceptable.
Pingerz - Guru - Open Casket English
Today at 08:31

4* Sakrohm
Ability: Copy Opp Bonus

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