offline The_Recluse Titan  
Wednesday 03/07/2013, 15:06

The UR universe is a big place and an easy place to feel lost. Slaves of Freedom are recruiting new members and would like you to join. We are a new guild with great opportunities for new players to learn and advance and for more experienced players to find their niche.
-Level 10: We do not put newborns under the whip
-Green face rating: Even a slave must have honor

We have prizes available every week for active players and our first event is already constructed and looking to get started. As the founder, I consider the forums an integral part of the guild experience and focus a lot of energy on it. Come join us as we swell our ranks and begin the journey to see if we can be anything more than slaves.

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offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Friday 05/07/2013, 22:31

SoF, new contests and events as we speak. smiley

offline chiefjewrow Senior Time Conquers All
Monday 08/07/2013, 13:11

Interesting name GL

offline The_Recluse Titan  
Thursday 11/07/2013, 23:55

The guild is growing well, one week in existence and already at guild level 3. First guild event has been formed and currently we are the second most active US based guild (all claims subject to change smiley) Take a look for yourselves to see what we have to offer. smiley

offline The_Recluse Titan  
Tuesday 30/07/2013, 08:45

Lists are fun. Here's one for why you might want to join the slaves of freedom

1. Achieves one of the highest activity levels for US guilds week after week
2. Weekly guild tourneys for achievements in different formats with prizes
3. A place where list-making is an acceptable form of imparting value
4. Lots of room to carve a niche for yourself, champions change frequently
5. Guild events your thing? Always try to have at least one running at a time
6. Guild founder with the ability to count to 6

I've run out of toes to count from so I better stop there. The point of this list is.....
Join Slaves of Freedom

offline The_Recluse Titan  
Monday 26/08/2013, 22:23

Time marches on, slave to its own beat. Two months in and the guild is doing well. Nearing guild level 10 and standing at over 50 members. Two guild events in the books and two more on the horizon. New members and visitors are always welcome. Check out our active message boards, take a peek at our weekly prizes, ponder joining our guild events.

offline SlaceCade Guru Code of Chivalry
Tuesday 03/09/2013, 09:12

Get around this guild guys ive been in quite a few different guilds and this one is definitely the best. lots of prizes to be won just for playing and being active and joining in all of taciturns little games and challenges. very active message board and alot of great people willing to help each other out and give advise

offline The_Recluse Titan  
Wednesday 04/09/2013, 05:57

Ha, a bump from someone other than me. That's when you know a guild is at least semi-legit smiley
It's a good time to join up. We have 3 guild events running or in setup and we just made a name for ourselves by getting absolutely obliterated in The Guild Crusade by DVF. Thanks for the beatdown Reapy and Vinyl smiley

offline The_Recluse Titan  
Thursday 05/09/2013, 20:20

Current Guild events:

The Treasures of Freedom

offline SlaceCade Guru Code of Chivalry
Tuesday 10/09/2013, 03:05

We are a friendly guild that has alot of active players. There are always guild events (event with battles) or guild games (event without battles) running including 3 at the moment. Plenty of experienced players who also offer help with deckbuilding, investments, game play tips etc. so what are you waiting for? join up

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