offline TE DarkBlood Colossus  
Tuesday 15/10/2013, 17:48

Spam and spam all!
Take a journey to the top of the ranks and win some competitive characters.
Especially Globumm.
Here are some things to know:
You earn points using screenshots in modes like,
Deathmatch, survivor, ELO, your guild points, accumulation in clintz and credits etc

If you want to earn points by SPAMMING and modes this is the place to go to.
Spam points shall be earned on Friday 4pm until 6pm united kingdom time.

This is the event you want to win characters, clintz in lotteries and more? Come

offline TE DarkBlood Colossus  
Tuesday 17/12/2013, 22:05

Refresher coming Dec 21st

offline TE DarkBlood Colossus  
Saturday 25/01/2014, 15:14

And my latest Update to you guys is League Mode.
It shall help you gather cards and extra points!

and 125 players+ still aiming for 150!

offline TE DarkBlood Colossus  
Monday 03/02/2014, 19:28

3rd of February.
Looks like the Lottery gained 150+ players.
Now Hurricane X PIT is big.

offline TE DarkBlood Colossus  
Saturday 08/03/2014, 21:48

Hurricane X PIT Holds 198 players!
1st Manon Cr
2nd Berserkgirl Cr
3rd Vickie Cr
4th Jackpot has increased to 90,000 Clintz
5-10th Kenny Cr

New update coming soon.

offline TE DarkBlood Colossus  
Friday 14/03/2014, 21:32

Join Hurricane X PIT 2014!!!

1st Prize: DJ Korr Cr + Scarlet Cr

2nd Prize: Guru Cr

3rd Prize: Lyce Teria Cr

4th Prize: Sum Sam Cr

5th Prize: Lao Cr

6th Prize: Aldebaran Cr

7th Prize: Ombre Cr

8-20th Kenny Cr

Including the 21st: Split of the jackpot from me:
20,000 Clintz

22nd 15,000 Clintz from me

23rd: 12,500 Clintz from me

24th: 10,000 Clintz from me

25th: 7,500 Clintz from me

offline TE DarkBlood Colossus  
Monday 17/03/2014, 18:31

240 participants:

We must reach 500 players for such prizes...

please join.

offline TE DarkBlood Colossus  
Wednesday 19/03/2014, 18:40

250th player to join Hurricane X PIT gets 50pts...

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