Tuesday 26/11/2013, 07:07


My Name Is Xx-Statham-xX. This is my screenname which i used back in 2012 when im registered. My pictures Of Me is at: www.google.com/images
By they way, i Help People And The Urban Rivals Community, i know you think im Smoke but...i've changed. And i also revealed My Real Name.

Anyways....im looking for a Guild That is very Active. And when i join that Guild, i will humbly Respect The Members, Guild Admins And Founders. I will also willing to give them my Advice for Helping with A Deck, building A Deck, Clans, etc.


Wednesday 27/11/2013, 07:48

Umm....Guys, you like Jason Statham right?
Why you cant invite me into your Guild?
(I guess none of you will participate in my movie....... smiley )

Wednesday 27/11/2013, 07:52

You sir are bullshitting. If you were really Jason Statham, you wouldn't go around saying "hey look everyone, I'm a celebrity". Here in the cyber universe, everyone is equal and you must earn respect rather then force it. If you don't like any of the guilds, then don't join one. Until you find a suitable one, lower your ego please.

Wednesday 27/11/2013, 07:56

Well said come at me

Wednesday 27/11/2013, 08:11

Excuse me while I roll on the floor laughing at someone who is referring to themselves in third person unintentionally.

Wednesday 27/11/2013, 08:12

Yeah Right Bro.
(Jason Statham: You Need To Calm Down And Let Me Help You.......)


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