offline Aggro_HoA Titan  
Wednesday 28/05/2014, 22:24


This is a guild for those who feel the call of war, for those who revel in the destruction of their opponents and reap the spoils of victory.

Ares is looking for level 35+ members who wish to be in an active, exciting guild with contests, games, and prizes.

We are savage to our enemies and honorable to our fellow Harbingers.
The Greek god of war, Ares, needs you, warrior!

Harbingers of Ares

edited by HOA-Predator wednesday 28/05/2014, 22:24

offline Steel X_HoA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Monday 21/07/2014, 05:59

Come one, come all; there's still space smiley.

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Tuesday 22/07/2014, 17:42

Join 4 fun

offline M3GA BOSS Hero Penumbra
Tuesday 22/07/2014, 17:46

Why i cant join cause i speak truth?

offline HOA-Predator Imperator  
Tuesday 22/07/2014, 18:21

What truth? lol
you apply to more then 3 guilds everyday and you are still guild-less, if i were you id stop talking so much and then maybe a guild will let you in smiley

Anyways join up guys we are having a great time here, you could join in the fun too!

offline ManOfLuckHoA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Tuesday 22/07/2014, 18:25

We have AMAZING guild events run my none other than Event-Team Predator! You will FOR SURE have a great time!

offline Jin Kisaragi Titan  
Tuesday 22/07/2014, 18:27

Their banter is quite amusing it makes for a rousing good time :3

offline Warrior_Wolf Master Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 23/07/2014, 03:55

Thanks Jin. We are a fun loving, family oriented guild. Come by and check us out. Just keep an eye out for wolf he bites on occasion.

offline Steel X_HoA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 24/07/2014, 07:19

There's no better place to be smiley. Join us today!

offline CHR0 Titan  
Thursday 24/07/2014, 07:49

He's not lying smiley

Active message board + the events are really fun here smiley smiley

offline Steel X_HoA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Friday 25/07/2014, 10:31

Indeed; there's so many events going on, it's crazy smiley!

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